Tortured Man Has Ear Cut Off and Eyes Gouged Out

Tortured Man Has Ear Cut Off and Eyes Gouged Out

Do I hear Portuguese language again?

The video shows a handcuffed man with a severely swollen face, apparently resulting from previous torture and beatings.

At 0:28, the captors cut off the victim’s ear. At 1:19 there’s a cut, and the victim is shown laying lifeless on his back, as one of the captors gouges out one of his eyes. The man doesn’t react to having his eye plucked out, giving raise to suspicion that by the time eye gouging starts, he’s already dead.

The removed eye is placed on the machete blade and shown to the camera, and gouging of the other eye begins.

Props to Best Gore member @thealchemist for the video:

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    1. What is this Snapchat. Why did they edit this. This was going to surely be a hide the phone in the pillow video and take the headphones out cause I can’t take hearing the poor dude. Total let down

      1. The U.S. is anything but safe 17,250 people are murdered in the US annually (or at least in 2016). Divide that by 365 days in a year, and you get around about 47 murders a day. Meaning around 2 people are murdered in America every hour, and 1 person murdered every 32 minutes.

      1. a lot of gangster slang, they are basically saying he is a piece of shit, that they are gonna rip his head off . They make him say CP rules, which is an acronym for Comando da Paz , a drug gang in Salvador, Bahia. He asks for water after his ear is cut.

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          1. Pois é ahaha já dizia a Bíblia…

            “Se o ladrão for achado roubando, e for ferido, e morrer, o que o feriu não será culpado do sangue.” – Êxodo 22:2

  1. Yes, they are brazilian. This is a common punishment that the drug dealers do if they catch someone stolen in their control areas. Search on youtube “não pode roubar na área” and you’ll find tons of similars videos. The idea is that thieves tend to attract law enforcement officers, which disrupts the drug business. Ironically some areas dominated by criminal organizations are extremely secure.

    In this video, the butchers are members of the criminal organization called Comando da Paz (something like Peace Command) from Salvador.

    1. Most of bestgore videos were stolen, muppet. These are archives with no owner. You can either shut up or shut up. I am in the middle of recovering all the original videos. The ones you see are to keep people happy currently. We do not want post police like you.

      Sharing IS the tech world.

      1. @thealchemist thank you. I really miss that video of the Vietnamese police man that was cut in half and still akive, trying to pull his lower body back to his upper half.. like it would save him. good stuff right there. I’ll never forget it. and three guys one hammer would be nice to see again. Don’t worry about that asshole up there, he clearly doesn’t know a thing about BG.

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  3. sothe devil found a body to dwell in

    I realise people who do evil things to people were brutalised themselves. There is n way this sub human was brutalised to the extent he can do these things to a man

    I tell myself I watch this site so I know the reality of how depraved people can be etc… I think theres a part where you think , no matter how bad things are in my life. They will never be as bad as this

    I wish the human body had a mechanism to shut down and die so people don’t have to suffer this terror

  4. What good is post mortem eye gouging? Either do it while the mook is alive or don’t bother.

    And what the fuck is with these lame brained Spics and their lack of camera handling? Keep the subject in frame and in focus ya stupid shit skin!

    1. @shiteaterfag that’s bc there was another site that all the videos were uploaded on for years and they dropped/erased all best gores videos. Dont expect to see any that are older than about a year, maybe two I think. Theres an article on here somewhere explaining in better detail.

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