Three PCC Members Killed During Attempted Jewelry Store Robbery in Bolivia

Three PCC Members Killed During Attempted Jewelry Store Robbery in Bolivia

On Thursday July 13, 2017, members of the PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital – First Capital Command) gang, two of whom were Brazilians identified as “Macaco” and “Camilo”, traveled to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, where they attempted to rob a jewelry store.

According to Carlos Romero, the secretary of the government of Bolivia, the police responded to the robbery which lead to a shootout with the gangsters and that left five people dead – three robbers, one female hostage and one Bolivian policeman. A fourth robber and a female accomplice were arrested.

Mr. Romero clarified that the police arrived at the Eurochronos jewelry store within 5 minutes from the emergency report. There they found a group of four armed robbers who were holding civilians hostage.

After the policemen asked them to surrender, the robbers opened fire and killed a lieutenant. In the ensuing exchange of shots, three other police officers were injured. One of them is in critical condition. According to the newspaper “El Deber”, in total there are 8 wounded, between police and jewelry workers.

A woman who was taken hostage tried to escape and was killed by one of the attackers, according to Romero. After that, the assailants ran into the store and were shot by the police.

The same assailants are believed to have robbed the Empire jewelry in Bolivia last year.

Vertical version of the same shootout:

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38 thoughts on “Three PCC Members Killed During Attempted Jewelry Store Robbery in Bolivia”

  1. That right there shows a lack of care for the hostages. The cops are wildly shooting towards all. I’m willing to bet that the 1st hostage was killed by a police sniper not hostage taker.

    1. For fucks sake, this is just getting silly now.

      You can’t honestly be suggesting that the hostage takers cared more about their hostages than the police did. One party competed against the other, that’s all, and everyone else was just collateral damage.

      Even then you have to give the police the benefit of the doubt in this situation because they were the responders rather than the initiators.

      Hating the police is all fine and dandy in my opinion. However, please apply some common fucking sense to it.

      1. Empty Soul The police were obviously the first to shoot. And the first people they shot were the hostages. Look at the body language of the robbers. They were completely surprised. But as the song goes “This is what happens when you call the cops”.

        1. If people didn’t call the cops during armed robberies they would become an every day occurrence and your country would become like Africa overnight.

          I understand that the cops didn’t really give a shit about the hostages however they weren’t the ones who turned them into hostages in the first place therefore they are slightly less shitty than the hostage takers in this particular situation.

  2. That wasn’t the body language of the guy shooting a hostage…He drops to the floor ducking for cover at the same time she’s shot. And bullets are ricocheting everywhere around him. Those were police bullets.

  3. Harry Temple: All right, pop quiz. Airport, gunman with one hostage. He’s using her for cover; he’s almost to a plane. You’re a hundred feet away… Jack?

    Jack: Shoot the hostage.

  4. I don’t care if the cops were reckless and did not give a fuck about the hostages and I don’t care if the robbers cared or not cared about the hostages. All I care about is that there was not enough dead bodies hitting the floor. Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor.

  5. I don’t get it, actually, i think i get it now… All that bullshit about teaching thieves a lesson, is just that, bullshit. The only reason they shoot holes into thieves’ hands, is because they didn’t have the permission of the local gang, to take from hard working people. I guess that the thieves that get shot, are those that haven’t paid a “cuota (in Spanish)”, to the ruling gang.

  6. The deceased humanshield woman was Ana Lorena Torrez Torrico

    The family lawyer of Ana Lorena Torrez Torrico, pointed out that the bullet is likely to come out of the offender’s weapon, although there are versions that indicate that the police fired. For its part, the government announced that it was the assailants who shot the administrator.

    El abogado de la familia de Ana Lorena Tórrez Torrico, señaló que es muy probable que la bala saliera del arma del delincuente, aunque hay versiones que señalan que disparó la Policía. Por su parte el gobierno anuncio que fueron los asaltantes quienes dispararon a la administradora.

    1. there is no issue I believe with the one-on-ones …. its the law that is at fault if any fault is to be appointed. one of the first things police learn when trained is when you assess a situation and determine you need to pull out your gun, you shoot to kill. not injure, not intimidate, but kill using lethal force. if you have a dog and you assess the situation is critical you unleash the dog, ask questions later. same tactic. both are to preserve your life (as an officer) and the life of civilians if they are at risk. I took the time to research this, and personally I think this makes alot of sense in the videos we see , and something media fails to point out.

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