The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz – David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper

The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz - David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper

This video expands on previously posted photos and video of the Katyn Forest Massacre. It also expands on the propaganda collection of lies presented by high ranking US military officials in the Nazi Concentration Camps Film. Titled The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz, this documentary tries to address the alleged use of gas chambers in the Nazi concentration camps. Its author – David Cole took a trip to Auschwitz Concentration Camp where he interviewed Dr. Franciszek Piper, a noted expert on the Holocaust and a revisionist responsible for adjusting the Auschwitz death count from 4 Million as originally claimed by the Russians to a more universally accepted 1.1 Million.

As David Cole, who is Jewish himself clarifies in the documentary, the “gas chambers” allegations are based on testimonies riddled with errors, absurdities, inventions and contradictions. There is no and never has been any actual proof that the gas chambers used for extermination of Jews or non Jews existed (chambers in which the Zyklon B was used for delousing of clothes did exist, though).

Even in his book Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers (published by renowned “Nazi hunters” Beate and Serge Klarsfeld), which was an attempt by French pharmacist Jean-Claude Pressac to defend the Auschwitz extermination story, he can’t avoid clarifying that the traditional Holocaust history is “bankrupt”. In his own words, the traditional history of Holocaust is:

…a history based for the most part on testimonies, assembled according to the need of the moment, truncated to fit an arbitrary truth and sprinkled with a few German documents of uneven value and without any connection with one another.

And these are the words of the defender of the “Holocaust” theory. He also said the following in his book:

There is no conclusive or documentary evidence for the widely claimed homicidal gassings in the Auschwitz main camp crematory building. The entire building was drastically “restructured” and “reconstituted” after the war, and the crematory chimney there is phony.

The widely quoted figure of four million Auschwitz deaths is “propaganda” and “symbolic.”

Cremation is much more problematical and time consuming than Holocaust historians have claimed, and the widely repeated stories about cremating 10,000 or even 25,000 corpses daily at Auschwitz are absurd and impossible.

The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz documentary by David Cole is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require any introduction so I’ll let it speak for itself. Props for the lead to the documentary go to the Best Gore member tunathefish. It pays to mention, however that author of the documentary – David Cole had been attacked by the Jewish Defence League and seeing that Francois Duprat, another Holocaust revisitionist was assassinated with a car bomb, he retracted his statements.

In December of 2010, after more than a half of century of blaming the Katyn Massacre on the Nazis, keeping the evidence of the contrary hidden, Russians eventually manned up and admitted that it was the Soviets who killed 22,000 Polish leaders in the Katyn Forest. The question now is – will they man up and admit that they made the gas chambers story up and reconstructed the air shelter in Auschwitz to make it look like a gas chamber to suit their post WWII propaganda?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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50 thoughts on “The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz – David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper”

  1. The Jews were subject to forced labour which often resulted in death however the holocaust is extremely doubtful. Most people require some form of proof in order to accept something happened but we are all forced to believe or pretend to believe at least that this event happened.

    The Jews did very well out of the holocaust, for many years no matter the crime the Jews were forgiven because they had suffered the holocaust, even today in Germany if somebody denies that God exists then that?s ok but deny the holocaust and that?s a crime, my point being that the Jews have a greater standing than Christianity these days.

    If the Jews had merely spoke about how they were tortured and worked to death then they would not have received the protection that they did because many people of various races and cultures over the years have been subject to this, so my theory is that they (the Jews) invented the holocaust either during the war as a form of propaganda or that they invented it after the war as a means to allow the Jews protection and the freedom to get away with anything, very useful if you want to control the world.

      1. Yes they would Jesus.

        The Nazi’s long term plan for the Jews was to transport them from the European Konzentrationslager to a new homeland in Madagascar.

        Imagine it. An Israel not bothering anybody, allowed to prosper off of its own back.

        No Palestinian issue. Islamic fundamentalism would lose a significant amount of its bile towards Christendom.


        A well written piece. I am glad to see you used the correct spelling for LABOUR.

        The movie was excellent, although David Cole’s pronunciation of Auschwitz annoyed me.

        It is Ausch-V-itz… Not Ausch-W-itz.

        1. stfu are you the fuckin best gore grammar nazi? get over your fuckin self. fuck you fuck this >nazi ufos sex dungeons. and cockbag its labor not labour im not in the uk or cannaduh. ITs LABOR. hard labor. jew labor.

    1. jews are scum that thrive everywhere and they ill be exterminated eventually, they are like roaches
      even now after so many decades they receive money for something that didn’t happen as described
      one day we will all realize that one man was right
      sieg heil

    2. My grandfather was actually the one that was forced to clean up after each gasing process, and move bodies to the crematory section. I am sick of all those holocaust-denying posts.

      THIS SITE BECOMES NAZI. It is very typical for young societies, like Americans (with their national history shorter than any nigger country) to deny things that their minds are incapable to understand.

      He will show you the true meaning of holocaust, because all the north-american ,,culture” was created by jewish immigrants, and it is ruled by them even today.

      1. If you want to speak of a true holocaust speak of one that actually happened. THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE. The genocide that is forgotten in history because the fucking jews are always the victims. Give me a fucking break

    1. Statistics from communist Europe (where most per-war Jews resided)… We’re highly questionable at the least.

      Not to mention the routine MASSIVE population transfers the Soviets were so fond of ordering.

      It isn’t hard to doctor statistics. Especially when you had as much experience in doing it like the Communists did.

      Add in the confusion and fatigue of the European peoples after the war… You have Carte Blanche to do whatever the hell you want.

          1. The Nazis epitomised German efficiency… Statistics and facts were what they dealt with (they dabbled in the occult now and en though… Much to my dislike).

            Their is NO official documentation detailing plans or statistics regarding the alleged ‘extermination’ of the Jews.

            The video hits the nail on the head. The Communists cooked the books after the war to suit their (and their Zionist buddies) nefarious deeds and goals.

  2. i’m worried about today and the future, not this endless bullshit from 70 yrs ago. almost everyone from that era is dead in 2012. what about us fv and future fv living today? after i croak the fv race can go to hell. don’t we all feel this way? future fv generations should be spared the hell of fv existence. let’s just NUKE THE WORLD already like they did in “beneath the planet of the apes”.

    1. People will never let go WW2,mainly Hitler,because everybody loves the guy,they love him as a hero,some love him as a villain.Jews so fucking love Hitler,they just can’t hide they are so freaking pleased that they’re ruling the world right now because of their WW2 plan. They’ll never let go of him,he is an immortal pop icon. And just remember when everything seems to be “forgotten” a guy will make a really great movie,but with the wrong message,just like Spielberg did with Schindler’s List.Oh come on! I find that movie racist towards german people,they makes us look like animals or something. Cult of personality. I’m so fucking tired of hearing(from ignorants) how bad Hitler was. Thing is,as long as jews exist,so it will be holocaust shit.Sorry for my messy english.

    2. Don’t worry fellow Cuban, Someday We will triumph and rule all the nations with a tight grip of socialism. Not even the infants will escape our wrath!
      No vagina will go untouched!

      Seriously, Ever since the dawn of the fleshy virus, There has always been heavy amounts of shit being poured across the lands.
      If we manage to thrive and overcome the weak then we at least die knowing we stood for “something” what ever it was. Til then We just have to wait until europe becomes new age USSR & they nuke everyone

  3. Thank you once again for posting another great video, although I had added it to my playlist, I hadn’t had a chance to view it. Adding to my anti jew furor, my jew neighbors are litigating against me….bastards.

        1. Thanks Tom, but all I did was a slight bit of research and find the name and where it could be viewed…tunathefish brought it up, otherwise I never would have known about it. But I did love the video and the fact that it was done by an athiest jew, lol. Jews, which a lot of people believe to be a religion, in fact, are a race. Standard non jews are called goyish, or goys, lol, or…something like that. 🙂

  4. wow this brings back memories. you guys are magic, i mention it and you make it happen. thanks for the video and keep on looking for the truth. i am not sure it is out there any more but it is fun to look for it!

  5. 6 million jew were killed…..
    100 million jew were killed…..
    1 billion jew were killed…..
    6 trillion jew were killed…..
    1 million jew were killed….. immediately thrown in jail without trail by secret goon squad.

    Interviewer: Do you think that 6 million Jews were not killed during the war.
    German: You have to understand that I do not want to answer that question because I do not live in a free country.

  6. Hi all – A victim of the western education system here. Starting my journey on discovering the truth of ww2 – WWII has always had a hold on me – my Dad loved learning about it, which fueled my interest in my youth. So – long story short – yesterday watched the katyn forest video, then started to wonder and ask questions. Always had accepted the fact that the holocaust happened the way history has been written. Now, on watching that video, and finding the David Cole video on my own yesterday, (props to Mark for putting it here) I stumbled upon the Protocols. Nasty book, was hard to read, couldn’t download it, finally had to go to a pro jewish website to read it. Funny that. Link here –
    Read what I could, hard to read. Don’t be surprised if its hard for you to read it too – look who wrote it. Anyhoo – I am Joseph and I am introducing myself to you – duh 😉 I have a mission to get this stuff out there. As does Mark. The truth will be known Open minds open hearts, we will prevail. Anyone who is feeling what I am feeling(you will know) reach out and shake my hand. Have a good weekend [email protected] Thanks

  7. I like Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List version, at least we know that’s only for entertainment.

    We have whole populations of people saying they were persecuted by others, we have the Jews who claim the holocaust, we have the niggers who claim slavery, us whites’ need to claim something – any ideas????????

        1. No I’ve actually taken blackthey do! I took black history in college, and apparently feuding tribes would either kidnap the other tribal members for money or something of value; and there were those also that were trusted by the tribe, that were tricked into being taken there, or led to white men who could gang up on them.
          Them women were in the front or back of the ship, with the children in the middle, so they could be raped at the shipmates urge with no knowledge or fight from the males…convenient eh? They were forced out of the ship for one hour of dance per day, at gunpoint, so their muscles didn’t weaken too much. But some couldn’t, being so sick from dysentery or other diseases because the rest of the time they were laid on barracks, stacked on top of eachother. They had a few pots to go poop, pee, and vomit in, and passing this around wasn’t hygienic and took time, therefore there were many times that people had to have bloody, mucousy, diarrhea accidents on top of other human beings, spreading the disease rampant.
          If they were sick, not even a bullet was “wasted” upon them. They were just thrown overboard. The smell of blood and death had sharks following the ships like puppy dogs.

          1. *Taken Black History, they
            *THE women WERE placed
            *There were those trusted by one or more tribes, who led their victims to the above mentioned situations. Sorry that was worded poorly.

    1. I like movies, but Schindler’s list is not in my list.
      I like to go to the Festival de cine jud?o that every year is held in the Alfabeta cinemas theatre every year, though. I liked the movie “Noodle”, very funny. It was about a chinese boy who was abandoned by her mother in Israel. That was “multiculturalism” israelite style.

  8. Why does it matter how or who killed that group of people? The FACTS( observable by census) is that the people were killed by SOMEONE, SOMEHOW. If it weren’t gas chambers, then it were by some other means. The people are gone. And what about the survivors that could account for the actual truth as an eyewitness? The change was dramatic following the war. We don’t blame the Germans or wish to convict them any longer census happened. The reason the Holocaust is taught across the world is to take away the message that we can’t let history repeat itself and attempt to annihilate an entire race. That’s the message.

  9. This is funny. There are many documents, many witnesses, many photos, many videos and you believed in words of some ignorants saying that “there is no evidence”? Ok, now i’m saying that is no evidence for gravity! Do you believe me?

    For you, young people in the world this is just a history. But in eastern Europe are still living people who saw this with own eyes. People who were in Auschwitz and survived, even people who builded some parts of this camp as prisoners (Bartoszewski for example).

    This site is just promoting concept “Jews rules the world”. And you will reject every evidence of Holocaust.

  10. I know this is post is 100 years old, but I have a question.

    I saw this video from the holocaust. An actual homemade movie thing, it was all grainy and black & white. It was people on the back of really old truck things throwing bodies into a giant pit. This thing is huge and full of dead people. All them were emaciated and naked, they threw one woman in and she was literally just skin and bones. Has anyone seen this?

  11. They have admitted to burning people there’s also evidence that they erased what was done . So how can anyone say the number wasn’t that much ? I’m just giving an example , It’s like saying there was only one species of each dinosaur cause there’s no evidence to say otherwise . Think about it they way it turned out for Germany is bad . they knew it That’s why they tried to erase what they did . Imagine how much worse it would be if they didn’t get that chance to erase their crimes . Just like with the Aztecs and Mayans does it makes sense to say they only killed 200 or 300 people , Cause there’s no evidence to say different . how many people died making the great wall of China ? To say it was this many or that many doesn’t make sense cause there’s no way to truly know the amount of lives lost . Only those who were there can say for certain the amount of lives lost .

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