Thai Soldier Goes on Shooting Rampage, Killing and Wounding Dozens at Mall in Nakhon Ratchasima

Thai Cop Shot Dead

Thai Soldier Goes on Shooting Rampage, Killing and Wounding Dozens at Mall in Nakhon Ratchasima

In the city of Nakhon Ratchasima (also known as Korat) in Thailand, a soldier went on a shooting rampage at the Terminal 21 mall, killing at least 21 people and wounding dozens more.

Identified as Jakraphanth Thomma, the soldier reportedly killed his commanding officer before stealing weapons from a military camp and unleashing the massacre on the shoppers.

He then holed up in the mall, and kept posting updates on his social media profiles. I guess, Facebook and Twitter should be banned because they foster and encourage mass shootings, right? That’s the type of logic sheeple and police state enforcers use against Best Gore. Except Best Gore prevents tragedies. Facebook makes them happen.

Here’s the aftermath footage of the massacre. Props to Best Gore members @passawishp and @fastfrank for the video:

CCTV footage from the mall shows the shooter walking down the empty building with a raised rifle:

Here’s also a video filmed during the course of the massacre, showing the shooter firing the rifle outside the mall. Props to Best Gore member @billieeilish for these:

Another video filmed during the shooting. At the end, there’s a tidbit from the stream by the shooter:

Video from inside the mall during the rampage. Parts of the video are blurred out. Props to Best Gore member @theprotocolsofzion for this one:

Gallery of some aftermath pics props to @redwister:

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      1. I don’t understand why anyone would want to use Facebook. What are the benefits? I don’t get it. If I only want to keep in touch with people through Facebook, there’s a 99% chance I don’t want to keep in contact with them at all, and most the users just seem like that want to appear to actually have friends when they don’t or only have superficial ones. Maybe I should just sign up and see what the big deal is all about.. okay signing up right now. SHIT, now Zuckerberg knows everything about me that they didn’t already know before.

        1. Pretty much all of the dialogue on FB is the same as private texting, except the public and relevant agencies can see it, no matter the privacy settings. I ditched it after 3 months in 2009, and don’t regret it.

          1. I don’t even know what Fakebook looks like. No interest in it at all. Not even half an iota.
            Some famous writer once said, “There is only one thing that is worse than people talking about you, and that is people not talking about you.”
            That is what fakebook seems like to me!

          2. Facebook is a load of shit, it used to be alright for just using as another social media platform to speak to others and stuff but half of the accounts on there are run by bots now. I had an account which I used every now and again so it wasn’t like I was completely inactive, but some kind of bot got onto it and started to make posts about shop discount codes. Shits weird.

        2. Hey guys, it’s me 🙂 am i the only one experiencing this: People try to mindfuck you in all sorts of positions, even the slightest, and you try to do good but also keep your mind a sanctuary for yourself, and when you speak to them and have ‘real’ connection with them, they say :,,sorry”, but after when you Yourself cross the line like ‘saying’:,,I will cut you up and murder your family”. then when they realise you have them by the SPIRITUAL BALLS, they apologize. I am DEAD SERIOUS. I’d like to hear your honest opinions on this topic, because it’s almost ruining my EVERY SINGLE DAY!

          Greetings, Antoine

          1. @dumbkunt

            I’m English, I don’t need life or anything else to get me by the spiritual balls, I make tea all day long. If there is ever a day when I don’t make tea it’s for one of two reasons:
            1. Someone else is making it for me
            2. I died the day before.

    1. Fuck Sheeple in the Ass for Fucking Facebook-Lyrics-talkative-wannabee-important-selfmade-society-robotical-funtions;

      We are The 1%-ERS, we Have the Most of Life’s endurance as we combine it with Logics such as these rampages and ACTS of Humanity….IMO MASSACRE NO PEACE, ONE CAR, ONE LEACE. 😉 Love you all to Death for Comprehending, Miga’s í Migo’s :D.

  1. Nong been da wang! Waanng!
    Gook language always makes laugh
    They sound like ducks. Imagine a room full of these little fuckers, I would blow my own brains out. The first video was hilarious the guy running around shaking the dead gooks, hey are you dead!! What about you fucker are you dead too!! Hey bitch are you dead!!

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  3. I saw through that Facebook bullshit a month into it. Canceled my account and never felt as if I were missing out on anything. Besides Facebook concept was stolen by an evil Jew. And this dude won’t put cash in his pockets.

      1. Yes, good point : I saw Eric twice in Oz
        Always good, but he’s more of a blues notes guy
        whereas Knopfler is doing this ‘minor key melody’
        I dunno .. both are good, both are ugly
        That’s why they play so damn good

          1. Well yeah, uumm:

            Keith Richards
            Ron Wood
            Jeff Beck
            Stevie Ray
            Pete Townsend
            Angus Young
            ‘Head’ from Korn

            Just to mention a few of the el mariachi cunt-rags
            Pop goes the Weazel

  4. Maybe it’s just my curiosity. Maybe it’s because I work in the medical field. All I want to know is how in the bloody hell do these people ALWAYS loose their damn shoes?! Seriously. They always end up with one or both shoes off. It’s perplexing.

    1. He was in the military, and used military weapons though, so confiscation of private weapons would not really help much.
      Always amazes me that more military recruits around the world don’t do this. Most military recruit from the lower social echelons and have limited checks of mental stability in place, plus an ethos of driving people to the edge early on in training to try and break them. Given the ready access of these same recruits to large quantities of weapons and ammo when on range detail, guard duties etc, the opportunity is often there, and yet seldom anything happens.

  5. He had conflict with his commander scaming money. so his commander scam him and the real estate agency scam him too. so he kill his commander and commander’s mom. then stole humvee and gun and 2 granades kill eveything on the way until he reach terminal 21 shopping mall.
    30 people killed 50 wounded

    i heard from surviver on the news, he kill everyone child,woman,elderly
    the survival said 1 family hide in the room next to him then the toddler cry out. ther murderer came in and kill the entire family

    and other survival 2 adult and 20-30 kids hide in dark room the all survive (really make me cry)

    and there are lot more people that survive but as i know is that’s it

      1. Well yeah because child scare of a gunfire sound. Gunfire were shoot at the same floor with that child.
        He shoot everything camera,drone so the gunfire mostly lound all time until police kill him

        1. The incident took so long because reporter live news, the muderer watch live news no phone maybe hostage’s phone

          Live news said police watch the cctv to mark the murderer position so muderer shoot every cctv he see.

          Live news said a sniper at the 4 floor position outside the building ready to shoot then he move to the ground floor

          Live news said citezen and police drone are on the way to find the muderer .he shoot them all

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