Would-Be Thief Killed on Bus – Aftermath

Would-Be Thief Killed on Bus

A would be thief on a bus in Latin America chooses the wrong time and place to commit a robbery. The thief is no match for a crowd unwilling to be next victim and they quickly lynch him. The man is as good as dead, as witnessed in the aftermath footage.

A generous amount of blood pours out his nostrils, creating a pool of blood that is almost enough to drown in. The stretched out shirt suggests he suffers swift and sudden karmic justice. A dazed and confused expression branded across his face is a telltale sign this was not the outcome expected.

Commuters will untimely arrive to their destination, after a quick clean up in the bus aisle. Not all is lost, for you see the would be thief got something out of the ordeal – free death token, after having life stolen.

I bet if the clouds up high in the sky were of some monetary value, he would have stolen all of them without a moment’s hesitation.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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32 thoughts on “Would-Be Thief Killed on Bus – Aftermath”

  1. Well done that was some riveting write up there Dear @seraphim-serenata.
    As for the thief as usual aboard that Bus who wouldn’t have imagined his over confidence could fail him ever had the inevitable played out right before his eyes. The invaluable loot he’d wished for never came his way as those gullible looking passengers turned out to be the harbinger of his death.
    Right decision at the right time had put the evil to rest .

    BTW …….Thanks for ridding the duplicate comment .

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