Three People, Including a Pregnant Woman and 11 Year Old, Stabbed to Death on a Road in Thailand

Three People, Including a Pregnant Woman and 11 Year Old, Stabbed to Death on a Road in Thailand

These savage murders took place somewhere along the Thailand/Burma border. At least three people, including a woman (7 months pregnant) and her 11 year old daughter were attacked and violently stabbed to death on a dirt road. So technically, it’s four murders as the unborn child died inside it’s mother. The other victim appears to be a man. I wonder if one person could have done this? Must have been a group. Maybe even Islamic Extremist as their numbers are prolific and their activity has become increasingly violent in response to their brothers in the Middle East. It’s anyone’s guess. Translation offers no insight:

Brutal killing raised kitchen with a woman seven months.

Learn bosses today at about 09.30. Receive notification duty 30 and 241 supervisors. Has entered the scene Grounds WANGKRAJAE Moo.8. WANGKRAJAE. Muang. Kanchanaburi. Preliminary examination at the scene found the dead bodies, and make 3 cuts with medical examiner preliminary round base.

1. Can you about 60 Burmese there was a sharp stab wounds / sores in the middle, about 10 teeth, chest, face a mortal wound on the head and ear about 3 1 wound inflicted a mortal wound one neck wound.

2. Mrs. imposing age of about 47 years, Burmese (7 months pregnant) has been a sharp stab wounds / teeth. Face and head about 5 wounds on its body around 9 lesions.

3. a. J., Mo., age 11, has cut wounds on its body about 5 lesions.

Poor little J. Mo.

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      1. ***Looks like they were killed some ware elts then placed there for displaying.

        …interesting point UP

        I was going to make the claim, that it appears that there were several people involved, who killed these people. I don’t see a lot of sand being stirred around as there would be, if there was just one, possibly two murderers involved.

        Also, LF’s comment on a lack of blood, would also support the possibility, that the bodies were moved. Although the sand would have the capability to absorb a large amount of blood underneath the bodies, one would expect to see more on the victim’s bodies themselves.

        …yeah, I could buy both your observations

      1. Yes, the way that’s worded in the translation, one would be lead to believe the Thai authorities consider 47 to be a drain on society. Unless you’re European that is, in which case you are very welcome, IF, you have money to spend on slappers.
        It seems this poor woman had it coming.

  1. “about 10 teeth, chest, face a mortal wound”, that sounds like a description of Pamela Anderson.

    The Thailand/Burma border though, that place has to be hell on Earth considering that its right between two shit holes, its not surprising bandits choose to make a living there.

    1. gonna have to disagree with you there, Killa. you’re killing a human being whether it’s at seven months or seven hours…in my humble opinion.

      But that helps to start a new debate! When are humans considered human in each of your opinions?

      From the moment of conception, from a certain month of development or from birth onward?

      1. My thoughts are that it’s human once 49 weeks after conception pass because that’s when the pineal gland and I believe the sex of the baby appears. Anything before that the fetus is just a drop not even a boy or a girl but its on its way to become one of them but not quite there. That’s when I consider it alive and human. After 49 days.

        Also i think it’s no ones business what a couple or a woman and her partner do as a choice in abortion. Basically it’s mostly the woman’s choice, but she also has to let her partner know she’s going to abort not just do it behinds there back.

      2. @Obli.

        One of the great questions, up there with ” where did the universe come from. ”

        It could be said that the sperm and the egg are already “alive”, the sperm definitely because it swims with a purpose not just randomly.

        I think the minute an egg is fertilised, that is a life. What intrigues me is where consciousness enters the equation? I’m more inclined to think that the moment something dies, something else is created, sort of yin and yang.

        Maybe consciousness passes from life to life, could this be an explanation for deja vu?

        1. deja vu comes just from doing similar things over the course of many years. you aren’t actually reliving a past life in the exact same life you are currently living.

          things you do now can parallel a past life and a future life. An example of that is knowing something you could not possibly know.

          There was a man who was able to provide specific details of a place he had never been to and described the exact locations of ruins to an archeological team who had been searching for them. as he had been a member of an ancient army in that land.

          another case was of a little girl who talked about another girl who in a village far away and that the first girl detailed this other girl’s life so vividly that the family traveled to the place she pointed out just to humor her and found that their daughter had described flawlessly an actual girl who had died just before their own had been born.

        2. @bobcat I think conscience enters the fetus once the pineal gland is devloped by the 49 week after conception.

          Also for deja vu I think it’s another dimension thats happening at the same time the world we see in front of us now is happening. But since we cant always be in two places at once without loosing our attention you know the internal metaphysical world and the outside physical world we tend not to pay attention to it. But we are able to see into this other dimension with out our physical eye and when we converge back to our physical eyes things happened in the real world In front of you, it may connect to what you saw in another dimension with out your physical eyes so we make this connection that we “seen this before” or we “experienced this before” when in fact we have experienced it just through another vision I dunno it’s hard to explain when I see because sometimes visions can’t be expressed through words but metaphysical object and certain energy that clicks and makes you understand with out words. I dunno if it make sense, call me crazy. Have you seen that film called “waking life” check it out if you like.

          1. @3rd i rotten

            Your not crazy my friend, not too many years ago a guy said about the first computer ” one day there will be one of these in every home”
            They thought he was crazy.

            I never dismiss anything just because it sounds crazy, you have to keep an open mind to be able to move forward in your understanding.

            Don’t know the film, will check it out, cheers!

      3. I think it is a human being, once it is conceived…

        However and beyond that point, it becomes a medical condition with the woman’s doctor.

        I’ll leave the abortion right’s comment alone. I have debated this so many times and at every angle, that I’m sick of it by now…

        However, and with any medical condition, it should be under the privacy rights of every patient. No matter what condition or ailment, that the patient has…

        It’s no one’s business, other than my doctor and I, what physical challenges await me. Everyone and at some time, will face these challenges, sooner or later.

        …and that’s a fact

        It’s already stressful enough as it is at times, without some foreign entity, sticking their nose down my throat, up my colon or around my prostate…

        If you’re interested enough in the god damn thing, then pay my bill, and I’ll release all birth rights to you…

        I can see both sides of the abortion issue. But a woman deserves the right, to make a decision about her body, under the care of a professional health care provider.

        …and not congress
        …and not the church

      4. @Obli From the moment of conception, from a certain month of development or from birth onward?

        Pretty sure California like most states consideres the killing of an unborn to be murder once it has advanced from the embrio stage and actually becomes a fetus. (if somebody hasn’t commented on that already)

    2. Actually…legally here in the U.S, the min the fetus has a heartbeat its a human life..even in the states that dont see it that way…once past your 24th week the baby can survive, therefore if she was 24+weeks then another murder occured…so YES Obli you’re correct 4 people died that day… 🙁

      1. I’m not a pro life, nor am I keen on abortion, but I’d say a human is human as soon as it is conceived. Obviously that’s not a workable solution, there has to
        be a cut off point, but 24 weeks does seem very late.
        That’s my opinion in layman’s terms.

        1. @Stomper.

          Seen a silicone dummy of a foetus, put in the hands of a woman wanting an abortion.

          She was told that this was what her baby looked like and that it could feel pain.

          She was in bits, so realistic and tiny, sit in the palm of your hand.

        2. ***I?m not a pro life, nor am I keen on abortion, but I?d say a human is human as soon as it is conceived. Obviously that?s not a workable solution, there has to
          be a cut off point, but 24 weeks does seem very late.
          That?s my opinion in layman?s terms.

          …I think the media, compliments of organized religion, has forced us to make a decision on either being pro life, or pro abortion.

          However, it ultimately comes down to the woman, to make this decision.

          Don’t let this corrupt media, via the religious wingnuts in our political system, force you to take one side or the other.

          …most of us ultimately, are pro-choice

          Even if you personally, are against abortion…

          I don’t see Binny Hin or Jimmy Swaggert, stopping me from having my vasectomy.

          …and if my sperm isn’t around anymore then…

          I guess I’m against abortion…

          …or against birth
          …or against life
          …or, I already made my choice, not to have children


          …I’ll pick the pro-choice banner please!!

    3. the thing is, I’m prochoice. Reason being that as a man, I have no idea what it’s like to become pregnant, carry a child and give birth. That is something that I can never experience. So I have no right to tell a woman that abortion is right or wrong. It is their body and their choice. They have to make the decision that they feel is best. If I got a woman pregnant, I would man up and handle my responsibility, but if she wanted to abort, it is her call.

      But you are killing a human being, do not forget. Just because it looks like a tadpole doesn’t mean a damn thing. It has to be alive in order to grow and it will grow into a human. Therefore it is human.

      1. I might add, that an abortion, as with birth, is a medical condition, and not a religious condition…

        I witnessed an actual uncensored abortion on film, during my senior year, at the Catholic high school I attended.

        As a result, it never changed my outlook on abortion one damn bit.

        I understood the motive behind this, as it was simply religious propaganda.

        But who I had empathy for, were the two girls in my class who were pregnant…

        These girls did miraculously well in class, but were alienated, as soon as their bellies started to swell…

        You educate, not alienate!!

        You bring a doctor and a nurse into the class room, and you teach these kids how to use protection from stds and pregnancy…

        If you want to give your support towards abortion or birth, then support the woman, and stop alienating them. After all, it’s her decision ultimately to make…

        And if the religious zionists don’t like this approach, then may I suggest, implanting silicone in their bellies for nine months, and leave the real births to human beings who actually carry ovaries, and a pair of fallopian tubes…

        I too, can never experience the drama, that some women have to go through, in making their decision to carry or not.

        But unneeded stress upon a woman, via the insanity of organized religion, will probably do more harm than good anyway…

        Abortion, as well as birth, are medical conditions, and not religious ones…

        The only time where I have seen a medical condition turn to a religious one, is where children of the religious cult, have died needlessly, because their parents were too god damn ignorant, to take them to a doctor…

        And even though most religious men won’t admit it, they will not miss one NFL game, in their fight to make abortion a religious issue, rather than a medical one…

        …because ultimately, it is no skin off their ass, as well as mine

      2. I agree with you Obi. Although, in my pursuit to procreate I have had miscarriages. So, when the test came back positive it didn’t have the same affect as seeing or hearing a heartbeat. Of course religion is a factor because you’re ending a life. Thou shalt not commit murder. Just saying. I pass no judgment on anyone, I’m just pointing out the obvious.

    4. life is an interesting concept to us human beings, many of us put the utmost value on it and yet we will still tuck into a steak dinner without a shred of remorse.

      I once took a catholic girl out for a meal and we had a conversation about the sanctity of life, she of course was firmly against abortion. Now, the interesting part about the conversation was that she was talking about how all life is sacred and should be valued and yet there she was dissecting a dead cow with a knife and fork before masticating and swallowing it.

      I almost spilt my Rioja Reserva down my shirt as it suddenly struck me that the value she had placed on the cow, now dead and in the rather delectable form of steak, was a mere ?12.50.

      My conclusion, life is life regardless of species. One cannot simply apply sanctity and value to homo sapiens whilst denying that right to other living beings, either we are all sacred and equally valued or non of us are.

      Therefore my opinion is that human life means very little in the grand scheme of things, an abortion here, an abortion there, it doesn?t really matter.

        1. @bobcat1967,

          Ha, If it has a beginning, ages, decays and dies it is organic and therefore has life, including the grapes in my bottle of pure liquid silk.

          Whether we are vegan, vegetarian or meat eaters its all still the same, for each of us to live something else must die. It’s the intrinsic cruelty of life.

          The above is why we cannot, or in the very least should not, categorise the various species of life into a quantifiable value because all life holds the same intrinsic value regardless of individual interpretation.

          Therefore since I exist I consume and because I exist I will age, decay and die and then I will be consumed, thus the cycle continues.

          Whether we die now, tomorrow or twenty years from now doesn’t really matter because the experience of life is egocentric and therefore is distinct from its intrinsic value.

          A corrupt politician may want to live as long as possible whereas I would want them dead as soon as possible therefore our egocentric interpretation differs but the intrinsic value does not.

          That’s all it is at the end of the day.

          1. @Empty +1 for your description of the sacredness of ALL life, not just humans. Animals are sentient beings too with feelings and emotions and behavior just like us. As for picking grapes, that is different in the sense it is a fruit , so you don’t kill the plant when harvesting its fruits. Plants also deserve being treated with care, not with poisons, and not with reckless desctruction. Replant and resow what you have taken. Plants are sentient beings too although different from us. Why treat animals and plants with care? Well, we all like the beauty of nature, we all like and need fresh air, and so will our children, so it is insane to go and destroy the same creatures and environment that you enjoy and need. Some will call this primitive thinking and some will call me a treehugger now, huh? Yeah, you be proud of the “advanced civilization and advanced economy “. These “advanced, civilized” people are responsible for the genocide of the cultures that knew how to live in harmony with nature, and the advanced civilization is destroying the planet in a way not yet seen before. You be proud of that and do continue recklessly consuming, torturing, destroying all other life on the planet. huh? Fools, realize before it’s too late.

          2. I think that there is a real need for being good stewards. But I feel that its silly to act like its wrong to kill an animal for food. If its wrong to kill an animal or plant, then next time you get an infection, refrain from taking antibiotics.

  2. URGE TO JIZZ was behind the pregnancy and thus indirectly responsible for the death of the fetus. no URGE TO JIZZ no murder. Damn that URGE TO JIZZ!!!!!!!!! It’s the reason we’re all condemned to this shithole existence on this miserable rock. also our mothers were whores who let themselves be fouled and defiled by the DEMON SEED.

          1. He just knows your mother was a whore…..damn, I laugh every time he writes our mothers were whores….you have to love some of the weird sickos here….one big dysfunctional family….pass the gravy ….Cheers…

          2. Indeed, if one were sensitive, a remark like that could cause serious ado. But we all know mouse means well in his own very individual take on these things.
            Anyway, time for my cheese and crackers, washed down with a lug of Glenmorangie !

  3. I work with a Thai lady. We were on break talking in a group. Someone made a comment about them being a pussy. She asked me later what a pussy was and their meaning. So, I explained. I then asked her what words they use to demean or put down eachother. She said they say they are from Burma. That means they’re poor,dirty, and stupid. Maybe the feeling is mutual?

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