Three Thugs Tried to Rob Old Couple – All Three of Them Got Shot

Three Thugs Tried to Rob Old Couple - All Three of Them Got Shot

This is another example of how bad actions attract bad consequences.

You might remember the robber who got shot after trying to steal a motorcycle, and this case is similar.

Three thugs tried to rob an old couple in Cachoeirinha (Rio Grande do Sul, the Southernmost state of Brazil) this past Thursday the 9th of January, but what they didn’t realize was that a police patrol was nearby, and the couple immediately alerted the police, which quickly found the robbers in their car.

Not willing to surrender, they shot at the police and, as expected, the police shot back. After an intense shootout, all three thugs got shot, and died.

No video of the shooting but, to compensate, the photos are of very good quality. Something rare from a South American country.

In the car, police found two caliber 38 revolvers, a ninja mask, a wig and 7 cell phones.
All that gear and they still couldn’t pull it off… Amateurs… If they had hired a real ninja things could have turned out differently.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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        1. As a portuguese..i dont really care for brazilians because most of them hate us….but they are very diverse..the most diverse people in south america.

          With that said.and this is a matter of taste and personal opinion i think latin america and parts of asia have the ugliest people on earth.:P

          And i find it curious that most miss universe come from this poor latin countries…and even india…if you think about it,india have more miss universe titles than italy..or sweden….is this a joke?Yes it is.

  1. Its nice to see people getting what they deserve.
    The old folks got justice…very nice to see that…
    The scum bags got a dose of lead…now they’re very dead..
    Wonder if this happened here in the States if they mommy come along and proclaim how they we’re good boy’s….

    1. @Obli,Now I know you don’t really mean that do you? All children regardless of who their parents are,are beautiful and deserve nothing less then to be raised with all the love their little bodies can hold.Children are born innocent,it’s the adults they come in contact with as they grow that are corrupt that has a strong influence on their outcome.No child ever deserves to be raped,NOT EVER!!!

      1. i just had aboyhrther massive attack. i thought i was dying. do you knowwhat that feela like?! do you??! why must i suffer still!i did the right thing!! but i know nojustice, i know nopeace. everyone must suffer(verballly, at leest) until i get what i deserve.

          1. @ Obli

            These lyrics fit when I read your comment:

            “Shedding skin and
            I’ve been picking
            Scabs again.
            I’m down
            Digging through
            My old muscles
            Looking for a clue.”

            Tool, 46 and 2

            I have 46 and 2 tattooed on my chest. In the mind 90’s when I first heard the song I related on both fronts of the song.

            46 and 2 for those that do not know, would be what happens we humans (most humans), would evolve into a higher version of themselves. Our chromosome couth is 44 autosomes and 2 sex. Hence, 44 and 2. When we evolve into a higher self, a higher being, possibly more insight, we would thus become 46 and 2. I was in a bad was as well in the mid 90’s. That song single handily saved my life from a bad darkness. I literally studied it for over a year while in my higher education days.

            Hope this post was insightful and maybe helpful for those ever wondering what the Hell “46 and 2” meant.

        1. Karma is an awesome woman!

          She follows behind you, creeping through the darkness unseen. She can help you, reward you even. Or she will be the first one to stick that crucifix called a dagger into your back.

          I don’t fuck with Karma! She has one mean streak if she wants to wake your ass up.

  2. The last guy in the photo section well and truly possessed a Colgate smile and that creates a unique and interesting question, how, given the attention to detail he gave his teeth on a daily basis did he mess up a simple robbery against a crinkly old pair of puffins.

    Did he forget to brush his teeth that morning and thus created a distraction?, was he too busy thinking about how his teeth looked to spot the cops?, did his pure white teeth cause the other gang members to be blinded momentary?, were the other gang members jealous of his pearly gates of heaven and chose to die instead?.

    My conclusion, a simple robbery should have been an easy task for this gang particularly since the leader possessed an epic moustache but the fact that one of the gang members had teeth that even the Osmond family would be proud of caused too much of a distraction.

    Put this one down to teeth envy, plain and simple, green eyed devil envy.

          1. @Obli,

            It’s been a good six years since I have remained sober for more than one day.

            In sobriety I tend to be more philosophical and rational, less emotional and caring, in other words in sobriety I control myself which makes me a sober phoney.

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