Transgendered Woman Killed by US Marine in the Philippines

Transgendered Woman Killed by US Marine in the Philippines

VFA in the picture above stands for the “Visiting Forces Agreement” between the USA and the Philippines.

In brief, a drunk US marine stationed in the Philippines picked up a prostitute and took her to a motel room. The prostitute was transgendered, but he was too drunk to notice. When it became clear that the treasure chest contained frank and beans, the self entitled, roid raging, thank-you-for-your-service future PTSD claimant killed her.

Philippine prosecutors are to decide whether to charge Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton with murder, or reduce the charge to homicide. The killer had a deadline by which to file a counter-affidavit, if he wanted to, which he did not do so the decision on which charges to press lays on the prosecution.

Joseph Scott Pemberton killed 26 year old Jennifer Laude, also known as “Jeffrey” on October 11, 2014 in Olongapo city, northwest of Manila Bay. He/she was found strangled and drowned next to a toilet bowl.

Under the 1998 Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) between the Philippines and the USA, US army can keep custody of troops accused of crimes in the Philippines from the commission of the offense until completion of all judicial proceedings.

In my opinion, any person sporting a penis, but pretending to have a vagina to milk money out of unsuspecting men is committing fraud. That however does not justify their murder. Unfortunately for this Jeffrey or Jennifer guy/girl/tranny thing, the US never prosecutes its uniformed terrorists, murderers, child rapists and abusers for crimes that cause harm, only for “crimes” that uncover the actual crimes and reveal them to the public. This killer will walk free. You can quote me on this.

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