Toilet Bowl Thrown from Football Stadium Kills Fan

Toilet Bowl Thrown from Football Stadium Kills Fan

26 year old football fan Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva was killed after he was hit by a toilet bowl thrown from the stands of the Arruda stadium. Three other fans, who attended the game between Santa Cruz and ParanΓ‘, were injured. One is in hospital with serious, but not life threatening head injuries.

The victim worked as a welder in a shipbuilding factory in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, the metropolitan region of Recife in Pernambuco (that’s where Caruaru is), Brazil.

The police acquired CCTV video which shows the bowl hitting a group of football fans after it was hurled form the stadium, but not who threw it.

The incident happened on May2, 2014. Thus far, no arrests have been made, nor suspects identified.

First video is just a short segment from the CCTV footage that shows the toilet bowl landing on a group of fans:

Second video is a TV report on the incident. It contains the same CCTV footage:

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  1. Unfortunately we have a long history of football hoolagism in our country. Took decades to get it under control, we witnessed some terrible tragedies in the terraces, but never death by toilet bowl.

          1. Avoid fv gatherings. At most, I will go to a metal show,but generally I will avoid any social events I hate just going to the fucking mall for christ sake.. Im boring as hell but ill never die in such a stupid ass way.

          2. True w m . Tell you what though . When all is said and done , Saturday afternoons could be the answer to sorting our corrupt society out . All those like minded folks on the streets mobilized at the same time .

    1. I have to agree, ewestomper. When you speculate on how you might leave this life, it’s things like accident, illness, disease, that come to mind. Never a toilet bowl. Odds must be astronomical.

      1. It’s i thing it was the Rodney King thing, during the riots there’s film of a redneck truck driver being pulled out of the cab at a traffic light. A couple of black guys drop a toilet bowl on his head and start jumping around in delight. Luckily he must have been one of those thick rednecks with an unusually thick skull. That would have killed most white people, he was knocked unconcious but he survivied.

  2. Odds of it landing on a Da Silva couldn’t have been less predictable. The Odds of that thing not having 12 lbs of shit in it ALSO is a solid fact….it’s fucking Brazil, and it’s a SPORTS arena! How often have YOU seen clean public shitters after thousands of FV have gotten done using them??

    1. In stark contrast to a Ladies powder room , which are usually so pristine , one could eat a meal off the floor .

      This is Brazil however , so maybe not the floor , but a toilet seat might do !

      Tuna bake anyone !? πŸ˜€

      1. there you are. Don Stench is the new account, as some shit rivet reported some VERY….um, STUPD fucking pictures and got me deleted. Only 1 of three was even “gore” (some brazilan who was shot in the lower jaw, in my appeal I said it was used for “educational purposes of what happens when one makes a bad decision)….anyways, just trying to re-group and re-network.

        Anyway, Don Stench. Any SOB that wants to be awesome then send me an Invisible Friend Application

  3. So many questions arise from me when I see this video. Where did that guy get a toilet from, did he just rip it out of the building they were in, was it a group of the opposing team’s fans who were targeted by the airborne toilet, who will replace the toilet, did anybody laugh when they heard that someone they know was killed by a flying toilet?

  4. Bloody hell… worst I got at a football match was coined by Luton (filthy scum) fans which could have turned into a riot. But never seen anything like death by toilet bowl… The world cup this year is guaranteed to have some “incidents” that could be pure gold on best gore

      1. The England fans who go and cause trouble think they’re invincible.

        Going from rioting at Euro 2000 in Holland/Belgium will feel like a playground scrap compared to what they’ll come up against in Brazil

  5. The suspect is in jail…. Arruda Stadium,..home of Santa Cruz Soccer Team, o terror do nordeste or ” the nightmare of northeast”…

    Ive been there for a friendly between Brazil and China back in 2012 when I was working at the new oil refinery Abreu e Lima…

    This is very sad, poor guy, hit n killed by a toilet… And the guy killed was a welder working at the very same refinery I was consulting….

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