The Tlatelolco Massacre – Worst Massacre of Students in the World

The Tlatelolco Massacre - Worst Massacre of Students in the World

Yesterday marked the 45th anniversary of the Tlatelolco Massacre – a tragic event that is believed to have been the worst massacre of students in the recorded history of the world. Yet even if you consider yourself pretty well informed, you have probably never heard of it.

In the summer of 1968, Mexico was experiencing the birth of a student movement. But a few months into its short life, on October 2, 1968, 10 days before the opening of the Summer Olympics in Mexico City, a crowd of unarmed students that gathered at Tlatelolco Plaza was sprayed with a hail of gunfire from police officers and military.

Mexican government sources originally downplayed the severity of the attack and reported only 4 people killed and 20 wounded, but accounts of eyewitnesses told a story of as many as 3,000 young people being trucked away and airlifted to be dumped into the ocean, including those who were wounded but still alive. Thousands more were beaten and imprisoned, many vanished without a trace.

45 years later, the final death toll remains a mystery. But recently declassified documents suggest that presidential guard snipers had been posted in the buildings surrounding Tlatelolco Plaza and instructed to fire on dispatched military units in order to provoke them to open fire on the students. Federal agents wore white gloves to distinguish themselves on the ground.

A book titled La Noche de Tlatelolco by Elena Poniatowska is a very good read for those who would like to learn more about the Tlatelolco Massacre. According to her accounts, many students and professors were arrested and held in Lecumberri – the worst prison of Mexico from 1968 till 1971. They were sentenced to 16 years but only served 3, which is 3 years too many.

Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, the president of Mexico at the time said the Tlatelolco Massacre saved the country and everyone should be thankful. Later, he assumed full responsibility for the slaughter but was not persecuted.

October 2nd also happens to be Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.

Video below is a short documentary on the Tlatelolco Massacre. It’s in Mexican Spanish but with English subtitles. Survivors of the massacre were taken back to Tlatelolco plaza to relive the tragic event. I’m a fairly hardened individual but seeing the professor break down really hit me and pushed tears into my eyes. You can easily tell the difference between survivors of a real tragedy and fake sob stories from Jewish racketeers about Auschwitz. It’s unfortunate that Tlatelolco has a lol in its name:

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    1. oh yeah this happened around night witnesses who live in that buildings saw how Mexican army load big dump trucks with cadavers and by 6:00 am they saw people in green uniforms cleaning the blood in the street so by morning the street where clean and the news report about how police stop an “aggressive student protest” and yes they mentioned just a few injured people and 4 dead for decades the government said that what happened that day was just an invention of some crazy anti-government citizens, in Mexico the goverment give books for public education to children’s of school and junior high, those books for decades dint mention anything about the tlatelolco massacre. media was censored so a group of actor made a movie based on statements of survivors and it was censored and confiscated by the goverment. the movie was made it in 1989 but it was release until 1990, because the tape was release by the goverment until that time.
      ” rojo amanecer” that’s is the name of the movie if you interested of watched it was made based on what many witnesses saw that day.

  1. Wow. Thanks a ton for this video and the information you provided with it. I had never heard us this until today and yes, I would consider myself well informed. How sad. I still don’t understand why they wanted to kill so many innocent people that day. 3,000 bodies dumped in the ocean? That’s fucking brutal but wouldn’t they all end up floating back up to the top as we’ve seem countless times on this site with the many floaters we find in cases of drownings or dumping a body into a body of water without any anchors holding it down and I highly doubt they took the time to anchor down all 3,000 corpses. Still, if that is true and there’s a mass grave of human corpses in the ocean near Mexico that would be sick as fuck to find it and explore. Imagine being the lucky mother fucker to find that grave! The Mexican government would have A LOT of explaining to do.

      1. Yea an under current makes since but still with that many bodies you have to imagine they’d all make it back up to the surface eventually and probably in the same area(s) as one another!

        haha could you imagine riding your boat out in the ocean, having a jolly ol’ time, when out of nowhere you find your senses overwhelmed by the site and horrid smell of death all around you and having to steer your boat through a massive number of dead, rotting bodies right smack in the middle of the ocean. Talk havin’ quite the story to tell eh

    1. can you seriously consider one agency or organisation worth hearing their confession? it feels over time that threshold has passed for a great many known and unknown transgressions and become a futile effort toward pursuing judicial recourse, let alone knowing the simple facts of their occurrence

    2. Some of the students who survived this mass murder fled away to the north of the country and one of these students was my math professor, in one class, he told to us all that the government followed the steps of some of the survivors, they were fleeing and hiding for one entire year, that conversation was to impressive for me (I was thirteen years old).

    3. Im Mexican. You should remember that Mexico its a third world it was 1968, not a lor of information for the mexicans in those days. The movement of the students took a lot of power and it was thretening the ability of the goverment to put a good image of the country with the Olympics a few days later.Im, not saying that this was something good, but theres a lot behind it. 2 de Octubre no se olvida “October 2nd will never be forgotten”

      1. Mexico is not a third world country you idiot third world country are those like small African little country’s that war and people are dying of hunger , India is worsts that Mexico and is not even considered a third world country dont be dumb.

        1. yea we ought to stop socialism all the time. I had it with the Fed government pushing Red states to buy up medical hazard suits to stop Ebola.

          Everyone should take care of themselves. If that sounds crazy. It is.

  2. Yeah murdering thousands of students is a great way to get a third world country to get a leg up in society. No wonder all the Mexican think tanks are making meth in super labs nowadays. It’s safer that way

  3. Thankfully, in this new age of cameras being everywhere (like in the hands of students!), it’s harder for those in power to cover stuff up. Whistle blowers are always nice to have around, too. Exposing this kind of evil shit for everyone who wasn’t there.

  4. Avecess odio demasiado a mi gobierno, soy mexicana y estudiante y llore demasiado por que mi padre estaba ahi, gracias a dio no le paso nada, pero a los 20 a?os y pasar por una situacion asi, aparte de hacerte fuerte, te hace querer mandar al maldito gobierno corrupto a la chingada, y desgraciadamente seguiremos asi de pendejos e ignorantes otros 100 a?os mas…

    1. ?Y cu?ntos muertos? ?Cu?ntos detenidos? ?Desaparecidos?

      No me refiero a esa fecha hace 45 a?os, sino al terror que se vive hoy en d?a con este gobierno corrupto que prefiere terrorizar a su pueblo y llenar sus propios bolsillos, pobres ignorantes que no se dan cuenta que enriqueciendo al pueblo les dar?a una vida mejor en todos aspectos. Siembran pura mierda, la misma cosechan al final!

      1. “How many killed? How many detained?

        My reference is not to that particular date 45 years ago, but rather to the terror endured today with this corrupt government whose leaders prefer to terrorize their own people to fatten their own pockets; poor, ignorant fools don’t realize that enriching their own people would enrich their own lives in every aspect. They soe pure shit; ultimately they will reap the same!”

          1. @zpilmandude- si yo se. It’s very difficult to change anything- let alone an entire country! Tal vez un dia. Lo siento papa mi espanol. Yo intendo mas que hablo y escriber. Horita estoy muy embarrassed! Lol 馃檪

  5. Tragic and very moving post. You could tell some of those involved in the peaceful protest, forty five years ago, were understandably, genuinely affected by returning to the scene of the massacre.
    I hope the slain RIP.

  6. Amazing, astounding, but alas not surprising. I would argue this was covered up in order to protect the “corporate sanctity” of the Olympic Games, the government’s reputation as being able to capably host the world for such an event, and the promotion of their tourism industry, which is why countries host the games in the first place. Additionally, this is precisely why the games are no longer held in such countries with questionable governments and infrastructures. It really grows my concern for the games scheduled in Rio you know, since they too are so civilized and all.

      1. that’s exactly where karma belongs and in full force.
        let there be games and fiddle (or lyre),
        karma erupts to expose what they fear,
        rend their pathetic glamours naked and raw,
        expose their corruption and rule beyond law

  7. They were obviously not students of history, the system of governmental control dictates that you either obey them or you die.

    All governments operate the same way, the no pretence dictatorships just do what they want and the citizens have no choice but to go along with it, the democracies give you the illusion of choice whilst they do what they want and the citizens have no choice but to go along with it, the end result is always the same, obey or be punished, obey or die.

    The police force and the military are government instruments and will be used against the people if they ever rise up, sure some members of these professions will refuse and quit but most will simply follow orders because they are trained to be that way.

    It’s like I have always said, the downtrodden population can take back control from their governments because they have the power of numbers on their side, the fundamental weakness of a system run by the few at the expense of the many is that should the many fight back the few would be easily overrun.

    This is why divide and conquer is useful to them, if you can get the people to turn against each other you can reduce their fighting force to a manageable level and win, kill some and frighten the others into submission, it’s been a strategy for defeating rebellion for thousands of years and our governments play that card very well.

    To get to my point, the Tlatelolco Massacre is just a basic example of what happens when you challenge the system of power and no, voting in an election is not a challenge to their power.

    I expect that with the way the world is now, with so much unemployment, with so much forced immigration and multiculturalism, the fact that our corporations sent our jobs abroad to take advantage of cheap third world labour and then made those that lost their jobs work for free as punishment for being unemployed, the ill, the dispossessed, the starving and the homeless, with all this destruction that the system of power has created I expect a hell of a lot more global rising up soon enough and when that happens I expect that our governments will be guilty of a few more massacres.

  8. Those poor people..i agree the part when the professor started crying jerked my tears too….imma chick but i feel like a bitch when i cry..for that Guy to breakdown like that i believe what he says to be the truth and that shit will cont to haunt him till he dies.. =(

  9. crazy man my uncle from Mexico who’s now a teacher told me bout this, he was a student at the time & him along with his friends were involved in this, my uncle told me he was already in the back of the truck with them ready to be taken away but they fought & escaped.

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    1. hmmm isnt undead the same as living? or are we talking zombies…in which case they are still dead…just fucked up…and fucking them wouldnt be a possibility as they would prolly eat your head….and not the head you would desire

  10. Hey.
    Long time visitor, first time contributor. Love the site. Love the gore. But, more, I love the real world that the mainstream media doesn’t want to share. And I love the shit you people say. Cracks me up all the time. Anywho, looking forward to being a part of the BestGore community. Thanks again for everything this site offers. BTW, what happened to these students sucks ass.
    “Ooh-Cean man.
    Take me by the hand, lead me to the land. I’d thought you’d understand. Oceanman.”

      1. Hey, thanks! Ive been coming to this site EVERYday for the past 10 years. Just been kinda “iffy” about joining the community. Now, I’m glad I did. Budd Dwyers suicide was the first video I saw. Been hooked ever since.

          1. After hearing the story behind hey man nice shot , I searched for the video and it brought me here. I graduated in 04. It could have been another site. But, I’m somewhat sure it was this one. Either way, its been a long time.

  11. Thats awful. i feel so bad for those people. How did they get away with that? Covering up 3000 deaths and admitting to only 4? Their families didn’t come forward and say “hey you murdered my family member” or ask where they are? I wanna see the rest of the documentary.

  12. Is there a longer version of this? Mexico is chingon! No wonder every lil cabron tries to be a narco in todays Mexico, Thats why I stay at Canada! Weed is good, and the cops son mas pendejos than a horse with no legs.

  13. Methinks that the president of that time was immortalized in the song ‘La Coca Racha’ (sp), meaning the Cock roach.

    What a fucked up day, especially when they murdered the intellectual talent that could have ruled their country later in their lives.

  14. It’s fascinating to see the enourmous “discipline” of the soldiers and police officers who did these. Maybe a son, daughter, or distant familiar of some of these cops and troopers got killed and none thought about that…

  15. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this! As a half breed, I would spend nearly every summer in Mexico with my sperm donors family. It angers me to see these drug cartels king from the beauty Mexico truly is. I am so proud of my families small town because those fuckers tried, but the 20,000 + citizens ran them out!! Unfortunately, they’re trying again to take their land to grow weed. My family is affected because they own most of the good land by the water.

  16. It won’t be popular to say it, but if these victims were in power, they very likely would soon or later become as vicious and murderous as the folks who murdered them. It’s been that way all though history.

  17. Humanity is shit. Plain and simple. Whether it’s Mexico, Syria, Iraq or Iran–human inhabitants are possessive of a multitude of cellular-level genetic contributors which force their barbaric agendas down the throats of their people. Americans are no different and the government, as corrupt and overrun with political bullshit as it is, at least affords us some resemblance of decency so that we are able to continue breeding thus allowing the cycle of humanity’s evils to repeat itself over and over throughout history. Absolutely mind-blowing that a government would systematically seek to destroy the very citizens they portray to serve and protect. Thank heavens for my American opportunities, for they afford me the luxury of content in my facade of safety.

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