Thieves Burned Alive in Kenya for Stealing Potatoes

Thieves Burned Alive in Kenya for Stealing Potatoes

An “old gore classic” for today is a video of two thieves who were doused in gasoline and set on fire allegedly because they tried to steal potatoes from villagers in Kenya. The video was originally posted on World Star Hiphop, which is a website used mostly by people of African descent so uploads often reflect the trend.

The video of thieves burned alive for stealing potatoes in Kenya was uploaded in early July of 2011. In the video, two lynched males who already went through beating by a mob are faced with execution by fire, previously reserved for practitioners of Witchcraft. In Kenya, they still burn people to death if they are suspected of witchery.

Burning someone alive for theft of food seems a bit excessive. People who steal food usually do it because they have hungry children (has anyone read Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables? Jean Valjean stole a loaf of bread to feed starving children of his sister and was sentenced to 5 years in jail for it, though ended up serving 19. Good he lived in France, not in the Obama homeland cause they would straight up burn him alive). I’d be OK with excessive punishment for Filipino thieves who steal your MP3 player or silver ring, cause that’s just douchebaggery from lowlifes the world would be a better off without, but going all in with potato thieves?

One cool thing about this video – the instant Karma occurrence – takes place when the fool who poured petrol on the alleged thieves gets his own flip flop clad feet engulfed in flames. He got nowhere near the agony of the alleged thieves, but every second of fuel burning on your skin is sure to mess you up for good few months. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost all feelings in at least one of his lower legs.

One of the thieves was lynched to a point of no resistance, but the other one still had a bit of life left at him and you can hear him moaning in pain until the end of the video. If you had any hopes for humanity, it’ll be gone after watching this video. This is the world we live in and one of these unstable people has a finger on the big red button in America.

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241 thoughts on “Thieves Burned Alive in Kenya for Stealing Potatoes”

      1. I saw this video for the 1st time earlier today and it’s been hunting me since…. I just wish that these 2 niglets being burned alive weren’t real africans but that other known species called the “nigereus-americanous-
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          1. Coon Coon.
            Black Baboon.
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            Often High Thrives in Jail.
            His Welfare Check is in the Mail.
            Some 40 Offspring have been had.
            None will ever call him dad.
            And Yet he Hollers Day and Night
            “I Blames De White Man Fo My Plight,
            It’s Him Who Spreads Trash All Around My Shack,
            It’s Him What Makes Me Smoke Dis Crack,
            He Push My Kind To Burn and Loot,
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            But Inch by Inch we Taking Hold
            Like When De White Bread Starts to Mold
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    1. I feel bad for the first time on my bg spree. Only because they were probably just hungry or had hungry children to feed. I wouldn’t be surprised. But in a shithole country like that, I still had a blast watching! That poor fucker…

    1. not true not all niggers are voodoo most of them are christian because the white people taught them to be christian only a few black countries are muslim like somalia the rest are either christian or have their own tribes

      1. Right. We should have hung every missionary who had the insane Idea that the Savages need Christianity and not there own Voodoo Gods.
        And hang every freak who thought that making the nig population explode was a good idea.

      2. Voodoo as it’s properly called is from the Benin region of Africa which is where it’s most often practiced…it traveled to the Caribbean and South America during the slave trade and has been kept alive in mainly Haiti (Vodou), Brazil (Samba) and Cuba (Santaria). It also was brought to New Orleans via Haiti but practiced mainly underground…

        Sorry I’m actually Haitian so this is a subject I can talk about…didn’t mean to turn voodoo nerd on you

          1. Well I’m not religious at all and to me the same rules apply for all, if you dont believe then you can see the holes in all the mumbo jumbo…so if you ask me, yes if you dont believe in it just like any religion then it doesn’t faze you.

        1. Oh, Im sure that the voodoo works.
          I’ve seen Niggas have their Eyes turn into serpents eyes and able to eat burning coal and have fire in their mouth without a being harmed. Powerful shit

  1. I agree, this is extremely excessive for food theft, which as BG said, is normally out of necessity. Aside from this most likely most painful form of killing, they looked to have been humiliated (pants pulled off in front of everyone) and beaten very, very badly (the guy’s face in the picture looks to be a bloody pulp.

    Horrible people (the mob who killed them). Too bad there isn’t a hell for them to go to when they die.

    1. I agree. The punishment definitely did not fit the crime. That being said, this is what is called Third World street justice. They would require immediate medical attention and debridement of the burned crusts of flesh/melted on clothing. Assuming they make it through the first 72 hours, they would then require the disinfecting of the exposed musculature and possibly even the removal of damaged muscle. Many skin graft operations are in their future as well. Assuming they live through all of that, living a life of having to deal with permanent disfigurement would face them, which would have a tremendous psychological impact. One thing is for sure, they won’t be stealing potatoes again.

      1. I don’t normally find these things funny…..but your comment was. It looked like the one pouring gasoline on them was on fire too. That would be pretty sweet. He should have gone up in completely in flames with them.

  2. Momma Told Me To Never Steal Cars In Kenya Or I’ll Burn Up?

    Maybe This Is What She Meant..

    Never Steal Potatoes Without Grabbing Some Chicken And Milk BBQ The Chicken While Your On Fire And Use Some Milk To Wash It Down Before You Die..

  3. Wow… And to think, here is America you can KILL someone, and you can get to sit on your ass in prison for the rest of your life with three hot meals a day, and free cable TV. The again, I’d rather be set on fire than be sent to an American prison for the rest of my life. I’m too “racist”, and anti-gang for that shit.

  4. Killing someone for stealing food is just appalling. Obviously they were taking them because they needed food for themselves or their kids. Is that really worth killing someone over?

  5. I think this is another audio gore type thing. His grunting screams towards the end were quite haunting. I’d gotten over and come to enjoy beheading splutters gurgles, and I just found a new thing to make my skin crawl!

  6. This is horrible. Why are you all making jokes about this? He was still alive at the end of the video… He’s just a thieve, you could have at least cut his hand off, just like the bible says, lol.

  7. This is so bad! I couldn’t watch it with the sound on for all that long. That guy’s screams are just terrible. now, it makes me wonder how long it took them to die since at the end, that one guy at least was alive. its crazy though, once they set him on fire, he started moving super quick. i figure just the rush of knowing that in a few seconds you’ll be set on fire, would be enough to make you lunge on someone. but what do i know? i’ve never been burned to death…

    1. I know a couple of people who were badly burned. One of them was caught in a burning house and had burns over 90 percent of his body. He was in the ICU for nine months. I asked him how bad the pain was and he told me at first it was unbearable. Since he received full thickness burns, the nerve endings burned off and that is how he said he didn’t feel pain anymore. First degree burns are like sun burns, which can cause mild to moderate pain. Second degree burns destroy tissue and can encroach upon muscle. Second degree burns hurt like a fucking son of a bitch (which I have had the displeasure of experiencing). Third degree burns are considered “full thickness” burns and destroy tissue and underlying muscle, including nerves. There is such as thing as a fourth degree burn, but victims of this degree of burn are usually in the process of dying or already dead. The guy in the video was screaming because his nerve endings were still viable and his brain was receiving pain signals from those nerves. Once fire burns the nerve endings off, there is no more pain. If the thieves lived through the street justice that was brought upon them, any pain they would feel would be because there are still nerves that haven’t been burned off. Some nerves for the two gentlemen in the video will grow back (takes a very long time) and those that do will be sending pain signals to the brain. Needless to say, they will be experiencing a shit storm of pain over the next few months…if they lived.

  8. Can somebody please break down the psychology of why I come to this site every freaking night?…I’m black so reading the comments is never pleasant or even the description by the moderator laced with racial undertones. And then there’s the actual gore…I swear since visiting this site, I’m scared to drive…I think about these vids when I cross the street…I cancelled my sky diving trip which was a life long dream to get over my fear of heights…I’m never taking the swimming lessons I always wanted to at the Y (As you know us black people do not swim so that was a big deal to me)…

    But yet, I come every night and click…sometimes I smoke some weed right before, then my mind really goes berzerk…trust me you have not watched some gore until you watch it high, it puts you right there you feel like the victim of the gore…scary ass shit…

    Am I a masochists…cant be I do not enjoy pain…what do they call someone who enjoys the anxiety they get from watching gore?…this is like when I was 18 and found myself addicted to porn

    1. i got into this site the other day , when I was looking in google for a high res pic of Caravaggio’s painting “the Beheading of John the Baptist”, needles to say, the beheadings around here have nothing to do with renaissance painting or caravaggio, but what the fuck…i kept coming for more

      1. Well I didn’t come one purely by accident…I use to get high and watch scary movies and go to sleep but then I ran out of movies that can actually scare me so I searched for something gory, I think initially I was looking for which turned out to be a bust that stopped updating since I last saw it back in 2002…so this was the next best option and dammit this site scares the bejesus out of me

    2. Just because you see the fucked up shit that can happen doesn’t mean you should shut your life down to a hermit. And who cares what people say about blacks. Everyone pretty much has something to say about everyone. Just go with it.

      1. To be honest, the racist comments are kind of funny…I read them sometimes and wonder if people really feel what they are saying or is it just sarcasm…but either way the comments sometimes are more entertaining then the actual carnage…as for shutting down my life, I cant help it…I was driving down the high way yesterday to go from Brooklyn to Queens (damn just disclosed my location) and all I can think about was that poor Chinese bastard that got turned into slushy by that 18 wheeler

        P.S. you’re quite pretty if that’s your real pic

        1. @luvherlongtime I’ve called black people niggers on here many times. I really do hate black culture here in America. It makes me sick. I’m not going to list all of the reasons why, because that would be a waste of my time, but I will say this: You shouldn’t give a damn what assholes like me think. It doesn’t sound like you do, because here you are posting, and that’s a good thing. I don’t care what people think about me, either. We have a choice to be offended by other people, or not. I choose not to be. I’m not giving another human being that power over me. It looks like you don’t, so good for you for that. Welcome to Best Gore.

    3. @luvherlongtime have you got any idea why these black people can do such a thing, in front of a big crowd? You know it’s not uncommon too, for this type of punishment, throughout African countries?

          1. i heard that white people in the south of the US practice ritual cannibalism, inbreeding and mass sodomy….that’s too bad, i always wanted to give up my life as a ruthless banana republic plantation owner and move to a little wooden cabin in the bayou…….

      1. Ok I’m about to drop the bomb…I’m originally from Haiti so this type of gore is though not as common in my homeland, it is not completely surprising…I dont think it’s a black people thing this happens in other non black parts of the world but more of an education thing…we are further down the evolution process then non developed countries so we see this as “how could humans do this” and they dont…

        You can compare it with the gore that Europeans would exhibit 500 years ago vs Europeans now…as we get more educated and evolve we learn how to respect the human person…some places just haven’t evolved passed this yet

        1. 500 years ago there was not photograp technology to capture the gore……damn! just imagine that dense wood of impaled turks and bulgarians by Vlad Tepes, with the turkish Bey impaled on the highest stake to honor his rank, all in high-res!

    4. @luvherlongtime dont let things get to you, easer said than done maybe. if this site really makes you afraid for your own safety, sack the weed. you cant let your emotions rule your life, you might end up never going out the front door… lol

  9. i have always loved watching people burn on this site slightly fucked up i know but well i like how it looks and how they react especially when they resign themselves to the pain and just burn quietly but seeing the comments then i had to turn of the wizard and listen to the man screaming it was a wise decision truly another perfect day

      1. Very true. i know from expirence, when at a party i set my arms on fire. it went wrong and my body fat went up aswell. leaving me as one hell of a human torch. I remember there being a bit of pain then I kind of went cold. I was lucky I only got miner scaring and slight nerve damage!!

  10. Damn the guy that ignited him almost caught a bad one himself…I couldn’t set someone on fire no matter how much I hate them with the fear that I myself would get caught…fire frightens me…I’m such a vagina

  11. I don’t get the point with all the “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”. It’s events like these that makes you want to stay in order to see how low humanity will stoop before it ultimately destroys itself.

  12. While I honestly appreciate the posts/comments that express shock at the brutality of this man’s punishment…

    … but it makes one wonder what, beyond mere starvation, would drive a man to such great risks for Kenyan Potatoes?!?!

    Simple. Kenyan potatoes get you higher than an opium poppy growing out the side of a peyote cactus. Man’s just trying to share/sell to the world and he got cut down.

    (OK, that’s a THEORY, just in an improbable one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  13. In the USA the death penalty costs the tax payers about 1 million dollars after all of the appeals and fees are paid along with keeping the prisoner for 10 years while they go through it all.
    In Kenya the death penalty costs $4.00 in gas.

  14. I guess Kenya doesnt teach their people to STOP, DROP, and ROLL when they’re on fire. Being burned alive has to be a horrendous experience, exspecially when it’s for stealing food; just adds insult to injury. Can’t help but to feel bad for the feller.

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