Thieves Burned Alive in Kenya for Stealing Potatoes

Thieves Burned Alive in Kenya for Stealing Potatoes

An “old gore classic” for today is a video of two thieves who were doused in gasoline and set on fire allegedly because they tried to steal potatoes from villagers in Kenya. The video was originally posted on World Star Hiphop, which is a website used mostly by people of African descent so uploads often reflect the trend.

The video of thieves burned alive for stealing potatoes in Kenya was uploaded in early July of 2011. In the video, two lynched males who already went through beating by a mob are faced with execution by fire, previously reserved for practitioners of Witchcraft. In Kenya, they still burn people to death if they are suspected of witchery.

Burning someone alive for theft of food seems a bit excessive. People who steal food usually do it because they have hungry children (has anyone read Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables? Jean Valjean stole a loaf of bread to feed starving children of his sister and was sentenced to 5 years in jail for it, though ended up serving 19. Good he lived in France, not in the Obama homeland cause they would straight up burn him alive). I’d be OK with excessive punishment for Filipino thieves who steal your MP3 player or silver ring, cause that’s just douchebaggery from lowlifes the world would be a better off without, but going all in with potato thieves?

One cool thing about this video – the instant Karma occurrence – takes place when the fool who poured petrol on the alleged thieves gets his own flip flop clad feet engulfed in flames. He got nowhere near the agony of the alleged thieves, but every second of fuel burning on your skin is sure to mess you up for good few months. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost all feelings in at least one of his lower legs.

One of the thieves was lynched to a point of no resistance, but the other one still had a bit of life left at him and you can hear him moaning in pain until the end of the video. If you had any hopes for humanity, it’ll be gone after watching this video. This is the world we live in and one of these unstable people has a finger on the big red button in America.

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  1. Its interesting to see the comments on here. The usual and typical smart remarks, the jokes and mute discussions about the weight of the punishment versus the offense. Let me assure you that there is nothing even remotely funny about being murdered in this way. There is also a universe of a difference between looking at a video of an execution of this kind and actually being present yourself.

    I have personally witnessed three similar executions in South Africa, in the 1980′. It still goes on to this day! The victims often had truck tyres put over their bodies and were then set alight. Incidentally, in those days, the voodoo practice of eating small burnt pieces of the victims corpse was also very common. I can tell you that over and above the horrible visual experience of being there, the sounds, and the smells, there is a deeply disturbing feeling all around you. It engulfs your senses and is most definitely primal. It makes you very afraid for your own safety and at the same time, you have a deep and palpable awareness that what you are witnessing is very very wrong. For myself, and others that I know who have also witnessed this kind of death, the scariest part is the mood of the crowd. The savage look in the eyes of your so called fellow man, is both shocking and disturbing. Usually it takes just one individual to get the idea to bring along petrol and light the flame. There are no discussions or consensus of opinions, just sheer pack mentality. Often in the society in question, prior knowledge of the so called crimes of the accused or indeed proof of guilt is of no consequence to the summary executioner. Mob rule prevails. It is my belief that neither of the two unfortunates expected to be burnt. There was none of the usual and persistent pleading that accompanies these events, regardless of how bad the beatings were.

    In the video you will notice that the pitch of the screams of the mob changed when the petrol turned up. Everybody stood well back and very quickly ran away just as the fuel was been ignited. This experienced mob knew exactly what can happen when a person (sometimes even if badly beaten) is set on fire in this particular way. They will often reach out in total desperation from the severe pain and panic, grabbing onto anybody they can with a death grip that is almost impossible to break. This often leads to severe burns or even death for anybody caught out like this. One of the main reasons why tyres were employed in South Africa, was to pin you down, since you cannot run away after being necklaced! The unfortunate nearest to the camera had his hands tied behind his back, and looks to me to have been the most stunned from the beatings. The other unfortunate had both his hands free and was thus able to run around the corner out of sight. You will also notice that the guy on the ground broke out of his hand ties, perhaps aided by the fire, however, it is very possible to exhibit super strength when confronted with being burned to death in this way.

    For any of you who might some day be unlucky enough to be present when someone is being lynched and burned to death (for any reason) the most striking thing that you will remember afterwards, is the total dehumanizing of the crowd. The crowds complete lack of empathy with and for a living creature, human or otherwise, is even more disturbing and scary, retrospectively than the actual death before your very eyes. Interestingly, an often common human reaction to severe terror is indeed humor. I have been in a few situations in my life where I and others, have come very close to death. I have seen very black humor and even uncontrolled laughter from some folks after the event. For those of you who already commented in jest, I would say this. In my experience, the less likely you are to stomach an event like this in reality, the funnier you will think it is from the safety of your computer screen.

    For those of you who are totally appalled by the sheer inhumanity of this video, take heart in the fact that those parts of the world where this type of thing can happen in a heartbeat, are by definition very far away from you. If this lives in your neighborhood, you wont be reading this post. We should remember that these two unfortunates might well have been someone’s farther or the only bread winner in a family. The committed a so called crime by the standards of a primitive society where human life is the lowest currency of all. We will never know what they might or might not have been guilty of in their lives, however, the point is that in a civilized world, nobody should have to die in this way. We are far from perfect in our own society, with its imperfect justice system, and all its vagrancies. In time, those societies that behave like this today, will alter for the better, however, for now we have to live with the short fall and the snide keyboard comments from the great unwashed!

      1. @ Dannydematio. I have been viewing bestgore a few months, only registered 11/4/2012. What you have writen above is so so true in every way. my eyes may not of seen as yours have, but i have been in some sobering situations, when your own safety is your main concern. Excellent post….

  2. Oooo he flopped like a fish on a dock there for a minute! Time to pull out the marshmallows and soften the chocolate! Someone grab a guitar and let’s sing out a nice campfire tune, time to make a good ol’ camp night out of this! 😀

    Seriously though, That is like one of my worst ways to die, I would never want to burn to death….I would prefer to be found decomposed into my favorite computer chair, with BG up on the screen…agoraphobia has some benefits at least….lol

  3. FLAME ON!! but seriously this dude got fuckin baked, this video almost reminds me of the monk video they set this monk dude on fire accept the dude didnt even flinch man he just released no type of pain didnt even budge still beats this video imo.

  4. Im pretty sure you could start a riot by headshoting someone with an egg if this shits over fucking potatoes…..fucking potatoes man.
    But monkeys are known to be overly aggressive,just look at planet of the apes

  5. Lmao Now if only we could do that here in the united states to he dam Nig Nog theives. Yes i am a racist, and i hate nig nogs, but beforee you jump the gun, i believe there is a difference between a respectable hard working african american woman or man. to me a nig nog is iliterate and makes the remaining 2% tha are decent look bad. and stealing potatoes? lol at least here there movin up to cars and stereos lmao

  6. STOP BURNING THIS MUTHAFUCKING GAS GODDAMNIT. It’s hard to breathe even with cmostly clean air.
    Considering that even with potatoes they could be starving, I could understand them.
    BTW. Obama is a coward. No worry about him punishing congress this way. He was probably set up by republicans so he would disgrace Blacks for many years to come.

  7. Well, if these frigging savages didn’t insist on breeding like rabbits the whole damn time, they wouldn’t need to steal to feed their innumerable offspring in the first place, now would they? Can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em…


  8. africans are backward.

    i understand fear is the best detterent but burning thieves early on in their careers bascially means no rockefellers or gates or rothechilds. as corrupt as the old higher archy of society are.. they sure as hell have financed some pretty cool stuff with the proceeds of their lot.

    moral of the story been that the thieving mentality is required for normal people to rise up and challenge the established wealthy elite. if a kid grows up thinking that thievery is the worse crime possible he is destined for a life of poverty.

    they’re the rules folks. I just play by them, hoping that the music and film industry dont start getting ideas about hunting down bit torrent users.

    burned alive for downloading pearl jam.

    thank fuck I live where I do. In IReland, best country in the world. kills me to see these rock apes moving over here though.

  9. these people are so stupid they threw the match on before the dude with the canistor could back away. next thing he caught fire and ran like burning gimp.

    now he’s walking around with burn scars and a memory of the day he helped destroy two potatoe thieves. he probably jokes about it amongst the other rock apes in his community.

    then they go home in the evening to watch their crappy little tv where white people are portrayed as evil and weak. They call us crackers and queers because we have been thought from childhood to show compassion for our fellow humans instead of beating them to a pulp and setting them on fire when they step out of line.

    because compassion, respect and decency has been instilled in us from a young age, it allows us to contemplate ideas for business, politics or trade unions, health care innovations, robotics, digital processing. all that fancy stuff we associate with civilisation.


    all because our intentions are to help our fellow man and cause the human race to evolve and progress into something better, not some primative, medievil like lunacy.

    these people would burn down the entire hay stack just to find that lost needle.

    unbelievable…. they deserve impoverishment.

    I pity the children who have to grow up there though. race has nothing to do with.. quite simply its a failure of cultural and traditional sentiment.

  10. Look exactly 36 seconds in – upper right – the weeb who was pouring the gasoline has his head engulfed in flame… He got his… Also, the guy against the wall… If you watch carefully, he runs down the street and takes the first left turn… FULLY engulfed in flame…

    Savages, Feral savages…

  11. A bunch of degenerate niggers from a 4th world nation 2 stages below the abundant wildlife Africa’s known for. Lions show more moral behaviour than this vigilante group of pitch-black thugs! While the majority of the world advances Africa devolves back into savage ape-men, the basket cases of the planet.

  12. That is fucked up, but really, what did you expect from blacks? And yes about our Fucktard-in-Chief having his corrupt finger on the button, the day that shitstain colored assclown bites it, I will be dancing in the street. O happy day… ~

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