The Sheep vs Best Gore

Luka Rocco Magnotta Interpol Mugshot

Big news today – Luka Rocco Magnotta, aka Eric Clinton Newman, aka whatever other monikers he goes by, was arrested in Berlin, Germany after a flight from Montreal, Canada took him to Paris, France from where he took a bus to already mentioned Berlin. I don’t know why he chose to go to France. An overpopulated third world country with corrupt police would seem like a wiser choice for a criminal on a run, but… maybe he wanted to get caught.

Good thing about his arrest is that many speculation will be put to rest and countless questions answered. Most of what was said about Luka Magnotta were unconfirmed claims – a man in the kitten killing videos, for example, looked just like Luka Magnotta but we may not know if it was him for sure until the investigators were able to piece it all together. The same goes for his alleged involvement in the killing of Jun Lin, the making of the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video and the severed foot in the mail saga. Hopefully when court videos are released, he won’t be wearing grease on his lips cause that’s just offensively gay! I mean… oops!

As you know, as soon as the Canadian authorities identified the suspect in the mailings of severed body parts to the political parties headquarters in Ottawa as Luka Magnotta, my life turned into one big media jamboree. Luckily, owing to an unbearable amount of interview requests, I strictly stuck with solely answering questions sent in by email. Thanks to this divine providence, I have a proof of how media manipulates, twists and withdraws from context the information provided. Many false accusations were made this way, such as that I “refused” to take the video down or that the video was sent to me by Luka Magnotta himself.

To set the record straight, I decided to copy some of the answers I provided reporters with and paste them here so you, the readers get a more complete idea on what answers I actually provided and not what media’s “withdrawn from context” published versions were. There were so many emails I replied to, I’m not gonna go through them all, and will instead only paste a few example questions and answers here. I have proof that this is exactly the way the interviews went. I’m also not going to spend time looking for questions and answers that negate some reporters’ statement. They will have to live with the knowledge that they intentionally misrepresented my answers themselves. I’m not here to fix anything after them. This is strictly so you the readers get the feel of what went on in the background:

Tobi Cohen, a reporter with Postmedia News said: “Some believe you should face charges under Canadian obscenity laws. What’s your response to that?

Best Gore is a reality news website. Content you find on Best Gore documents real life events which really take place. I do not drive impaired, speed or resort to violence but unfortunately, there are many people who do. Their actions negatively affect lives of myself and other law abiding citizens. Best Gore exists to expose the evil doers for who they really are, though I’m not surprised they are offended with me showing their true faces to the world and want the site shut down or me charged with whatever they can come up with.

How about they stop driving impaired, how about they stop speeding, how about they stop killing people – then there would be nothing for me to post on Best Gore, myself and other law abiding citizens would not have to fear for their lives and this conversation would not take place?

Best Gore exist because evil doers do evil things. I expose them for it without hold backs or censorship. It’s true reality, just as life itself.

As for suggested obscenity charges – it’s only thanks to Best Gore and the fact that I made the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video public in the first place, that Best Gore community was able to identify the perpetrator days before the police. Would you not rather know that the man who lives next to you is not that nice, quiet boy who’s friends with your kids, but a murderer with shady past? If exposing a murderer for whom he is and bringing his actions to the attention of the public and the police is a crime, then I better get put in jail, cause I’d rather be there than share the Earth with the sheep who support evil.

Days before the Canadian police named Luka Magnotta a suspect, we had his name pinned down on Best Gore, after the community analyzed the footage and compared every fine detail with available information. As clues kept coming together, they eventually offered a pretty clear picture that the perpetrator was the same man who previously posted videos of kitten killings and that eventually lead us to the name of Luka Magnotta.

As soon as we had that name pinned down and we knew the guy was from Canada, the findings were reported to the Toronto police. The authorities, at the time, did not find the information credible and did not follow up on it. Few days later, severed foot was delivered to Tory HQ in Ottawa.

Case in point, it’s only because Best Gore exists and because this heinous video was publically shared that the community was able to come up with the name of who the suspect most likely was. Had the authorities acted upon the reports we made, they may have captured Luka sooner.

Majority of Best Gore regulars are people who are victims of reckless, endangering or intentionally violent behavior of others. There are virtually thousands of people who admitted that after seeing what really happens when people behave recklessly, stopped acting that way. You can take a hundred drivers’ ed classes and it will have no impact on the way you drive, but after seeing a few pancaked heads with brain ejected out of skull and eyes pushed out of their sockets, you’ll think twice before you speed or drive impaired again.

I have thousands of confessions from people who never once resorted to speeding or other reckless behavior after seeing some of the photos on Best Gore. The breaking point which changed them was the exposure to the material published on Best Gore. No previous drivers’ ed class, no tickets or class actions achieved what exposure to reality documented in its rawest, uncensored form as seen on Best Gore did.

But more than anything – Best Gore is about real life. If you find Best Gore obscene, then you find real life obscene. Best Gore does not report on some fantasy world. It’s all photos and videos from right here, on our streets and in our neighborhoods. Are you offended by what you see on Best Gore? Well then speak out against bad drivers and violent people, not against Best Gore where these people are exposed. Best Gore has a proven record of achieving many changes for the better. How many lives have you helped to save?

I personally really think it’s the evil doers themselves who want the site shut down. They feel threatened by the fact that I expose them so openly. Best Gore messes with what they think is their right to reckless and violent behavior and want it shut down and me locked up. People who are aware and don’t act recklessly or violently, support Best Gore because they don’t negatively affect other people’s lives and are victims themselves.

Erin Chalmers, news reporter with Global Edmonton asked me “…what about the victim’s family? What do you say to them?

This question is very “mainstream media”. I can appreciate that the sheep are the target audience of the mainstream media which is likely why you’d ask it in the first place.

The question is fundamentally based on a speculation that the family will feel a certain way (in this case, the way the sheep assume normal). But that’s not always the case. Case in point – there are still people out there left who care. Nothing can bring the family’s son back now. This is done. Whether the video is posted or not will change nothing on the fact that their son is gone. But they can, as many people do, choose to have his memory used to possibly prevent this from happening again in the future.

The fact that I published the video in the first place helped a great deal. We identified the perpetrator days before the dismembered parts were delivered to the political parties. As soon as we had the perp nailed and knew he was a Canadian, it was reported to the Toronto police. The police, unfortunately, did not find the information credible and brushed it off maintaining that it’s surely a fake video. Had they acted upon the report, the perp may have been caught while still in the apartment in Montreal, packing up his parcel intended for Ottawa.

If YOU were a victim’s family member, would you not be thankful for what Best Gore community did for him? None of us knew who the victim was and as such we had no emotional connections with him yet we still did what we always do – the right thing, to help keep the neighborhoods safer. I know that no good deed goes unpunished, but let’s not so readily assume that the victim’s family would not want to have the horrific death of their son be used to potentially prevent other such events from happening.

Best Gore members took time off their day to help the victim and potential future victims by identifying the perpetrator and reporting it to the police. If public, police or other do-gooders make it to backfire, maybe next time, when it’s their kid whose belly is being stabbed with an ice pick, we won’t bother.

Still, should a proven family member approach me with a request to remove the video, I would. Best Gore exists to make the world a better place, not worse. Though I can tell you right now that I receive contributions from people daily. Bad things happened to them and they want me to post it on Best Gore so others can learn and/or take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen to them. Yes, some people actually care. They are the ones who support Best Gore. Let’s not so hastily assume the victim’s family is not like that.

And to avoid boring too much with media questions and my answers, here’s a bonus to finish it off with. David Ewasuk, reporter with CTV Edmonton said this after I turned down his request to appear on TV cameras:

I know you’re controversial and likely have many haters and requests, but… there would be a certain hypocrisy to only doing written responses and therefore having a great degree of privacy, when what you deal in shows what it shows. Thoughts?

Privacy is “the word” when it comes to Best Gore. Best Gore didn’t grow to be the most popular reality news website on the internet by backstabbing people. There are many wannabe Best Gore sites, but none comes anywhere near the amount of exclusive content I have. How is it possible? I’ve always respected the desired level of privacy and anonymity of everyone who gets in touch with me. The word on the internet travels fast. If I was not who I am, my support network would collapse very quickly.

You said “I know you’re controversial” – I speak the truth and show the truth. Does that make me controversial? I suppose it makes me many things. I know for sure that it makes me hated. Like they hated Galileo for having the audacity to speak the truth. They want me silenced and burnt at the stake just as they wanted him. Does that mean I’m controversial? Eppur si muove!

I don’t seek controversy out. I may point fingers at it but I’m merely a messenger, a bringer of truth, regardless of how controversial. Is a messenger who delivers a non controversial message any less controversial than a messenger who delivers a controversial one?

I also don’t fully understand why you find me reporting on reality hypocritical with my uninterest in too much public attention. Best Gore has never been about drawing attention to myself. If it was, I would have dropped it a long time ago for not delivering results. I have nothing to hide, but I don’t care for promenading myself around with a banner above my head saying: “Yeah bitches, I own Best Gore. It’s me. Everybody adore me.”

You work for mainstream media. Your target audience are the sheep. Yours is a business enterprise with primary intention to make money. CTV Edmonton is a business project with shareholder who expect to see growth in value. Unlike you, I don’t serve lobbying groups nor twist news to keep sheep happy so advertisers keep buying spots. And YOU call ME a hypocrite?

The Sheep vs Best Gore

Some of the questions I was asked bore a hint of upcoming trouble for Best Gore. An above listed question by Tobi Cohen that some [sheep] believe that I should face charges under Canadian obscenity laws, or a question by another reporter who said that certain Canadian MP (Member of Parliament) said that content posted on Best Gore was illegal (I do not know which MP said that, the reporter didn’t provide the name and I did not have time to look it up).

Not one bit surprisingly, the sheep, instead of being thankful for what Best Gore community did for them, they turn to shunning the website and want me who runs it prosecuted. Every bit the type of behavior I would expect from the sheep. Trouble is – it’s a sheep world we live in.

If you are an aware individual and get yourself into an argument with the sheep, you will have lost before you could even begin. Aware individuals are so few, they don’t even count as minority. On a large scale of things, their presence is so miniscule, they literally don’t exist. You’d have to look long and hard to find one and you can count on it that he/she won’t be easy to spot. In a world overrun with the sheep, an aware individual is oppressed and needs to hide, or worse yet… against their natural self, bleep with the sheep to pretend he/she’s one of them. They do exist, though.

Sheep have herd like mentality. When one bleeps, they all bleep. When one takes a step to the left, they all take a step to the left. And unless you behave like the sheep and abandon all sound reason, they will turn on you and trample you with their combined power of a billion hooves. It’s a battle you cannot win. The sheep are too many. Whatever it is you have to say will not be heard because the combined yell of the sheep will always be louder.

And now the sheep turned their attention to Best Gore. I don’t speak Sheepish, therefore I’m the enemy. I’m the reason for all the world’s problems and therefore I must be removed from the herd’s way.

Different Type of Whistle Blowing

When you think of whistle blowing, you think of exposing dirty truths about a powerful minority. Public exposure of these dirty little secrets they don’t want you to know about often results in pressure from many multinational groups. But there is more to whistle blowing than that. The reason being – there is more than powerful minorities with dirty little secrets. As a matter of fact, the group with some of the most repulsive secrets is the most populous and powerful on the planet Earth.

I’m not what anyone would consider your typical whistle-blower yet this is exactly what I do. The only thing is – I blow the whistles on the sheep – the most criminal group yet, and one which puts even the most manipulative governments to shame. I blow whistles on humans, on Fleshy Viruses whose actions are behind most posts on Best Gore. I expose humans for filthy parasites that they are, for violent, gutless, spineless pieces of repulsive shit they like to pretend they’re not.

Take the too-full-of-themselves sheep behind the wheel for example. They have more blood on their hands than all Mexican drug cartels, all countries at war and all gangsters from Brazil combined. The number of innocent lives these people destroy each and every day makes them the most efficient gang of killers in the world.

Like any whistle-blower, I’m not liked by the groups I expose. Unfortunately in my case, that group are the sheep. And with tens of thousands of sheep to each one aware individual, my odds are pretty meek.

Who Are The Sheep

Who are the most likely people to have an interest in taking Best Gore down? It’s simple – those who are exposed on Best Gore for who they are. Those who cause the accidents, the pain, the suffering. Because if you’re a law abiding citizen who acts responsibly and doesn’t put lives and wellbeing of others in danger, then you’d have just as much interest in exposing the evil doers as myself and every other member of Best Gore.

If on the other hand you go out of your way to keep the aftermaths of actions of evil doers hidden from public, if you’re so adamant about keeping the public in the dark about the real dangers of the world out there, then you have some skeletons of your own to hide in the closet. The lot of us who have nothing to hide want the evil doers exposed and the public made aware and we do it openly.

To the lawyers, Members of Parliament, that fool from the radio station I won’t name who sent me threatening email yesterday, and everyone else oh so set on doing everything they can to take Best Gore down and have me charged with who knows what – I have a question for you:

Why do you want the reality hidden from the public? What’s your agenda? Why are you so adamant about keeping people in the dark?

Oops! Was I not suppose to say that? Did you want to keep public in the dark about this too? Sorry about that. But that’s what I do – I expose evil doers for who they really are.

Just as I’ve exposed Luka Magnotta, I’m exposing you too. People deserve to know what’s really out there. You want to keep them in the dark, I’m not letting you.

I’ve dedicated 4 years of my life to showing the people real, untruncated truth. It helped to save many lives, to make people more aware, to reduce the number of preventable disasters. If sheep get their way in manipulating this into a crime, then I’ll volunteer for the punishment myself. I’d rather spend the rest of my life locked up in a cell than spend another minute sharing the world with the sheep. And from inside the cell I’ll grin as disasters which would have been prevented if I continued to run Best Gore strike upon those responsible for Best Gore’s demise. You may be the sheep, you may have the power of a billion hooves, but you can’t control the thunders of time which roar louder than all of your bleeps combined.

What I do makes a difference and it’s a cause I’m willing to suffer for. If sheep use it against me, then be it. I’ll do what’s right even if the entire sheep central gangs up on me. And if it gets me in jail, I’ll turn to dust on prison floor. After seeing the true face of humanity, maybe in those small specks of dirt I’ll find what I can’t see in any of you hypocritical, evil worshippers – honor and dignity.

Just so you know, Canada – the world is watching!


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

295 thoughts on “The Sheep vs Best Gore”

        1. death is too good for him
          Eventually his actions will catch up to him,
          E.g; He’s in a cell, begins to realize that all the attention he had was nothing more than a 15 minute thing, He’ll become gravely delusional, Thus him being imprisoned in his own thoughts, A trance of grief, sadness and overall shame will over shallow him like a flood in haiti.
          Now if only he was sentenced to a central american prison…

      1. Virginia has the same as far as the death penalty. I have to say those people are really shortsighted. I saw the video and my hope was that he should be prosecuted for the crime he committed. Had the video not been shown, he may not have been caught and brought to justice. They are simply pissed they did not get to it first and a website did. Screw them.

        1. He’s already proven what a fucking coward he is by asking for a cushy segregated cell in Germany. When he comes back here I’m sure our piece of shit authorities will put him in seg here. Fuck him, general population all the way. Let them deal with him, why should we the taxpayer have to pay for this narcissistic asshole to continue his worthless life? If this site gets shut down I will make it my lifes ambition to find out where they’re holding onto this fuckface and have someone do him. Rock on Mark and kudos to showing us the way life really is!

    1. Indeed.

      I’m coming out of the shadows of lurking this site for a long while to register and post this: you and your site are awesome Mark. Keep doing what you’re doing. I love that you didn’t go into diplomatic mode just because some sheep started asking you to soul search.

      I’ve been following this story since you broke it, and it’s amazing how they try to turn the tables on you to paint you as a bad guy. And then, the audacity of the Canadian police to try and have the video taken down after ignoring your notices in the first place!

      As a long time gore fan (from the days of Ogrish) I want to say thank you for carrying the torch. Easily the best site uncensored news site I’ve been to yet.

      Oh and something of interest that I noticed. This vid has been drifitng around the web since at least May 15th (possibly earlier) but the guy in the news stories apparantely disappeared the 24th. So are we looking at another murder entirely then?

      1. Also, the irony that Luka was reading stories about himself when he was arrested. This guy is going to rot in prison for the rest of his life because he was so desperate for attention. Not sure if that makes him more of a sick son of a bitch then people who kill for sexual pleasure or not. Maybe he did it for sexual pleasure too? Who knows!

    2. Latest news; a third foot has been found in NDG district , Montreal. So…. This might not be over….

      Too bad Canadian laws wouldn’t allow the Goverment to sent Magnotta back to the chinese , chained inside a maritime container in a ship bound for China , with only dry bread and water. And bucket , To then have China use their “justice” on him !

    3. Agreed. As a Canadian, this bugs the absolute shit out of me. Talk about killing the messenger.

      People I know in Vancouver don’t seem to care much either way. It’s the people in the Middle Provinces who seem to be in an uproar. God knows internet came to Alberta…what? A few years ago? Before that they were all fucking sisters and raising steers. Alberta and Sask. need to pull the bull whip out of their asses and accept the fact no one but Utah gives a fuck about them

  1. Funny thing, montreal police chief was on the news thanking the internet for help in pinning down this creep. I don’t see anything different or more disgusting on this site, than porn sites that show cum shots to the face. I love the descriptions that are given prior to the actual videos, you are pretty funny Mark.

  2. So the sheep say: “Before last week we didn’t even know your site existed, but now that we do, we want you to stop it because it offends our sheep eyes. Nevermind the fact that you’ve stuck your neck out to help take a dangerous individual off the streets, we are appalled and therefore you must cease!” I’ve never been so proud to be a member of the Bestgore community (wipes tear from eye). You’ve handled this whole circus quite admirably and eloquently. Others would’ve surely used the media attention to soak up their “15 minutes” but not you Mark. Thank you once again for doing what you do so well, and providing a haven for we who are “aware”.

  3. Mark, I could not have said it better. These scared people who want to fight best gore, what have they done, what did they do, that they don’t want the horrors of true life, of what really happens in the world, out there? Maybe they just think that if it isn’t shown/ seen, it will just go away? Maybe, if they don’t see it, then it doesn’t happen? Hey’ where can I get me a pair of those rose colored glasses? Just kidding, I wouldn’t want a pair of those because I like to see what’s really going on around me, and not lie to myself about what goes on in the REAL world. Mark, I think this site is more of a public service than anything, and will do whatever I can within my means to support and help keep this site up and running as I’m sure thousands of other members will do the same. I know things are hectic right now but please do your best to keep us updated on this situation. I had said earlier we can start an online petition supporting best gore, A small step or a large step in helping us out, I don’t know, but it can’t hurt. Mark, I think I can speak for all of us here when I say we want best gore here to stay online forever! long live best gore.

  4. Warning!Weasel words!
    “Some believe you should face charges under Canadian obscenity laws. What?s your response to that??

    it should be read “I believe(My newspaper believes) that you should face charges…etc”

    you response should be “some believe you are trying to bullshit me “

  5. Extremely well written, Mark.

    There are plenty of us supporting the exposition of truth to face the sheep – or at least I would like to believe so. We will only see the future as it unfolds, unfortunately. So, keep up the good work and don’t stop what you’re doing.

    Stay relentlessly positive, Mark.

  6. Mark,
    Been a fan of BG for a long time, before when it had forums, silly avatars, pictureless threads but hey, shit happens.

    Don’t ever think that the BG community doesn’t appreciate you because nothing could be further from the truth. Bestgore has let us all know how pathetic humans can be. I question humanity when you see such a disregard for human life. How can our lives have meaning when people’s lives are thrown away so meaninglessly. Despite everything though, I still believe that humans have the potential to do great things. Its not a matter of possibility but a matter of will. One day when we look back on these current times, we’ll realize how really “civilized” we were.

  7. Great responses, Mark. It’s true that some of us had no idea, for example, what a violent country Brazil is. I’m glad that I know what I now know from coming onto this site. As you say, I know what I would look like if I got in my car, drank, drove fast, and got into a bad accident. My brains would be spilled or my head decapitated. They don’t show that in the mainstream media. Everything is tied up in a pretty bow lest a family member sees their loved one who drank and drove with their brains spilled all over the street.

    In order to enter this site, you warn that one comes in here at their own risk and warn us to leave should we decide that the gore would be too much to bear. You also insist that anybody be at least age 18. I love the humor here, especially from the regulars, and sometimes you, yourself, are a hoot.

    I know you won’t let the sheep push you around. Screw them! This is real life. People murder others for something as piddly as calling them a fag, like that guy in Brazil. People kill their own family members. A man in China is lying in the middle of the street, but no one lifts a finger to help him. Buses and cars just drive around him. The list goes on and on. I’m 64 years old, and had no idea about half the shit that goes on around the world. It’s been an education for me, to say the least. Thank you, Mark, for this website. Oh, and by the way, the past tense of “lead” is “led”. Just sayin’!

  8. Well said!! I think what you have done, and are doing, is pure awesomeness 🙂 I know because of this site, I am more careful about everything….my neighbors, crossing the street, driving…..the list goes on. Keep up the good work!

  9. One of the biggest arguments I see around is a few people seem to think Mark is profiting from having the video up. I don’t know where they got that absurd idea from – probably some trashy article, but I had to set them straight.

    I will fight for BestGore, till the end.

    1. I have yet to break even, yet alone make money at the site. If all I cared about was money, I wouldn’t have spend 4 years putting countless hours upon hours into a site which at the end of each month, always ends up costing me more than earning.

      There is a grand total of one ad on Best Gore – at the very bottom of it, in the footer. I’d love to make decent money at it – so I can upgrade to a better server and avoid slowness like we’re experiencing now, but whoever implies that I’m raking riches in running Best Gore is as delusional as Hillary the Obtuse.

      1. God Bless you Sir.

        Irregardless of the lies and slander that the MSM try to pin on you and this humble website.

        We dedicated Goregians will stand by you.

        If you need financial help for a legal war chest. Stick a donate bar onto the site.

        You have my support.

        1. A donate bar is an EXCELLENT idea.

          Julian Assange had the same idea but then the sheep started freezing his assets.

          The more I talk about the sheep the more I despise them and want to become a vegetarian.

          Where is that lake you were trying to get to, I think I need to go there………… NOW.

          1. I also posted a follow up comment which basically explains at Mark should be okay if he represents himself in any future litigation.

            The prosecution would try to prove that this site is:

            Disturbing the Peace
            Posting illegal contents

            You should fight on refuting these accusations.

            By the sounds of things Mark. Your argument is watertight.

            Stick to your Guns!

          2. The UK Telegraph newspaper, have just reported that Mark has took down the LRM video.

            I haven’t checked. Just saying what they have reported.

      2. Hey mark you ever thought of starting a monthly magazine for subscribed members something kinda like Mexicos gore magazine (Alarma! Magazine) I’m sure you’ve heard of it but those how haven’t should check it out..its all in Spanish tho :/ but lots of gore and scantily clad women, and also where are our BG shirts!!! I can’t wait to get mine and start rocking it everywhere I go…I’m going to be like a walking billboard for BG once I get it.

  10. I find the entire scenario VERY similar to 3 guys 1 hammer in the fact that before the instant that most saw that footage, in their own minds, things like that just don’t happen.

    RIGHT after watching it, all of a sudden they are experts on the cruelty off the Fleshy Virus.

    There is always so many words being talked, and none will ever matter. It’s circulatory rhetoric, going around and around.

    As You all know My greatest wish of all, like a 10 year old at christmas with a big gift with his name on it, is to witness the COMPLETE demise of the Fleshy Virus….every single one of us.

    Not some.

    Not most.



    One of Us.

    Nothing will ever change, and as i like to say, ‘The Fleshy Virus, at every given chance, will always do it wrong’

    It’s time, long past actually, that this finally comes to an end.

    That makes pure sense, so I trust ion the simple fact that it won’t happen.

    So, in the mean time, we’re fucking stuck here… at least Mark sheds some truthful light on what the SEVERE reality is of how badly this place is fucked.

    Not just through the actions of violence, but more so, the habits of excuses, and of pacification.

    Mark I have no doubt that this is not over. I do hope that there will be SOME SENSE OF (un)COMMON SENSE will be injected into this putrid mold of stupidity and that you won’t have to bear the real reprocautions to the fictional issues that are being pressed on you.

    Money is, and always has been the lubricant on such situations.

    Doesn’t THAT just fucking suck!

    We are with you, we ARE The Students Of Best Gore.

    1. Look man I know how FUCKED alot of humanity is, but for all the evil out there, theres good to cancel it out. Our materialist society is built on greed, how else do you expect the sheep to behave when this is what they’ve been bought up with.

      Before you nuke the fuck outta this planet, send some of the smartest humans out into space, humans are too smart for us all to go to waste for fucksake

      1. How about we just save all the members of Best Gore?

        We have engineers (RS), doctors (Medex), pharmacists (Baked).

        I am sure that their are other professionals lurking on the boards as well.

        I have posted before that we should build an Ark.

        1. Pharmacists (Baked) … hahahaaha, he will be honoured for that.

          I’m not a boat builder but I love to sail and would love to be on the security team……….. I do however request that I supervise the growing of some weed for those who partake.

          Now there’s a contradiction in terms —-Weed and Security hahaha

          1. I guess the only security team we need would be their to protect the Females from Mouse’s Demon seed.

            And to guard the Jamesons from Tulio of course!

            It shall be a Libertarian’s paradise.

          2. I am very honored.
            I’m also experienced in film production meaning I can direct porn, I just need some female gorian-pornstars

        2. Does Best Gore have any rocket scientists with super trust funds? Then we could built a rocket, aim for an asteroid and ride that bitch to the edge of forever. THEN we could eradicate the fleshy virus. But how? Try to come up with something that doesn’t result in scorching the planet. We can build a weather machine! But seriously Rotten, if you believe there is no hope for humankind, then you make it so. Even if you die trying, aren’t you just fulfilling part of the initial goal to vanquish the horrible virus? But this would mean no more internet…etc. For me, this wouldn’t be a problem. But what about all of YOU? That’s the trade off. Are you willing to give up everything the F.V. has created to set things right? Didn’t think so.

          1. @afy From the ‘every single one of us,’ I’m guessing he’s willing to sacrifice the internet, and anything else, to eradicate the virus. I mean, why would the world need the FV creations, if there were no longer any FV around to use ’em? #JustSaying

          2. For me, yes. I do picture “the total waste” of ALL humans as a GOOD thing…..yes, we can manipulate fire, as nothing else can. Yes, we can create things and be places that usually are OFF limits to things not designed to be able to go there (such as ANY worth while virus does)
            But, at least in My opinion, the Good DOES NOT out weigh the bad, and please understand, I surely wish it did.

            Look around at what you recognize every day, your surroundings, your life, your friends and your home.
            Know this.
            It’s ALL man made, and the reasons that we have survived this long to HAVE these things, and this life, is due to the fucking simple miracle that we haven’t completely killed ourselves off yet.

            Here is (one of) my points.
            Not ALL humans are evil, or do “bad things” but our entire lives are based on CIRCUMSTANCE AND OPPORTUNITY. If things were different, things would be different, wouldn’t ya’ say?

            But most importantly, Good People Breed Monsters, and it takes many years to determine the individual truth of this fact.

            To ensure that we don’t engineer a 2nd chance (more like a 13,647th chance) that we HAVE NOT EARNED, because we NEVER EVER seem to be able to learn, we just figure that “shit happens” or that “we’re only human” and move on to the next catastrophe, that by being eliminated, everything else as a whole would be better off for it.

            So fucking selfish we are….and YES, by the way, I would gladly die, and give up “everything” to see the ENDLESS HORROR that is the Fleshy Virus, and with all it’s marvels, finally just go away.

            But, like I said, I also have my doubts that it will ever happen……but time will tell, and, in the mean time, I’m just talking massive amounts of words on the internet (again) instead of doing what I need to be doing to pay bills and ‘survive’……what a stupid fucking paradox.

          3. This is where me and RS have differences.

            The idea of a mass extinction event (of humans) appeals greatly to me. Yet, as the ‘good book’ says:

            ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’

            I am not calling us Goregians pussies or anything. Just we shouldn’t take scripture literally.

            I still have a wee bit of faith left.

          4. Alright friends (I hope we are all friends?) we need a sort of modified virus to kill this fleshy virus, need a special sort of rabies, so we can infect lots quickly and with that we make an antidote and we all have antidotes and we live in a nice place, maybe Germany from the sounds of things.
            And the Virus infected fleshy sheep die.
            We live with great knowledge and spelin skilz.

          5. Friends…

            *Wipes tear away*

            I have never had a… *gulp*… Friend.

            Sure I am cool with that.

            Although methinks that the Isle of Man should be our destination Calabria.

          1. Volunteering on the Ark is fine………..

            Re-populating for ALL females is not necessary.

            RESPECT for Women BUT……

            On the Ark we need (other)specific skills…………

            Female included.

          2. Seeing that their will be less than a thousand people on this ark.

            In order to create as diverse a gene pool as possible to create a sustainable population. All Goregians must Breed.

            Sorry, it’s Breed or Die.

          3. keep dreaming people, its good to have dreams and hope, but I think it would better if we had our own Island, could take more people with us, the more people means more knowledge, more funk’n and a bigger BG family, our own country with our own laws, or we could let the sheep be sheep and watch the shit rivits kill each other, either way makes no difference, once a virus has spread to far theres no stoping it, we need to except were fucked in a fucked world and do our best to live happy.

          4. Hey Phatman,

            We can all move to the Isle of Man!


            Green grass
            Small Island (We would all be neighbours!)
            Fertile soils
            Prettiest place on the planet
            Motorbike races!

            Bad weather
            Bad weather
            Bad weather
            Constant jibes from Tulio
            Bad weather

          1. It shall be a happy place.

            A land of honey skies and chocolate rivers. Children shall dance merrily in the streets, whilst Tulio tells them stories of times past.

            And they will all scream at the sight of old man RS!

            I am being super cereal.

          2. Hey Rider,

            I’m cool with firearms. It should be a Man’s right to bear arms and defend his property, family and rights.

            Plus the Isle of Man is the most biker friendly place on this planet.

  11. It’s funny that the questions that were asked to you, were exactly those I would expected. Totally fixed on trapping you in your own words and that’s why you did such a good job only answering them via emails. Moreover they were very detailed and thought through. It is disappointing that there are so few people who bring the truth like you do, instead they choose to twist every story so they can make profit and manipulate the sheep; as you said it best.
    Only the utmost respect for you and the BG community.

  12. Well said indeed!! One question to ask Mark Did any of them read what you wrote on that post? If they had they would have seen that you asked us to help so you COULD turn the poor excuse of a human being into the cops!!!

      1. @ Whitechapel

        Good point, we can only hope he IS a member of BG because what a story he’d have to tell us………

        Oh wait, if he’s a sheep then he will sell his story for the highest $$$$$$………. Noooooooooooo.

        By the way, the dude who recognised LRM was the dude in my news flash post below. I saw it last night.

  13. Very well thought out and beautifuly answered the media’s questions , you made them look like the tools they are, Fucking sheep .. just looking to cash in on the hot story…everytime you bless us with your words of wisdom I feel so much better , that I’m not one of those sheep, that’s its ok to not be “normal” in society’s sense, you truely are a brilliant man, I’m glad I found this community , they can’t get you down, there’s no way they could succeed in shutting you down or prosecuting. I’d help pay your legal fees

    1. we are not sheep, we won’t turn on Mark or the BG community when the majority of sheep decide that reality should be censored.
      If BestGore is taken down and Mark arrested, then another member of BG will open a site and when they are arrested, another member will open a site, and so it will go on until we are all in jail.

      This isn’t something they can stop, and it’s terrifying for them.

  14. Very well thought out and beautifuly answered the media’s questions , you made them look like the tools they are, Fucking sheep .. just looking to cash in on the hot story…every time you bless us with your words of wisdom I feel so much better , that I’m not one of those sheep, that’s its ok to not be “normal” in society’s sense, you truly are a brilliant man, I’m glad I found this community , I hold you in the highest regard and with the utmost respect Mark
    A loyal reader Giovanny

  15. This is what I tried to post last night……….

    Here in Australia I have just recorded a 1 munute news article on Luka Magnotta dubbed the ” Canadian Psycho “…….. It also shows the asian victim who at the time of said photo was very much a living breathing FV.

    Luka Magnotta has been seen partying in several Paris nightclubs and is said to have gone home with a gay man who reported a narrow escape after inviting someone back to his flat. The guest then fled when the man thought he recognised him as Canadian Magnotta…….. WTF

    Canadian police are saying he is wanted for a string of unsolved murders.

    190 countries are now hunting this sick fuck.

    ****** RUN MAGGOT RUN *******


    Thank god he’s done with, now all we can do is wait for future news on demise in prison, Yeeeeeehaaaaa

    1. I’m so glad he did’nt he did’nt make the lake, I mean, who knows, maybe he would’ve ended up dead for whatever reason (which he was accepting of) which woud’ve meant millions of us missing out on the current and future preceedings.

      Can you imagine Mark getting eaten by a bear and here we are sitting in limbo thinking WTF hahahahaha

      It’s so weird isn’t it, it’s like some sort of divine intervention or something or ‘whatever’.

      I’m excited and nervous for Mark and the site but hey, what’s one to do but battle on.

  16. I have now read this in it’s entirety.

    I can’t add much to what the members above me have said except to say that YOU Mark were very wise responding with email as a TV interview can easily trap you with little time to ponder and respond to questions without pressure.

    As one member has already said and I too feel quite proud and gratefull that I found this site.

    The real life stories that you Mark put here make up only half of the reason why this is my second home.
    Sure, sometimes there are some videos so shocking that I still can’t watch but hey, each to their own

    The other half is the education and often hillarious aspect with ‘real life’ no bullshtit members stories and knowledge.

    I am far from a wealthy FV but If I was, there is no doubt that as sure as death, a MASSIVE contribution would be heading your way RIGHT NOW to help with the server.

    Stay strong Mark and long live BEST GORE.

  17. Great responses Mark. Opponents of Best Gore now know they are not dealing with a push over. You sir are a honey badger. As some have mentioned, there are many of us who stand behind you. Please keep us posted, and thank you for your dedication and passion on this matter. I support your site because I think people should know what is going on. Exactly why I think all U.S. executions should be televised. Whether people support the death penalty or not, they should see for themselves what we are allowing as a …..ahem…a civilization.

  18. I love Best Gore! I found a comradery here that I never found at another site. Outsiders judge us b/c of the content on this page but we’re not the ones on the videos or in the pictures. We’re just looking at it. This site actually made a better person. Also, Mark, I want to thank you for putting a warning on the posts about children. I don’t like seeing children sick, hurt or injured b/c I see enough of it in real life. You always put a disclaimer on those posts and I appreciate that very much. LONG LIVE MARK AND BEST GORE!

  19. It’s not like we BestGore members didn’t want him caught, (I speak for most of us?) I read one comment (in newspaper) say “anybody who goes on THAT site is as bad as the psychopath (Magnotta)” whaaa? How could she say that? I don’t recall anyone saying “good on ya Luka” or “I want to do what Luka has done”, thats NOT to say there aren’t a few members that are a little unhinged, and might be capable of murder, but mostly the BG community WANTED him caught!

    1. Not to correct you, Tiger. The mature members of BG wanted him caught, but we also wanted the high res video of the stand-off and a slow motion close up of the sniper round turning his skull inside out….

      1. But of course! It’s the same with any of the videos on BG though, I want the people responsible bought to justice (on film would be good!)
        Personally I think the videos of, for example: African people beating/burning other LIVE humans to be far worse than 1 lunatic, 1 icepick
        I wonder if these type of videos are considered documentaries, part of African ‘culture’? hahaha I’m kidding, but no one has called for them to be removed? Unless its behind the scenes and only Mark (and @slicer) have to hear it?

    2. I have read one comment from an online news saying that luka magnotta is probably a graduate here from bestgore. Sheeps, quick to judge us that we’re probably killers, rapist and all kinds of malevolent terms, on what standards, them? Fuck that crap.

      1. Polititions above all fear
        the loss of control over
        the masses.
        The masses fear what
        they dont understand,
        fear having no one to
        tell them what to say,
        think or do.
        Its a symbiotic relation-
        ship,neither can exist
        without the other.

  20. They should be grateful to Mark, dammit. Not his fault they didn’t follow on the tip.

    Now, the problem is that the place is too damn full of people. 200 “thoughts” on each post? And slow as molasses. Seems like the sheep have discovered Best Gore, and it’s become one of their guilty pleasures.

    Bet they want it closed down because they feel guilty over the fapping they do here.

    Too crowded. And I hate crowds. Better wait until some of the tossers get bored of it.

  21. Don’t let the sheep bring you down, Mark. You’re the best, and I love how in nearly every reply to a reporter, there was tons of your kind of humor, which I know THEY wouldn’t have picked up on.
    I admire your dedication to this site and your loyal readers (the reporter was butt hurt you wouldn’t do an on camera interview! I loved that!) and admire even more your honesty about what you get money wise from this site. It proves you are very dedicated to this and I love you for that 🙂

  22. Great post and answers, unfortunately even though bestgore was such a big part of this the sheep media are barely talk about bestgore or show it’s content, they should show the video IMO. People hear the story but it isn’t as fucked up as seeing the video. Plus what’s the big deal for fuck sakes just watch the video it won’t kill you

    1. I get the opinion – impression that EVERYONE around the world is watching and talking about Best Gore.

      Trust me, from what Mark was telling us the other day was that traffic to the site has EXPLODED something like 2 or 3 times, that includes visitors and new members.

      The sheep media will never show the video but that’s fine because MILLIONS around the world will see it right here on FREE TO AIR…….. well, almost free.

  23. Alright here I go.
    I saw the news story for this today. When I was having a shower and that is when my steam engine brain goes to work.
    First of my thoughts was Luka Magnotta’s theme song should be (one of favourite songs) Korn Narcissistic cannibal.
    On a more serious note, I thought that if they really get on your ass (I think the sheep will forget about this fast, but if they don’t) you could start a new e-mail address release it on here go on your time away from the F-V.
    And shut the site down forever of temporarily.
    Then forward us all an e-mail when you start it up again or in a new form.
    I don’t think it will even get to that stage however.
    Any how well done Mark.
    Keep it up.

  24. Paraphrasing Red: BestGore today, jail tomorrow.
    If you were given the choice to choose your cell mate, would you prefer Julian Assange or Eric Clinton?
    I can say that this site has made me a less disrespectful guy, or at least I’m trying.
    Soon I will put on the table…

    1. A less disrespectfull guy huh.

      Kudos to you and this is why I love coming here, it’s an educational lesson above most others.

      Who would I prefer to share my cell with……. NONE.

      I was sent to prison for 18 months some years ago and FREEDOM (amongst other pleasures) is now paramout to me.

  25. i agree w/ comment about porn sites and money shots! how fucked up is it to try to find an 18 or 19 year old girl that looks like she is 12 so all the fucked up pervs and peds can get off and have that be the most viewed video on whatever site, but when people were trying to come together and determine if this guy was who they thought it was based of other fucked up videos he had posted, thats wrong? i live in america but i hate it here. land of the free w/ the highest incarceration rate in the world? yeah right.
    basically it comes down to this. you cant please everybody and there will always be someone out there that will try to bring the next person down. main reason anyone affiliated w/ the news would have an issue w/ anything “breaking news” type shit on this site is because they werent first to “break it”. had video been found or viewed by major news company first, they would have posted any clip that showed half of this guys face asking for tips. fuck em. they have no prob showing a guy getting murdered at an atm by 3 dudes in masks and then saying they have no suspects because they were wearing masks (true shit). why not just report on it rather than show video also? because they “broke” the story.
    i am new to site (prob last 3 months or so), but i came here willingly. no one put gun to my head. if you dont know what you are looking at before you click a video or pics then you are just an idiot. this site is awesome and i hope the best for you legally and more importantly in life in general!!! fuck the media and again there will always be pessimists out there so you cant stop that, just keep doing what we all know is right and hope for the best. never conform!!! FTW!!!

  26. to mark…i have not been a member of best gore for very long…but what i have seen is outstanding! no where on this planet is there a place to go to find the truth…except here…the public media is a travesty…ashamed cannot even describe what they should be feeling…because they are sheep too they will never see the truth for what it is,most if not all of them are guilty of committing horrible crimes against humanity,keeping them from the truth for which they dont even know themselves…because the truth dosent sell…we as a people of earth,not race of earth(that fucking word is so overused and isnt even applicable to anyone except for those who wish to keep us all segragated) cannot even begin to realize how much over time history has become a excuse to keep people in fear of speaking out when things arent as they seem…this planet will destroy all of us and wont even care when it does…life isnt what we make it…its what the media tells you to make of it,giving you no choice what to believe…until best gore came along,we had no idea how much we are and have been lied to…for our protection right? gimme a break! what you have created is nothing short of a new theory of relativity which will and should go down in history as one of the greatest eye openers of our time!…but like you said as long as the sheep are in control…it wont be recognized as such…but dont give up hope because there are more people who want to know the truth…they just dont have the capacity to look…keep this site going as long as you can and we will be here for you and the truth!

  27. Manipulation
    Thought and mind control
    Lies… More lies
    Half truths
    Selected Stories

    Only a few of what mainstream media and multinational companies practice everyday, yet its you who ( to my best knowledge and opinion ) does none on the above are now a potential criminal and also a bad unhinged sick freak?
    Well thats a whole new level to me, The mentioned journalists and their questions are so retarded they did not even stop to think, hang on a second why am i accusing and trying to trap a man who obviously had good intentions, when i could be asking informative questions, or questions that could help the readers in some way.
    Or did any of these fools take a look at the countless videos which show crimes of a grand scale ( murder of PRESUMED guilty people been lynched by people who hold no power and just decide guilt based on rumour. )
    OR how about they looked at the total lack of compassion for fellow man/woman/child people have, countries which are superpowers yet have no basic right fundamental morals?
    Any journalists that really wanted to help and educate their readers could take a look around and really expose a few scumbags, or let people see both sides of the story ( Syria for example )
    The work you do mark is fantastic in my opinion,
    But hey my opinion is wrong because im a sick freak for daring to learn about the real world.
    To the sheep…
    Beware cause soon some gore might just knock on your door.

  28. I have to put a great big ‘Thank You’ out there for Mark and also my fingertips for bringing me to this site. At first I thought I might be a bit weird for watching this gorey stuff. But after getting to read Marks posts and the comments on here. I knew I had found a community of great thinkers who only see the world for what it is and all its dangers. I must say that since going through every archived video posted on BestGore since its start. I am more aware of life. I no longer walk beside fast moving dual carriage-ways. I stay away from drunken mobs. I steer well clear of un-safe building sites and have learned how to spot and avoid a manipulative fleshy virus. It is coming to BestGore that will keep me safer than your average joe (sheep). So thank you again to BestGore I owe you.

  29. i loved your answer to that last question, which is such a typical ‘trap’ :/ that’s one reason why i’ve always hated news reporters, they twist just about everything, until their ‘story’ barely resembles the truth anymore.

    it will be a sad day if BG ever goes down. i have so much respect for many other members and mark, and i’ve learned so much in the short time i’ve been here. i hope that BG will still be around for many more years to come.

  30. Mark,

    “I don?t speak Sheepish”


    From articles I’ve read, I can see the Sheepish language has three main dialects, Sheltered, Stupid and Bullshit, and I’m impressed you managed to decipher it -impressed, not surprised ;)- you must have one hell of a translator.

    For everyone else, an example of the stupid dialect -if you haven’t seen it-

    ?The video is horrific and the comments associated with the site prepared the viewer a little but . . . watching the video, I was both horrified and shocked,? he told Global News.”

    That paragraph… This Fleshy Virus obviously can’t read anything other then stupid and sheltered, because unless I’m mistaken, the description to 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick, is pretty much an synopsis of the video.

    And he’s also apparently a lawyer. How the hell can a LAWYER be shocked at this… especially when Mark so generously described the events in detail, and what exactly was he doing on BG in the first place might I ask?

    Hahaha, an example of the Bullshit dialect too, I think…..

    Anyway, well done Mark, you keep it up, you can guarantee us, BestGorians, appreciate everything you do and post on this site. Fight the good fight -although fight implies the other side has a chance, oh well, dreams are free XD-.


  31. I was here listening, watching, reading all BG member’s comments for almost 2 years (part of my daily routine). I only created an account recently because i wanted too. The concept that you operate this site Mark… differs from the other with the same context of publishing pics and videos. You got me for a long time.. i’m not your slave, we only shared same value of thoughts and ideas in life. It is a sheep who allow himself to move accordingly with the others around him. I’m not one of them.. maybe i was there and thinking “what’s wrong with the other sheep?” Thumbs up!

  32. I bet the reporters didn’t expect you to be so well spoken & articulate ? They where expecting / wanting / a blood thirsty / crazed / foul mouthed piece of garbage to feed their readers ? VERY VERY good idea to talk with these blood suckers via email so like you said / have all your answers exact .. Certainly you would have been taken out of context

      1. Also similar: I was recently interviewed by the local news about an “untimely death” in a nearby home. They kept pressing me for something more sensational like panic and fear, but I maintained a calm skepticism that couldn’t be spun. They were pretty annoyed.

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