Thieving Couple Killed by Rival Thieves in Venezuela

Thieving Couple Killed by Rival Thieves in Venezuela

A couple that steals together, fucks together? Ahhh…

Earlier today in Venezuela, in Ciudad Guayana – a town located in the state of Bolivar, a thieving couple along with their two accomplices were ambushed and killed by a group of gunmen, who are believed to have been rival thieves getting rid of competition.

The fatal shooting took place outside a night club at around 5 am. There’s something royally fucked up about thieves killing other thieves for turf control.


According to the local news, the dude who got his head blown tried to steal from the leader of a mafia that extorts money from mining operations.

The girlfriend is portrayed by the mainstream press as innocent, because she was a gold digger who blew the shady dude for money. He in turn paid for her boob and ass jobs.

The other 2 dudes who also got killed were “friends” that wanted to go out and party with them.

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  1. I seriously wanna know what they be stealing that other thieves be like no no no not my loot, time to die brrrap brrrap brrrap fuck yeah.

    ….I don’t know where I’m going with this, move along nothing to see here>.<

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  2. Idk but I was not able to match the person wearing the red dress
    with anything related to femininity that is stored in my hard drive….
    I might be too stoned or idk but I think thats a “weird chick” behind the wheel….

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