The Caption This Photo Contest #102

The Caption This Photo Contest #102

Don’t be afraid, give a shot at Captioning This Photo if you dare; here’s mine: “too bad the homos didn’t wear a maxi-pad”

Thanks to our previous title WINNER!!! Sometimes You’re Better Off Catching A Tractor To Work@svarg26 in the Caption This Photo Contest #100 and for selecting the Best Captions for last contest:

Winning Caption!!!

The Fat Guy’s Trying to Ignore Jose’s Body Language. Jose’s Trying to Say, “No Homo”@xavior99

As the winner, you get to choose the Best Caption for this contest and 4-5 Best Runners-Up. Shoot or tweet me a message with all your choices in week-s time. Good Job on the title!


The New Wailing Beaner Wall, keeping America Safe from the Mexican Jews@casualobserver

How to El Chapoff a Head@fred1212/ Dil Doe

Next Year, I Will Also Come As a Dead Homo@sandalsniffer

Nacho Libre Isn’t Scared… He Has Chins of Steel@xavior99

Props to everyone who gave it their Best! Now, it is time to do it again.

134 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #102”

  1. Some bad jokes.

    1 Did my wife say she was a swine or that she wanted wine?
    2 They really wanted the special effects of the scene when Moses turns water into blood to be of the highest quality.
    3 I said I want a Bloody Mary and not bloody married.
    4 Despite what had happened, they still do not fit in red.
    5 The woman’s period evolution has gone to the extreme.

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