The Killing of America – 1982 Documentary

The Killing of America - 1982 Documentary

The Killing of America is a 1982 documentary that has never been released, distributed, televised or made available for sale in the USA. It contains footage which exposes the decline of ZOG controlled America.

Directed by Sheldon Renan and produced by Mataichirô Yamamoto and Leonard Schrader, the main topics of the film are Gun Snackbarism and related murder rates, assassinations (including that of John F. Kennedy), kidnappings, and other societal ills.

As the narrator says, America is an industrialized country with murder rate comparable to countries at civil war, like Cambodia or Nicaragua (as they were in the late 70’s and early 80’s). There is an attempted murder committed every 3 minutes somewhere in America and every 20 minutes someone becomes a victim of murder.

Japan, England and West Germany (this was before the fall of the Iron Curtain) have a combined population equal to America, but only see 6,000 murders a year, whereas America has 27,000. In the 80 years of the 20th century, America had more than 1 Million murders, which is more than all the American fatalities in all her wars. With so many snackbarists around, not even the presidents could feel safe.

I think the film starts with the assassination of JFK and continues with a section about Martin Luther King whose assassination triggered riots in 125 cities. War in Vietnam with anti war protests and police brutality against the protesters is next, followed by assassination of presidential candidate George Wallace who ran against Richard Nixon. This assassination confined George Wallace to a wheelchair for life and stripped him of a chance to become the president.

Before moving on to the senseless killings of random strangers, the film also covers the assassination of JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy. From Charles Whitman aka The Texas Bell Tower Sniper, through senseless convenience store shootings, and murders by 18 year old Robert Smith from Arizona who killed random people to make a name for himself, and killings by Brenda Spencer from San Diego High School who shot elementary school children with a rifle she got for her 16th birthday because Mondays were always so boring, all the way to a bunch of other killers who murdered people with guns and set fire to buildings, The Killing of America exposes the bleak aftereffect of high gun ownership. As is concluded by the narrator in this section of the film, in the 1970’s the Americans owned more than 100 Million guns – 2 guns for every family.

Charles Manson and murders he masterminded are covered by The Killing of America next, followed by a number of killers (such as Son of Sam) who killed believing that they were carrying out the God’s will. From there the movie continues with Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre.

The following clips show James Hoskins who took over a Cincinnati TV station, a Nigerian man keeping a San Diego psychotherapist hostage at gun point, Richard Hall being taken hostage at his own mortgage company in Minneapolis for turning down a loan application and sidewalk sniper Sam Brown who was shooting at drivers and claimed to have come from outer space on a starship enterprise.

Then there’s a bit of time dedicated to prostitution and suicides before the focus switches on serial killers (aka kids of single mothers). Those include Lawrence Bittaker who kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered girls, Juan Corona who killed 25 men, Patrick Kearney who confessed to killing 32 young men, John Wayne Gacy who raped and murdered at least 33 young boys, Wayne Henley who started killing when he was only 15, Dean Corll who kidnapped, tortured and killed young boys, Kenneth Bianchi aka Hillside Strangler who left murdered women on the Hollywood hillside, Ted Bundy whom his friends believed to one day become a governor, Ed Kemper who killed, raped and cannibalized 6 college aged girls…

The narrator poses a few rhetorical questions regarding gun snackbarism towards the end of the movie, which if he knew how out of control it’s gonna get by the year of 2012, and how absurd the snackbarists get, he’d think the 70’s and 80’s were peaceful times. I don’t even want to think just how low the snackbarists will descend in the next 30 years…

The film ends with the assassination of John Lennon. Props to Best Gore member alicatt for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Ummm black gang members do wayyyyyyyy more fucked up things, you just never see it on the news. by buddy was a gang member, he used to tell me stories about how if you fucked up real bad why would skin you, or burn you with hot oil like some medieval torture chamber.

  1. Why did famous serial killers have to have kick ass names DX Jeffrey Dahmer Ted bundy John Wayne gayce o.o but one doesn’t deserve to be in the murderers hall of fame *charlie Manson* the crazy bitch didn’t even kill anyone he’s just a media hungry attention whore !!

  2. Because of the millions of immigrants that England has got now plus our governments propensity to keep the working classes in poverty I expect that the murder rate is many times higher now.

    America is a large continent and it is also a mixed pot ethnically and socially with a large divide between the rich and the poor.

    Despite the “American dream” idea that is routinely floated around the reality is that only a few can gain wealth whilst the majority cannot, capitalism would not survive if everyone could become rich and therefore the system is designed so that the majority stay poor.

    Take into account the morally corrupt, money obsessed rotten bastards that run our countries and their propensity to seek profit whatever the human cost and the human beings natural animalistic tendencies to seek self gratification and you end up with a time bomb of social decline.

    What used to be a factor in the reduction of crime was a social identity, a certain pride in ones race and culture, a person would be less inclined to commit crime if there was the prospect of being ostracised by their own community, Japan still has this identity and that is why compared to our countries it has a lot less crime.

    However unlike Japan we have allowed uncontrolled immigration to destroy our cultural identity, we have allowed greed and the pursuit of profit to be the defining factor of our life’s. We no longer feel like a community but rather a collection of strangers who’s only shared goal is to become rich whatever the cost, we have stopped caring about each other and no longer support each other.

    Is it any wonder then that crime is out of control, that people turned a blind eye to crime and that we have stopped giving a shit about anything in life, we all go to work to survive and hope that our lottery ticket is a winner and that is the way we live.

    As a race we are a lot less intelligent now, a lot less vocal and a lot less supportive and that is because as a race we no longer exist, we are a bucket of shit and it is the turds at the top of the bucket that keep all the other shit down, and we are finished if we cannot force the smelliest shit out of our bucket.

    Have a nice Christmas.

    1. Good point soul I like how you it when you said “we have allowed greed and the pursuit of profit to be the defining factor of our life?s. We no longer feel like a community but rather a collection of strangers who?s only shared goal is to become rich whatever the cost, we have stopped caring about each other and no longer support each other” its seems to have become one of the main defining characteristic of America

      1. Well put. Culturally I don’t think that America was ever as cohesive as older European countries so I’d expect the crime rate to naturally be higher all other things being equal. Still very sad that what community we did have is all but gone and forgotten and will continue to result in further declines. That white history is being changed or erased now and that future generations of the west will not learn that once upon a time not all countries we’re third world shit holes doesn’t help either.

          1. Nah. There isn’t another way, sadly.

            It’s far to late for that. We’ve stepped over the line, so-to speak.

            We’re about to go into the death spiral, where our Countries all crash and burn.

            Our women are disloyal, and cannot remain faithful (Highest levels of Infidelty and Divorce, plus single-motherhood). They also Race-Mix the most out of every race group, regardless of gender (with the exception of Black Males).

            Our politicians all march at the same beat of the drum when it comes down to it. There is no creative thinking, no one asks the hard-questions, and the majority no longer have any say. They are all zombies, moving within a predefined path.

            An analogy I like is – We’ve allowed the Betas to hijack the Pack, and, like all Betas, they are cowards, they are spineless and meek.. So they’ve decided to bend the knee to other packs and let them rape what they want.

            The alphas are simply outnumbered, and the females of the pack have largely picked the Betas and Males of other packs to mate with.

            Betrayal – at the heart of the matter, is what will be and already is the death of us.

    2. Thanks for the kind words guys. Sadly however, I cannot always be in favour for an opinion, or in my case a rant, is subject to the receivers point of view therefore my words will resonate positively with some whilst being met with disdain by others.

      It also doesn’t help that I am drunk or stoned almost every night so my frame of mind or indeed my state of consciousness does dictate how I come across when posting.

      I expect I have upset some of my fellow posters a few times with my incoherent ramblings and if I have then I must apologise, I apologise for not caring one little bit about who I might have offended but I would like to pretend that I do care so please if could try to pretend that I am not pretending when I say that I care even if it is only a pretence on your part.

      I shall accept your praise for today folks for even I would like to be an hero, if just for one day.

  3. What does 2013 mean for America?
    Isn’t the number 13 important to the Masons or illuminati?
    Why did they chose 13 to represent the different objects on the back of the dollar bill that is the only bill that seems to never have changed in about 200 years?
    For instance: (1) The eagle’s talons holds 13 arrows, and an olive vines with 13 leaves and 13 berries;
    (2) Clutched in the eagle’s beak is a ribbon with 13 alphabets which reads “E PLURIBUS UNUM”;
    (3) on the shield there are 13 red vertical bars and 13 white vertical bars;
    (4) 13 horizontal stripes at the top of the shield;
    (5) the chevron with 13 stars (are these stars arrange to be the Star of David as on the Jewish flag?);
    (6) the pyramid has 13 steps;
    (7) Annuit C?ptis, 13 alphabets

    And yet, we don’t find a number 13th floor. What’s up with the number 13?

          1. @IWM, Personally I welcome personal attacks haha even tho I’m just fucking around with banana boy…besides every one knows most of the #13 bullshit he described has a real historical explanation behind it (13 original colonies) and not some crap concocted by some imaginary group that rules and resides in the imaginations of conspiracy crazies

          2. @Pale Rider, (Sorry if this double posts) I’m sorry for stepping in, but I’m tired of seeing new people insult respected members of the BG community! Guess they don’t know the site owner doesn’t tolerate personal attacks. Agree with what you said about the number 13.

          3. @ It was me
            You want to logically explain to me how PALE RIDER can insult me by telling me to shut is ok verses me responding to him to shut the f up?
            I don’t fear 13. I’m just mystified by it. So, I’m just asking for input. Not expecting pieces of shit to respond as such.

          4. Also, not a new member. I changed my pseudonym from “musaicsong” “to “banana…” for fun. And you got to be out of your mind if you think conspiracies don’t exist. How do you think wars are started you fucking morons.

          5. @banana, if you aren’t a new member, then you should have already known what I said about personal attacks. Yes, I’ll “logically” explain it to you. I don’t think him telling you to “shut up” is a personal attack. You however, telling him he was “too stupid or oblivious…” and a “SHEEP” was, in my opinion, a personal attack. (Also insulting.) Then, you say “not expecting pieces of shit to respond as such” “fucking morons”. You can have a difference of opinion without resorting to name calling, can’t you? I have no personal beef with you. I like to read a variety of opinions, even ones I may not agree with. But I don’t think you convince anyone to consider your point of view by disrespecting them.

          6. @ It was me.
            If I told you to “Shut up.” at what you’re saying now, I honestly don’t think you would like that at all. That my opinion. But, it’s ok as long as it’s someones opinion that it’s ok. Well, it’s not for the human who has to feel it first.

          7. @banana and/or @musaicsong, Switching around now, are you? You asked me to logically explain. I think I did. You can tell me to shut up but you won’t hurt my feelings by doing that. A very good friend I met on here, told me not to take things so seriously… 😉 It’s my advice to you too, friend. And what we’ve done with all this back and forth is called “hijacking a post.” Not supposed to do that either. (Sorry Mark!)

      1. @ PALE RIDER
        Thanks for finally coming halfway down to mature level to answer a harmless question with: “13 original colonies”. You don’t have to talk down to anyone, because you feel entitled to do so, because of your length of membership, and damn me if I retort at your shit. Telling anyone to “shut up”… ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!! You give shit, you get shit!

    1. [email protected] number 13

      The Number 23 with Jim Carrey, much?

      Conspiracies are for the ultimate SHEEP. That means you will believe any stupid thing. Like @PALE said, “12/21/12 is over,” time for the next thing to control you? The last thing didn’t happen, must fear the next in line? Give me a fucking break..

      On Topic: It’s mostly just gang members killing themselves off in America, and none of their guns are legal. Legal weapon carriers are the least of my worries, it’s the ones that have obtained it through weapon traffickers.

      “If every good person had a gun, the bad people would be afraid to pull theirs out”- ThaDRIP

      1. You don’t find me here past or present mentioning or speculating anything about 12-21-12. I’m concerned about reasonable scenarios that can play out in the century that I live in.
        Do you even know the definition of a conspiracy? Let me help you understand: Plot, scheme, plan, machination, ploy, trick orchestrated by two or more people. A combination or confederacy between two or more persons formed for the purpose of committing, by their joint efforts, some unlawful or criminal act, or some act which is innocent in itself, but becomes unlawful when done by the concerted action of the conspirators, or for the purpose of using criminal or unlawful means to the commission of an act not in itself unlawful.

        This goes on every day at multiple levels. I don’t walk with my head in the clouds, trusting that I live in a secure America or world.

        1. I said “conspiracy” because your comment makes it look like you think the number “13” is conspiring against you.

          The number 13 is an unlucky number to the superstitious, and if you are superstitious you are not a sheep, you are a retard. It means nothing. 2013 means nothing, just like 2012 meant nothing for the end of the world. This world is ran by humans, and humans are nuts. I’m very cynical, and the more I interact with humans, the more cynical I get.

      2. Allow me to dispell any imagination of I being an ultimate sheep, as it relates to “Killing of America”. In the defence of faslified, tampered and destroyed evidence, as well as being provided deliberate inefective assistance of consel, I broke from the herd and presented myself and won my case against the whole conspiring system: STATE OF FLORIDA vs. MARC C. STANLEY, Case No.: 05-2007-CF-055769-AXXX-XX, Brevard County. Very few people while in jail can put asside their fear; fire their consel; take the bull by the horns, and attempt to control their defence with layman knowledge of the law. I won’t detail everything, but as a last resort they went as fars as planting two actors within the jury selection and attempted to use reverse phychology to get me to object to the prosecutor striking them from the selection. The next day they quit the unlawful process and released me.

        Yet, they furthered the conspiracy by having me arrested in South Carolina while Magistrate Shopping to approve invalid warrants for allegedly “?Causing Death to Another Person”, and four other false charges. South Carolina v. Marc C. Stanley, 2010-GS-14-0501. This time, a hired Attorny that I did not request nor require, Att. Garryl L. Deas, turned constructively inefective and thought he had the cat locked in the bag when he helped get me secretly convicted of a property offence without stating actual charges. They simply called it a “Property Offence”. I made mt own Direct Appeal within 10 days, and later, my Writ of Habeeas Corus, Civil #:1:11-607-JMC-SVH. In retaliation to my in propria persona defence, they tried to kill me with poison toothpaste; they locked down the prison to serve bagged breakfast at the doorms as we were made to come out and follow back in line accepting the bags from two gaurds: the bag intended for me had poisoned food I avoided by resisting what was offered and insisted on accepting the bag that was falling appart in the other gaurds hands. The inmate behind me recieved the other and fell deaftly ill all day and was carried from his bed the next day; They called me in for an unwarranted dental check. I was the only inmate to appear at the clinic. Two male dentists awaited. One was never seen before by anyone. I stipulated that no knives or hooks are to go anyware near my face. He showed me a little mirrorror and stated that was all. I sat in the reclined dentist chair, and as the second dentist behind me started making conversation with me to help distract, my perifial whatched the other dentist come towards my face with the steel hook. I emediately slid down out of the chair and back out of the office as they were yelling at me to get back in the chair or be sent to the hole. I left and was later charged and deprived 30 days good time; Two Inmate law Librarians gave me drug laced popcorn of wich I saw the residue on the paper-towl: I was called for drug testing two days later; I was previously restricted from labor by Doctor, yet they tried to get me to work with the horses when I only had a nine month sentence with two months left.

  4. All Politicians are liars.This is a simple fact that sheep seem to want to ignore.Bereft of intelligence they demand to be led like the ignorant fucks that they are , while the ones with a degree education expect to be treated with some kinda magic wand.Society gets the crime it deserves.People are as thick as cowshit.

    1. There’s always talk about Gun Snackbarism because people love to shit on America plain and simple and most of shitting comes from people who don’t even live here yet for some reason they’re very concerned about about laws and rights that don’t even apply to them. What gun haters/blamers whatever you want to call them don’t understand is that even if guns are banned in America it won’t mean shit cause there are still millions and millions of guns on Americans streets, gun haters seem to have this wishful thinking that once guns are banned they’ll complety disappear some how and crime will come to a hault which is stupid, look at Mexico almost no gun sales, gun stores, or gun manufacturers there yet the people who shouldn’t have guns (cartels) are able to still get hold of guns and cause chaos with them, yet the people who should have them for personal protection (politicians, journalist, business owners) don’t have them and they’re the one who are paying the biggest price because of the fact they aren’t able to protect themselves so instead they end up getting kidnapped, tortured, and killed, what you have going on in Mexico is simple all the bad guys have the guns and all the good people are just innocent civilians caught in the cross hairs with no way of defending themselves and if America banned guns not only would innocent civilians who aren’t afraid of guns and aren’t afraid of protecting their familys be just equally fucked as there Mexican counter parts but economically hundreds of thousands of people would lose their jobs in an instant and go broke gun hates don’t think about that they only think about themselves they’re very selfish people for the simple fact that because they fear guns and are to big of pussies to defend themselves and their families they feel everyone should be like exactly like them and be afraid, the truth most of these gun hates have never held a gun in their life let alone fired one so they have an irrational fear of guns and people do tend to fear what they don’t understand but that’s no reason to take away the rights of others to defend themselves just because your to scared to do the same or just because you have an irrational fear.

      1. While that is a good point for what irrational fear is. Fear from guns is anything but irratonal.
        Here is a gun, its only purpose is to kill things. People fear death, people fear guns. That is the most rational thing ever.
        Also even people that dont use guns know how they work, they know how they are used, they know that there are too many of them, and they know that 99% of the people that have them, dont need them nor are responsible enough to have them. And no we dont shit on America(USA), we shit on you. Its personal. And it influences us, every trend that americans have tends to spread around the world a couple of years later.

        1. @Pale Rider You pretty much summed it up.

          @Braincruser 99%? That sounds like a number that you just made up, maybe SOME people don’t really need guns but it’s a hobby and this is America. And it’s personal uh? So you personally have a vendetta against me and everyone that owns and defends guns and gun rights? Well I feel very sorry for you, but we’ll be the ones who’ll be able to defend ourselves and our family’s not you. And if you want to complain about trends, what are we supposed to do? Nothing? We can’t control who follows trends, if we have tight gun laws then countries will follow. If we have loose gun laws then countries will follow, there’s nothing we can do about it.

  5. Kennedy has good intentions for America, he saw Hitler as more than a “dictator and monster” as his enemies described him. But rather Kennedy saw the hero and legend, and so JFK was inspired to be more than a puppet, but he tried to restore our money restore, away from the Jewish Federal Reserve. He was a real hero, a hero that had to be destroyed.

    MLK was communist marxism piece of filth. He was an addict to prostitutes including white prostitutes. All of his backers were communist and/or Jews. He did his job like a good Jewish attack dog, but than he had to be killed to keep him from fucking up his accomplishment….. and now the jews put up a massive stone monument of MLK up…
    The hotel balcony MLK was killed onwas the hotel room last night he was fucking two hookers while high on coke… and now… he’s an American Angel and Saint… any bad mouthing or criticism of MLK is blasphemy.

    Jeffery Damer…. self admitted Cannibal, Serial Murderer, Homosexual, Necrophiliac…. But when asked if his killing was race bases… it was “No, No, I’m not a racist”, because racism is the worst sin ever.

  6. Hey,this is some good shit…i’m a recent member,and i would like to see more doc’s in the site…you know,the kind that TV “forgets” to show…(i don’t speak very good English,but you know what i mean)…keep up the good work…

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