Transgendered Woman Killed by US Marine in the Philippines

Transgendered Woman Killed by US Marine in the Philippines

VFA in the picture above stands for the “Visiting Forces Agreement” between the USA and the Philippines.

In brief, a drunk US marine stationed in the Philippines picked up a prostitute and took her to a motel room. The prostitute was transgendered, but he was too drunk to notice. When it became clear that the treasure chest contained frank and beans, the self entitled, roid raging, thank-you-for-your-service future PTSD claimant killed her.

Philippine prosecutors are to decide whether to charge Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton with murder, or reduce the charge to homicide. The killer had a deadline by which to file a counter-affidavit, if he wanted to, which he did not do so the decision on which charges to press lays on the prosecution.

Joseph Scott Pemberton killed 26 year old Jennifer Laude, also known as “Jeffrey” on October 11, 2014 in Olongapo city, northwest of Manila Bay. He/she was found strangled and drowned next to a toilet bowl.

Under the 1998 Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) between the Philippines and the USA, US army can keep custody of troops accused of crimes in the Philippines from the commission of the offense until completion of all judicial proceedings.

In my opinion, any person sporting a penis, but pretending to have a vagina to milk money out of unsuspecting men is committing fraud. That however does not justify their murder. Unfortunately for this Jeffrey or Jennifer guy/girl/tranny thing, the US never prosecutes its uniformed terrorists, murderers, child rapists and abusers for crimes that cause harm, only for “crimes” that uncover the actual crimes and reveal them to the public. This killer will walk free. You can quote me on this.

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    1. Anybody who’s ever been close to this sort of thing? How does it precede after? Does he go to court, where he’ll be charged with homicide/murder charges, and how would he actually get out of those and walk off with a dishonorable discharge? By just serving small time?

      1. In the Marines like any U.S.Military You fall under the UCMJ (Uniform.Code.of.Military.Justice) and Not only will the Military go after You but on Forgein soil You Abide by their Laws and the Military has no problem turning you over for Prosecution Under Forgein Laws. As a Marine I held myself to a Higher Standard especially in a other Countrys being Polite, Generous,and Obeyed the Laws and it happens especially in Asian countries you will run into Trannys but if your not buying what their selling walk away sure it’s Embarassing but your really going to Hurt someone over that? To many Guys take the prospect of being accused of being Gay way to far this is a prime example even though in the Marines it’s a hyper Masculine environment You still behave yourself Damn!

          1. Fuck that!! I’d be pissed as shit if I was sold fake goods. Damn….a weaner instead of pussy!!! Of course, I’d have to reconcile the fact that I was a dumb ass for picking up a bitch-man. Fuck me!! Either way….gore any way you look at it….let’s not be more papist than the freaking pope.

    2. The shim got what it was asking for .
      I don’t care if this guy ever gets in trouble over this.
      Do you think Isis prosecute it’s troops for bad shit they do ?
      No but the usa has to be held to a higher standard.
      If those rag heads can chop heads off for fun why can’t we beat a few prostitues to death . All is fun in love and war.
      Stop your double standards

      1. It always amazes me how willing people are on this site to shout how low their IQ’s are at the top of their lungs. In other words, STFU spunk monkey!! LMAO I hope this animal gets a hot shot courtesy of the US govt.

  1. Lock it in the bathroom and shoot it through the door next time. Then cry like a little bitch at your trial and you’ll only be looking at 10 months. That’s only 5 months per testicle, can’t beat those prices.

  2. Jeffrey Laude’s german fiance’ revealed that he had bite marks on his body and investigators also found used condoms in the room that jeffrey and his murderer had rented, so basically that american had sex on him..

    I don’t know whats the use of that VFA in our country.. all I know is theres a baby booming of half filipino half american everytime they are on our country and AIDS cases are higher too..

        1. exactly my thoughts @nybadguy.

          i recon he KNEW it was a tranny – then got an attack of the guilts afterwards.
          Remember ricky fitz’s dad in “american beauty”?

          the poor tranny got it, just because of “jarhead”pembertons identity crisis

    1. @cheekyme, you really have no right to complain about other races going to your country. There are filipinos in other peoples countries all over the world. So if you want your country to be only for your race, then don’t go to other races countries. You’re in Hong Kong right? That belongs to the Chinese now. If all white countries have to mix with filipinos and be multicultural, then your country does too. Do you have any sisters I can meet? I want to have some mixed race babies.

  3. whats the choice ?
    – take a transgender and kill her (yeah “she” prefer to be called ladie normally in theyr brain)
    – take a real women and get the AIDS

    so in simple, its you kill or you die….choice is easy

    1. What rule says you have to kill the transgendered woman? No shame in liking what you like.

      Secondly, if you feel like your options are kill or die, don’t pick up a fucking prostitute. Not only does that mean you’re in a shitty place, it also means you aren’t mentally prepared for sex in any way.

      1. dude , drunk , when you are drunk, you have new rules..specially for army boys . i not say army guys are all crazy and want kill everything.. but you see what i mean. military life, war, etc.. thats always let something in mind. something need to go out one day. specially when drunk. if he idnt have choose to take a prostitute and all this storie… who know ?.. maybe he gonna kill somebody else somewhere just for “fun”.
        maybe not.. but maybe yes too. we dont know. but something is sure, when somebody is drunk, he can easily be temporaly out of control

  4. Too drunk to notice? hmm, well he was too drunk to notice twice, according to the media they found 2 used condoms. The way I see it is the shim told him it had the decorators in but he could boot the back door in if he felt so inclined but he must of realised sometime before the re entry.I reckon he just thought ‘fuck it, i’l lbang it again coz I’m wankered and worry about it tomorrow’. Then bang!! the hangover and realisation hits him and it’s goodnight Manilla.

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      1. @Social Retard I bet your internet history is filled with tranny porn. This is how he deals with his shame.

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      1. i’m not going to bitch you out. not too long ago i was still misguided. i talked more shit than anybody about anything that wasn’t like me. i look back and feel stupid as hell over the things i’ve said here in the past. i’ve grown up, thankfully. i hope you can, too.

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    3. “bisexual (except women)”

      So you are basically saying that being gay or bi is ok, but only if you are a woman. That double standard completely negates your entire argument and proves your screen name entirely accurate.

        1. Rebelk, no troll but I agree. Even if it is a double standard it’s an opinion and they’re welcomed. Let’s hypothetically say I traded shoes with Putin. Would I continue turning my cheeck to hate crimes propagated against homos in Russia? Yes, not because of any religious context, but because the mere thought of guy on guy peter puffing, poop chute stuffing, ball deep thrusting makes me uncomfortable. @social Retard. I’m happy you’re proud of your race. It has attributed to 99% of all that is good in the world.

      1. EXCEPT WOMEN I SAID BECAUSE…..Two beautiful women touching each other, kissing or even licking their asses is not a DISGUSTING scenery.

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        1. So what if it’s two beastie looking fat dyke’s? You want to add a disclaimer to your comment so that lesbianism is only acceptable if both women are beautiful? Why are you even imagining mens hairy arses and stuff anyway. Honestly, I don’t look at gay men and start imagining them having sex in graphic detail. Why are you imagining gay male sex so much?

  6. Too drunk to notice a cock and balls dangling between her legs?!? Come on…that’s just stupid! Even if he thought nothing of doing anal only he’d still have to have noticed her balls swinging while he fucked her! He should be imprisoned just for being a fucking idiot!

      1. If I had to guess just from the picture I’d still say transgender man (woman?) for sure. Maybe she even told him what she was packing and he didn’t care because he was so drunk! Instead of getting angry and killing her, he should’ve taken a good look at himself for picking up prostitutes in a foreign country and being so drunk he had sex with a tranny! He’s no man in my book, men conduct themselves in a respectable and honorable manner at all times!

        1. The tranny is not a she. It’s a man dressed up as a woman. He is a he. If some man came up and tried to fuck me, I’d smash him. Just because some man dresses up like a woman doesn’t mean he automatically gets to play by female rules. In the world of men, if you fuck around, things get violent quickly. This includes men who are crazy or have mental problems.

  7. Too bad he did not have a black bro w/him when he was ho shoppin, they are good at spottin trannys. (like the bar scene in crocodile dundee)… or it could’ve been self defense? i saw a native american (injun) tranny prostitute kick ass on a crackhead white punk on van buren ave. in phx. az.
    then he ran away bleeding with a black eye broken nose & fat lip. the cops found him hiding in a closet in his apt. & charged him w/assault. apparently he bought some crack & a b.j. then tried to get a refund (attempted robbery) he tried to sucker punch the ho to get his $40 back… anyone, does the name danny bonaduce* ring a bell ?

    maybe this marine refused to pay? , got lucky&won the fight? according [email protected]* here, that falsely believe all the us. soldiers “are rapists” that like little boys anyway! “I think most are just fed up and tired of fighting the wrong people for the wrong reasons for too damn long”…
    who knows? some rumors i hear, the right & left wingnutz are both advocating a military coup in the us. that would really give the consPIRACY wack0s
    something to ponder further on ? or just say fukitol* da yahoOdies must be behind that 2 !

    c u next tues.

    1. Good one….I use to tell this joke when around a few buds…I would pick one and say…yeah the other day Joe here was fucking this guy up the ass and the guy does a reach around and Joe here jumps back and says what the fuck man, I am not gay….

  8. Murder was a little harsh, but what could this tranny expect? If you go around trying to pass yourself off as a women to inintoxicated men who are unaware of the complete situation at hand… Bound to happen eventually.

    1. @proto. Well said man. Not to long ago I went into mc Donalds to take a piss. On my way out of the bathroom some old pervert nerd looking guy is sitting by the bathroom door. He says excuse me do you have the time. In that gay sounding voice they have. So I look at him and notice this prick got a Fuckin watch on. I said. Use your own Fuckin watch fruitcake. Then I told my buddy on line. Hey bro some old fag just asked me for the time. He said. yea me to. Haha. True shit. Ya had to be there I guess.

  9. Transgendered woman? More like a man pretending to be a woman. If I decide that I’m a dog and I go get a tail surgically attached, get hair all over my body and a dog face transplant, am I then called a dog, or am I a mental patient? Pretending to be something doesn’t make you that.

  10. In my opinion, any man not being able to distinguish a tranny from a real woman is not unsuspecting but plain ignorant. And it’s his own greed for pussy that’s at fault.

    The Philippine trannies i’ve seen were stunning, with boobs and without visible penises , but still they were trannies not ladies. You can see that. They’re not making a secret of it either.

  11. here im from the philippines and the story is that this shemale is somewhat a highclass prostitute,the american knows it that the guy is a shemale because police found two condoms with traces of feces in the thrash bin,why the american killed the shemale?story goes that the american troop caught this shemale stealing his wallet,and olongapo city is notorious for its high class prostitutes and their thief like skills,and its the shemales fault also because she had a german fiance and still,still flirts (well she is a prostitute) and it costed his/her life.

  12. Maybe he killed him, hum, her because her dick wasn’t big enough! Lol!
    Rule of thum is when you meet a stranger for a good time make sure you know what your getting in to first, drunk or not. THINK!!!!!!
    Check The Pluming!!!

  13. When I was in the Navy Boot Camp, at Great Lake, Ill. in 1979, during the last weekend at boot camp, when everyone has a 96 hour liberty, one of the guys in my boot camp company met a girl in a bar, and took her to a hotel room. He said she had a bigger dick than he did. He beat the shit out of the guy, but was stupid enough to tell someone in our company afterwards. He never lived that one down. LOL

  14. I know you HATE the U.S military but jeez your story on this one is wayyyy off. Sad expecially because you have so many stories on here about the dangers of the phillipines. I know this unit personally, here’s the real story I bet it will make a lot more sense… A U.S military unit landed in the phillipines for a liberty call which is a slightly monitored “babysat” vacation for 72 hours to rest and refit the stand by troops aboard. During this time a group of marines went into the local town, got drunk, and supported the local economy by buying a prostitute. The marine and they Transgender prostitute mentioned above were sitting drinking together when the tranny drug the marines drink raped him and robbed him the marines buddies found him and took him back to the ship where he was treated he was NOT allowed to leave the ship. That same night he went “AWOL” “UA” walked off the ship found the tranny and murder him/her and walked back to the ship and turned himself in. That’s the real story. Funny how you side with the theiving tranny prostitues when you know exactly what they do to foreigners. Nice story you made up off of absolutely no factual information. Loved the little tid but about “roidrage” I was in the marine corps want to know howany babies I killed? 0. I wash deployed to Japan in march 2011 to dig bodies out of rubble and establish humanitarian aide to the 30,000 victims of operation tomadachi not saying all military are saints but neither is any citizen of any country military or not.

    1. When he went “AWOL”..he went out the same night, rent a hotel with the same tranny w/c he knew its the same tranny that robbed him? Butt fucked him twice and killed him?? If I were the tranny that had robbed that guy why would I ever show my face again??

      1. You really think tranny prostitutes over there have NEVER robbed someone? And if they did rob someone for $20 they would live on the lamb the rest of their life hahahha they dont care thats business. He never rented the hotel the prostitues there have permanent residence at the hotels to bring their tricks and the hotel gets a fee for each trick. Prostitution is the main job when a ship pulls in.

    2. LMAO. Only a yank would buy that story.
      AWOL seeking revenge is fine but could only have found the victim again if h/she/it had agreed to meet him. Seems unlikely for a robbing double ass raper to suddenly agree to meet their victim next day.

      1. He didnt agree to meet again. AGAIN marine went out with friends met the tranny left his friends with it got drugged raped and left for dead. Shore patrol found him took him to get help. He said cool. Went back out in town. (I know when I was in thailand there was a place called “walking street” in pattaya beach literally the boat pulled into the dock and every prostitute and their tranny brother/sister lined up on the street saying “hey G.I you want good time?” so to go back and find the tranny that raped you isnt hard when a ship full of potential clients is in the harbor. You think the tranny robbers over there care if they kill u and go on the next day like nothing happened? Wake up look at 97% of this website videos its tourists committing “suicide” while visiting thailand.) Anyway so he goes back to the port area with all the trannys follows her/him back to the room locks the door rapes the crap out of it twice for good measure and murders it and goes and turns himself in and says i dont care what you do to me i got my revenge sittign there with a smile on his face. You think they would have ever found him if he didnt turn himself in? HAHAHAHAH his ship stays in harbor a maximum of 72 hours. He would have been down by the equator doing the shellback ceremony by the time they found its body.

        1. Dont’waste your time tryin to convince any more people @hip lib , thank you ! most but (not all) of the wingnutz & dingbatz here would rather swallow the biggest lies and bullshit story*(RE: crime scene cleaner w/gun in a diaper) than to even consider your version which IS’ much more plausible. like you said at least this dude turned himself in, even tho he could have easily sailed away free, good thing he was “NOT” apprehended by the corrupt cops in that shithole! ! …
          again danke` @hippy-liberator*

    3. I on’t know the veracity of your story. Probably happens a lot not sure if that is what happened here. There is video of the marine meeting up with the transgender at a bar and they willingly leave together. There is also evidence, not sure if its on video but at least one eyewitness saw them check into the motel. the word passionate was used to describe them. now don’t get me wrong , if the marine was drugged and raped, I’d do the same thing. but there was no following/stalking. they met up at the bar, left to go to a motel.together. Im not defending the transgender. there is evidence that the marine was not aware that he was getting into a sausagefest and the transgender clearly was trying to hide the fact when he/she/it??? told his/her companion and fellow butt pirates to go before the marine finds out that they are not real women.

      a prostitute who was cheating on his fiance lied to a 19 year old drunk marine ended with someone getting murdered. a tragedy, yes but I can’t put the blame on just one of them.

  15. wow this is really sad, i just hope some justice is served although it may be too much to hope for, it really was touching considering when Jenifer’s boyfriend tried to infiltrate the camp to get to the marine who killed his girlfriend and was stopped – and is now being charged for gross arrogance and disrespect to Filipino authorities, sigh life is unfair…

    but it would be funny if her boyfriend gets punished and the killer doesn’t

  16. So Jeffrey had a gay lover, while dressing up as a ladyboy named Jennifer, and working as a prostitute while pretending to be a real girl to unsuspecting trained killers employed by the US government. Hmmm… That’s going to be a powder keg no matter how you mix it, I think.

  17. I believe this is made up. I was stationed at Clark AB in the P.I. For 3 years from 88-91. Back then we had the very same stories or myths. Back then it was that he threw her from the hotel window. Another version the Marine beat her/him and was also given a dishonorable discharge for being gay which was against the UCMJ at that time. Those that were males that dressed as females we called “Bakla”. Although this story Could be true, but my vote is that it’s just another story.

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