Three Men Shot by Neighbor Because Their Kids Scratched His Motorcycle

Three Men Shot by Neighbor Because Their Kids Scratched His Motorcycle

In Peshawar, Pakistan, three men were shot by a neighbor who got mad at them because allegedly their kids scratched his motorcycle. The lunatic must have really liked his fucking motorcycle.

It happened yesterday, and the shooter has reportedly since been arrested. I do not know if any of the victims survived being shot, but they seem pretty dead in the video.

Props to Best Gore member @ravanaa for the video:

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88 thoughts on “Three Men Shot by Neighbor Because Their Kids Scratched His Motorcycle”

  1. Yeah…No shit. Somebody scratches my bike, they die. Don’t even look at it. We need this kind of ‘crime stoppers’ shit to come to the civilized countries. Islam and Sharia law will put a stop to messing up peoples property. Don’t even look at my daughter or I will slit her throat and yours, after I rape her, of course, because she is then just a whore of the infidel. Vote Hillary Clinton for women’s rights and sharia law.

      1. I don’t support islam and don’t think it has a place in modern society. However, shit like this doesn’t just happen in islamic countries this guy was probably mentally ill. It’s like trying to say that americans shoot people during road rage incidence bc of christianity or whatever. or maybe there is more to this story. I doubt this guy even had like a mint condition nice bike haha, it was probably some piece of shit bike worth a couple hundred bucks.

        1. You touch my motorcycle and i tell you not…….
          I go slapy on you…….you seat on my bike…..
          I break your fingers and your ass ( no homo style)
          You don’t fuck with a man’s bike……ever…..
          You can have a look at his bitch but forget it about his bike…
          The three fuckers got what they needed…….to understand….to WATCh their fucking litter……

          1. I Harley means hands the fuck off but i certainly am not going to shoot 3 people to death over a scratch but some people think its ok to sit on my bike, touch it, etc. & im not even joking….

        2. Christains have, in the name of their particular religion, maimed tortured and slaughtered 1,000 times for every one that the Mohameds have killed. It’s history, you call kill the messenger (me) if it pleases you, but the facts are there.

          1. Christians are followers of Jesus Christ, and Jesus’ ministry was one of love and non-violence.
            Muslims are followers of Muhammad, and Muhammad was a mass-murderer and child molester.
            The Christian bible has no standing instructions for Christians to be violent, quite the opposite…Jesus’ primary command was to LOVE.
            The Quran tells muslims to kill “infidels” on sight.
            Christianity and Islam have NOTHING in common.

          2. Not so fast mister fermier ……
            The Ottoman empire and his atrocities committed
            Toward our Christian people was a total massacre
            On a daily basis……for 623 years……!!!!!!
            Pay back is a damn bitch …..!!!!!
            And the Turks will pay the bill one day or the other……kemal is gone and forgotten……
            The Russians are Turkey’s karma……

          3. If you are referring to the crusades that was a defensive stance from Islam when they tried to invade Europe……attack me and I’ll attack back.

        3. No one cares what you think. I think the sky should be green!!! Good luck eradicating a religion of 1.5 billion people. Simple fact is you wouldn’t even hear the word Islam until the U.S. Decided to bring freedom to the Middle East. Lol fucking idiot. Stop watching best gore you are missing out on Fox News.

          1. @bubbaman — Jesus is one of the most-quoted prophets in the Quran.
            My mom is a devout Christian and has no problem with Islam—but she also says that The Bible says “the dedicated reclaim God’s kingdom by force”.
            Crazy—even Indians (USA) killed plants, animals and people.
            Stay aware, man.

    1. I would be pleased if all the noisy motorcycles ran into trees at high speed…I am sick of them….a police officer told me they do not pursue any speeding motorcycle no matter what…they only get involved when they have an accident and kill themselves…then they have to pick up the legs,heads et al.

  2. Really? that’s really really the reason? come on there must be a better reason than that lol… he caught the three men in bed with one of his wives? They stole his bike, ran over his kid and scratched it in the process? come on…

    1. Now that’s what I call a closed case. It’s plausible that this event wasn’t even about the scratching/damaging of the assailants motor bike. This seemed pre-meditated. Either way, the suspect’s wife must’ve had one hell of a good vjj to cause three men to die over her bike riding skills..:-?

    1. oh yea !!! I almost forgot the most important thing, Jesus Christ I hope the fucking bikes ok, shit I hope they’re able to paint it… those little bastards have to learn the hard way… now maybe with all of their daddies dead ,they will learn not to scratch on motherfukers bikes!!! I wonder what Sharia law says about people scratching other people’s bikes…

  3. You see what happens when you introduce Snoop doggs rap music to India and Pakistan I knew this shit would happen paki,s are getting popped like balloons and wearing blue chucks and calling each other nigga this shit has gotta stop

  4. I believe these three young guys thought they were tough and possibly the neighborhood gang and scratched his new motorcycle because they didn’t want him to think who the fuck he was and put him in his place but what they didn’t know was that he was a heavy hitter and he showed everybody in his block who the fuck he was and he wasn’t going to take disrespect and cutting him in line anymore. True story

  5. @ Theluvmuscle, that’s almost not funny. I have a sinking feeling you predicted our sad future. That’s why the retard wants to take away guns and the right to bear arms. She’s just like Adolf Hitler. If the criminal wins, we’ll all get our s.s. numbers tattooed on our arms.

  6. maybe it’s the same paki that shot his daughter and her lover. Maybe these pakis were also banging his daughter and came by to see if she was home but they found out she was dead so they scratched his bike and he brought out his shotgun and now they are in paki heaven.

    1. Hmm, so if he scratches his own bike on accident, than he’ll finally have an excuse to shoot himself, but since he’s a mussie, his pussy meter would probably be well above the 200% meter range of a real man..

  7. Wonders never ever cease.
    Guns down 3 people over scratchs on his bike? yeah that seems logical.
    what you have to remember is though, is that a dilapidated honda club 90 is the equivalent to a bentely continental with these dirty jamrakis.
    Most devious nation on the plant pakistan, more faces than a fucking clockshop. Bud bud ding ding!

  8. How petty can these people get? A bike can be re-painted, but a person can’t never be replaced, unless you’re some kind of Victor Frankeinstein with an ideal fetish for death animal parts and huntch-back clown porn.

  9. To all of you christian pieces of shit. Fuck jesus, Fuck jehovah, Fuck the holy spirit & Fuck the pedophile faggot infested church. You’re worthless bible states: Numbers 31:17- “Kill every woman who has known a man by laying with him… But all the YOUNG girls who have not known a man, keep alive for yourselves.”
    Ezekiel 9:5- ” Show no mercy, have no pity! Kill them all- old and young, girls and women and little children” God.
    Deuteronomy 22:13-21- “A marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin. If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed.”
    Leviticus 25:44- “You may purchase slaves

    1. Preaching like an old side hooker dude, but all kidding aside. I am curious as to what’s your point of your argument? Did a hot Christian woman leave you for a black man in reguards to the “slave” remark comment from the bible? Cheer up homie, 14 gay men will await you in Allah’s kingdom..

    2. from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase their children. You may treat them as your property.”
      Genesis 6:6- “The lord regretted that he had made human beings on Earth, and his heart was deeply troubled. So the lord said, “I will wipe from the face of the Earth the human race I have created- and with them the animals, the birds and all the creature that move along the ground- for I regret I have made them.”
      Isaiah 45:7- “I form the light and create darkness: I make peace and create EVIL: I the lord do all these things”
      Your bitch God is all about Murder, Incest, Genocide, Hate, Rape & Slavery. Read your worthless bible from cover to cover, you christians might actually figure out & learn its all ignorant bullshit.
      Gods do not exist, other than in your simple little mentally incompetent minds.

  10. I recall feeling extremely angry when a prick broke the pedal on my new BMX, so, an irate reaction I can understand. Having said that, couldn’t the guy just put in a little elbow grease with a tin of turtle wax ?!, or just give the culprits a dig in the ribs apiece.

  11. I’m mocking, not preaching. Learn the difference. My point is that God is not about love and ALL religions are lies. And completely useless in this day and age. Get the fuck out of the Dark Ages & move into the Age of Enlightenment. Religion is the reason for all these wars and atrocities. Thank you very fucking much. P.S. Fuck Allah’s pedophile ass. Fuck Christians, Fuck Muslims & Fuck Jews. Your are all completely insane. Be a real human, like me. My own god.

  12. There wasn’t any blood that I could see, so the guy probably didn’t shoot each guy more than once. That would mean he got close enough to kill them in a single shot without panicking anyone. Did he use a silencer, or is it just so loud that you can’t hear a gun go off ten feet from you?
    Maybe he lured them off, killed them, then dumped them back at their houses….
    I think I may be thinking about this a little too much.

  13. ugly people paint can be fixed life no fix i didnt see a bike people say there holy i think they act like dogs that have rabies. im not shocked i dont want any neighbors like them hate to say that where is the love

  14. People in cities are less and less human.
    For the safety, some must go into hills. Cities, polluted with zombified popularity are far from being safe and it will be worse.

    Killing for motorcycle? Hell no. Dude just found a reason to throw his discontentment over something.

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