Three Member Family and Dog Hacked to Death in Honduras

Three Member Family and Dog Hacked to Death in Honduras

First of all – welcome back to my Honduran gore connection Vladimir aka Zarqawi. Secondly – holy shit, somebody went major ape shit at this poor family, hacking all three of them to death and adding one more to the body count by also killing the dog.

The massacre occurred in the neighborhood the name of which translates to English as “Thank God”. Thank God is in the city of Santa Barbara, Honduras. Honduran authorities speculate that the killer was a family acquaintance as there were no signs of forced entry.

Among the victims were a child of 3 to 4 years, a woman in her early 20’s and a 41 year old handicapped man. The child was identified as Alexander Bryan Castro, the woman’s name was Denia Madrid Castro, the disabled man was Melvin Manuel Amador Edvaldo. Not sure about the name of the pooch 🙁

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Three Member Family and Dog Hacked to Death in Honduras”

    1. Good news because it’s REAL LIFE.
      In the US, you’d never see this on he TV.
      We watch all the violent movies we want, but if the news were to show a few drops of blood on the street for example, they would say, “The images you are about to see are extremely graphic.” Silly isn’t it?

      1. “The images you’re about to see are extremely graphic” and yet they still manage to not show the whole thing or parts can be blurred out. The news in the US will never show the brutality of “REAL LIFE”

  1. The dog was probably better off being killed with the rest of the family. He would’ve ended up a stray and living on the streets. Notice how the cameraman kept the camera on the woman’s ass? I wonder why that guy’s backside had gauze and tape. All very strange.

  2. I made my dig watch this with me to not only show him what a good life he has, but to also grow hate for anything that spews that filth they call spanish! And btw did they really tape a patch on that guys crack? LMAO

    1. What if the person who did this didn’t speak Spanish? A long shot… but what if? Will you still grow hate all filth that spews Spanish, as you put it? or are you talking about the victims? Just wondering!

  3. Killer sure went out of his way to not leave anybody alive, did he think the dog was going to speak and turn him in to the police? Too bad we didn’t get a closer look at the bodies, the police guy mentioned that the murderer used a machete and basically disfigured the woman’s face, pretty brutal crime committed by someone the family knew and probably trusted.

    1. To butcher people like that, I would definitely think it was personal. The dog looks like a Pit or at least a Pit mix. Could have been protecting the family and the person killed it… :/

  4. Seems like it was a hatred killing against this family and their pet…somebody wanted them gone…Apparently that dead woman and her ass was the cause of the killings as it seems that was all the camera man could focus on.

  5. Sad state of affairs. I hate to see any innocents die for no reason at all, but kids & animals are much worse for me. They are in the same category because they are so loving , happy little souls . They always make me smile no matter what kind of shitty day i,m having. Cold , cold bastard to do such a n evil thing.

    1. I agree with ya on the animals @dre, but the kids is another story. Kids in the us canada, austrailia, what I’m sayin’ is the civilized or at least semi-civilized states/countries. But countries like, (and I know this is kinda off-topic to the post) but kids like in afghanistan etc. can go to hell for all I care cause their brought up to disrespect life and kill anything that does not agree with them or their religion so I say fuck them “children” and let them die a horrible death like trheir “teachers” should! Long live dogs and cats, they will do what they have to, to survive, natural instinct, NOTHING to do with religion.Wow, sorry to vent on your post brother dre.

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