Tiananmen Square Tank Man Photo and Video

Tiananmen Square Tank Man Photo and Video

This post expands on previously posted article and photos of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. The actions of Tank Man, the nameless man who halted the column of Chinese Type 59 tanks on June 5, 1989 – one day after the Tiananmen Square Massacre were so iconic, they called for their own, dedicated post.

The tanks were approaching the Beijing’s Forbidden City from the Chang’an Avenue. A seemingly unstoppable force came to an unexpected halt when what appeared as a white speck on the cameras filming the incident from afar positioned itself in front of the tank at the head of the column. The cameras zoomed it only to see a lone man with a shopping bag in each hand courageously standing before the tank which had the power to squish him like a bug without even noticing.

Luckily for the man, the tank operator was in no mood to spill innocent blood even though there would be no repercussions. The People’s Liberation Army was sent to clear the Tiananmen Square up, casualties or not. Adding another one to the overall body count would mean nothing to any soldier or their commanders, yet this tank driver stopped. What immense display of character and understanding in exchange for display of bravery on behalf of Tank Man.

After stopping the tank to avoid running the man over, the operator made an attempt to drive around him but the Tank Man moved back into its path, bringing the tank back to a halt thanks to the soldier who understood that this poor man is no match to his armored vehicle.

After this second halt, Tank Man climbed on the tank and appeared to strike a conversation with the crew inside. What they talked about is anyone’s guess but it was enough to have the man jump off and the tank to continue, except that Tank Man still wasn’t gonna let them pass.

He was eventually pulled to the side by people on the ground and disappeared into the crowd. Whether those people were members of public or plain clothes security forces is unknown as is the identity of Tank Man. There have been speculations that Tank Man was a 19 year old student by the name of Wang Weilin (王维林) but the speculations remains just that – speculations. What his real name was, what happened to him after the Tiananmen Square demonstrations were over and what are his current whereabouts are a mystery.

Tank Man – one of the most iconic men of the 20th century and we don’t even know who he was. Video of the Tank Man incident is below:

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    1. By most accounts, he was executed anywhere from 14 days to a few months after the incident. However, then CPC Secretary General Jiang Zemin said in an interview (via an interpreter) with Barbara Walters that he couldn’t confirm whether the man was arrested or not, but said in English “I think… never killed.” (sic) [Wikipedia’s got a great page on this guy – ‘Tank Man’.]

  1. This guy ain’t brave. You just call him brave cuz he lived but he didn’t achieve anything. If they had just squashed him, he would be labelled stupid. Rachel Corrie was brave when she stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer mowing down Palestinians houses. But she did get squashed, stupid or brave? Depends on why they are doing it and what will they achieve. Looking at some of the asian road incidents on here, that guy wudda been labelled stupid. Thats why no fucker knows who or where this guy is and the asians couldn’t give a shit.

    1. What’s with the cuz and wuddas? Actually this man probably remained anonymous for the simple fact that he would have been hunted down and killed if the government had known his name. Besides, what he achieved was showing the rest of the world, taking a stand for what you believe in, is something we all should do, even if that stand means standing alone. I don’t like asians per-se, however this one, stands out in my mind because he did stand up for what he believed in. Regardless of the potential consequences, maybe if we all had a little more of this in us, we wouldn’t be slaves and sheep to the oppression of our supposedly civilized governments here in the westernized world….

  2. The people that took him away are government officials. If you watch closely when they apprehend the Tank Man, two people go to him and put his arms behind his back as cops in China do. They use two people to arrest any perpetrator of the law to have a better control. Mh sai mh goi 🙂

  3. Please, Mark, remove some keywords if you do not want this site blocked in China. Words like ‘Tank Man’ or the equivalent Chinese characters Wang Weilin are enough to trigger a blocking to this site.

    This part of video was broadcasted nationwide during the period of that unrest and commi’s official translation is that “our almighty people’s liberation army showed restraints and mercy toward this petty anti-revolutionist and our soldiers should have crashed this cockroach if they really wanted to”.

    1. Hello,

      thank you for heads up. I really appreciate you letting me know, however I’m not gonna start censoring my own words in order to please some higher ups in whichever country. If Chinese leaders want to block Best Gore, let them block it. I’m gonna stay true to myself whether they do or not.


  4. you know whats funny about this. after watching the video the guy looks like he is retarded or just crazy. He probably doesn’t even know what he was doing. Here we are looking at it like it is some courageous act and all the while its some lunatic who forgot to take his meds carrying around two sacks of his dirty socks.

  5. One person can make a difference, and he did. Hopefully he remains un named. He would have been murdered for no other reason that the government wanted him dead.

    That memory is one of my favorites from the last centuary. The guy has serious nards to risk everything to make a statement. The Chinese government had to face what they looked like to the rest of the world. It was a turning point not just for the Chinese, but for the rest of the world too.

    Tanks to Mark, a great find.

  6. I pray for a day that every one of Americans get enslaved by foreigners when American government can no longer cover their asses and
    the politicians start selling americans and their sons and daughters to be slaves of foreigners.

  7. Bravery and insanity often coincide with one another. I wish I could find information on this man. I wonder if he’s still alive or was he subsequently arrested and punished? I wouldn’t be surprised if, that during this moment in Chinese history, he was put to death for whatever their version of tyranny is; for daring to be defiant

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