Thief Gets Brutally Clubbed by Lynch Happy Populace

Thief Gets Brutally Clubbed by Lynch Happy Populace

Video from Brazil shows a thief receiving brutal beating from lynch happy populace. The beating starts as an out of control commotion inside a building, but progresses outdoors where seemingly everybody within reach joins in for the smack down.

Eventually, someone picks up a stick and starts clubbing the thief with it. The thief receives several brutal blows to the head and neck, and barely manages to stay conscious, but that quickly changes with the last blow, which lands square on his head. At the same time, another member of the lynch mob stone the thief with a cinder block. The sound the blow makes speaks volumes about the severity of its impact. If that didn’t kill the thief, at the very least it surely left him with severe, possibly permanent brain damage.

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  1. Can’t enjoy the lynchings when disproportionate to the crime.
    Murder, rape, child molester all fine for this treatment but theft, and please, as if all those scum who clamoured to land a blow were affected by the crime.
    Fleshy virus at it’s worst here.

  2. I say, it depends on what the guy was stealing and why. If it was food and he or his family was hungry, I say invite him in and let him eat. If it was just some scumbag stealing a bike or personal property, then a beatdown is in order.

  3. Why would anybody steal over there knowing if they’re caught they’re going to get their asses handed to them. Fucking idiots, just like they say,”you play with fire you’re gona get burned,” in this case ,”if you steal you’re gona get stoned,” which one of these idiots will break the fucking cycle, o well…. well don’t , you fuckers entertain us with these fucking lynchings.

  4. Anyone else notice the barred door and heavy-duty pull down gate. Nice contrast with the pink balloons, an angry mob, and the guy scrambling out with his pants around his ankles. It just screams “Come visit Brazil!”

    1. I’ve always thought there was a huge difference between stealing from a corporation and stealing from an individual. For all we know, he could’ve just stolen a few slices of bread from someone, but if a loaf of bread was all that someone had to feed their family….maybe the punishment does fit thr crime after all.

  5. Vertical video, that of course. But interesting also to see they wear baseball caps backwards down there as well. That always was a sign of imbecility (vis Stepin Fetchet, Bowery Boys movies, etc) but now is status symbol that you are a genuine inner city youth.

  6. The thief angle is too easy. This is Brazil. They’re all thieves.
    The balloons may signify a party for a child. Pink balloons probably means a party for a young girl. At some point, this asshole was attending a young girls party with his pants down. I think the rest writes itself.

  7. Lynchings are sick. It’s fucking awful but then I don’t live in Brazil anymore and I don’t have to deal, thankfully, with the out of control violence that plagues us, I only fear for my loved ones always. The bullshit outlawing of firearms for people of good, which happened shortly before I left (I voted against this garbage), surely helped with this madness.

    Just this morning a friend from my hometown made a post on fb that at a party at the Federal University last night several people were robbed on campus. Last week it was a family man who refused a robbery and got killed in the university’s bus by machete coming home from work

  8. If anything I feel the biggest distaste towards the crowd people. If most people were poverty stricken as these animals they’d act similarly, it still no fucking excuse. They are big to get all their animistic urges on other people when there is no downside to them, but when they are getting beaten up all they can do is take it and cry. People like this crowd make me sick that this is what our self awareness as human beings has resulted in. We were better off staying as gorillas.

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