Timed Assassination Caught on CCTV in Brazil

Timed Assassination Caught on CCTV in Brazil

CCTV video from Brazil depicts the moment assassins timed their encounter with the target(s) by cutting their truck off with a car, and opening fire at them.

Slightly different from your typically Brazilian two hitmen on a motorcycle, these shooters put the car to good use in achieving their objective as both a get away vehicle, and a roadblock to trap the target.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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55 thoughts on “Timed Assassination Caught on CCTV in Brazil”

    1. It is rather interesting that the execution seems to have occurred at the junction of the street and the exit to what appears to be a hotel. So the next question begs to be asked…. how did the hitmen know to be at that spot at that time? It’s worth considering that someone on the inside (the front deskman, perhaps) was may have been paid to send a call or text message to the hitmen, letting them know their target was on the move and in a dark colored pickup truck.

      Of course I don’t know. It’s all conjecture. But the timing seems to be just way too perfect for coincidence.

      1. Ah right, my bad.
        But still, ..there ain’t no action to be seen here, aside from two soft women in a panic..

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    1. Without Brazil there wouldn’t be bestgore, it seems 90% of the
      shit is coming from that area, even if this video isn’t gore, still interesting and thanks to those people who take the time to search and upload videos!

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  1. Ultimately it appears that the man after seeing the shooters gave up on shooting his cum load on both the ladies
    Interestingly both the whores were chased after by their pimps for not shelling out their booty after a good loot from soliciting a rich customer .
    The one with the blonde hair just faked and pressed the panic button way too much whereas the other slut kept her cool and wasn’t over the top.

  2. so your that female right running away … you run a short distance then start banging on windows attracting attention to yourself whilst still in range of their guns? she took a risk playing that game i guess the famous grim da silve reaper was having a night off. very lucky they didnt spot her and turn her into swiss cheese as a potential witness or grass.

    1. Usually they just take care of the target. They don’t care if she’s desperately yelling for help, they are already doing something extremely bold. They took the life they wanted, job done, done deal! The shooter will most likely enjoy a dick in the ass in jail or by his drug lord boss, either or.

  3. Dude in the truck was stupid as fuck. If you think something is SERIOUSLY sketchy, then most likely it is, should have threw the bitch in reverse and atleast try something. He could have turned, side swiped the car..and haul ass. If you are going to die, atleast try something..quick

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