Truck Blown Up by IED in Syria

Truck Blown Up by IED in Syria

Syrian rebels released this video of an IED attack on a truck. People on the truck bed look like farmers and don’t appear to be bearing arms.

50 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I have a dream” speech. In it he also said that “Wars are poor chiself for carving out peaceful tomorrows.” I would have hoped that Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and recently Libya would have convinced people that this was true. None of the countries that were “saved” by NATO turned out better than they had been.

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    1. Holy fuck! Do my eyes deceive me or is the site back up and running again? I can’t even comment on the new post I’m so happy. Now I can go back to making dumb replies and express my perversion like I did before.

        1. Some dumb ass fuckwit would probably claim that HD slow-mo gave them motion sickness and caused them to get dizzy, fall over, and land on a cup of fresh hot coffee from McDonald’s. Lawsuit. No company can trust its own customers anymore. Paranoia.

          I tried… I tried… I really tried to explain it to ya, mate.

  1. The American government can’t wait to get involved in this Syrian crisis. War is our business over here. Unfortunately… No regular citizen I have spoken to gives a damn about Syria. We’ve got our own problems to worry about.

  2. Chime in everyone! No watermark on this one either… Strange. Oh, well, beggars can’t be choosy. @FD, we can’t keep our fucking noses out of anything unless it’s on our own soil. Then we are blind. And no regular citizen I’ve spoken to either, including both of my parents, mom, Marine, and dad, Navy, could give an assfuck about fucking Syria. All the faggotry will kill itself off eventually. Including the USA if we keep poking up other countries shitholes.

    1. I’m all for a punch up and the citizens are asking for help.

      Dictators are dangerous and need to be dealt with one way or another.

      Syria allies need to think carefully before sticking their noses in and especially if the rest of the world responds like I think it will.

      France has spoken up…….. Now there’s a first :mrgreen:

    2. nosoup4me

      You have to remember that there is a ‘best before’ sticker on every Tomahawk cruise missile and the government will want to use them up; just as Raytheon and Boeing Defense, Space & Security will be wanting to sell the military some more.

      Attacking chemical weapons facilities and storage may require a little more finesse as conventional explosives just spread the stuff around; I’ve not come across a fuel/air warhead on a Tomahawk, but that’s the sort of thing you need.

      On a side note. nosoup4me, thank you for your very considerate nomination of my posting history and comments; it may yet, bear fruit.

      1. 馃檪 you’re one of my favorites, @nastypersuasions, I can’t deny that, love learning from your vast knowledge. Strange, how you never know where you’re going to learn the most vital things in life. Certainly not ninth grade math. Yes, I appreciate you. 馃檪

    1. yeah its a sweet picture but one prolly more for the photo album as opposed to on the internet. I really think its not a good idea that one posts pics of their kids…too many creeps out there…not that they can find out any info but just for the mere fact that I wouldn’t want any pig looking at my kids in that way…ya catch my drift?
      Just saying 馃檪 But it is a sweet picture.

      1. There’s a words war brewing between the gov’t and the MNLF can sense it might result in conflict maybe another beheadings and burning to crisp gov’t soldiers. It’s a mistake to have peace with these snackbarist I say like erap did eradicate their camps. No media access(hope some soldier share some video in BD just like in the past)and kill em all.

          1. There will never be peace in Mindanao. Even Indonesia has muslim separatists. If the government cannot eradicate these snackbarists, I think it would be best that the government grants them independence from the Philippines. The Bangsamoro area isn’t very big so it wouldn’t have a big impact on the economy. The economy of the Philippines would even improve.

            The peace negotiations will never work. There is already the MILF, MNLF, Abu Sayyaf, BMFF, and Jemaah Islamiyah.

            Thr Philippines has suffered too much because of them. Innocent people are killed, government funds are wasted on them, the image of the Philippines becomes worse everytime they kidnap for ransom and kill, etc.

          2. @mithi I agree with you bro let them fight with their territories but the problem is some parts of Mindanao are non muslim like Davao it might be a targeted by these bandits if they have independent.

          3. I guess no matter what happens, the government will have to use military force against them. Maybe they can establish a demilitarized zone like the North/South Korean border, although the government’s military power would be considered very weak compared to Bangsamoro as these muslims will have the support of the Middle East and Malaysia, unless the government can win the support of the US.

        1. Still, whenever I hear it, with or without instruments, I imagine a movie scene where the main character is on a journey through the desert.

          I find it odd that even instruments are not allowed in Islam. That explains why the other day, while searching for indigenous Southeast Asian music, there were people commenting stuff like “Allah will punish these people, music is for the devils.” and such.

  3. The truth is, the Arabs are not our enemy, they are the Jews enemy. The Jews want to destroy the Arabs and they use our white brothers to do it. Hitler sided with the Arabs, he also met with the grand mufti of Palestine during WWII??? did I spell that right?? Anyway, the Jews two biggest enemies are white and Arabs. Whites and Arabs should join forces against the anti christs.

        1. just the immense size of russia and china is enough to bring a good fight . and the craziness of iran them fuckers will end up seeing it as a fight for allah and all that bullshit and will release every nuke theyve got they wont give a fuck . dangerous times.

  4. Hey guys, glad to see the gore back.
    Well you certainly missed so many awesome gory videos,
    I was only sharing them with Landa.

    Well, I have something for you..
    A beheading video, and I can assure you that you won’t find it anywhere, but I don’t know how to contact the new admin, @ate please answer.

      1. It’s a beheading video with the highest quality ever, I spotted it in youtube weeks ago right when it got upploaded (I always check for new videos there and I know how to look for them since I know the language and preciely what religious terms those muzzies use) and of course the video got fastly deleted.

        I guess I’m the only one who downloaded the video, and I don’t think it got uploaded anywhere since then.

    1. ??*~Juicy~*??

      Are you still within striking distance of LA?

      We need a holiday and Mr C, beckons; steak, pizza, cocktails.

      You’ll need a babysitter as we plan on being out until late, and a taxi home.

      Doctor Nasty and the ever delightful Miss Starfish 馃檪

        1. Gotta love a nice road trip.

          Get packing and hit the road for action……. I love heading out of town to run rampant for a few days.

          That’s all it takes for everybody to get sick of me 馃槅

          Until next time of course :mrgreen:

  5. What is the red line that Assad has crossed through? That apparently he began to win the war.
    The kenyan must have thought “Damn! If you want something to be done, you must do it yourself!”. But he was not right.That is what he should say to Netanhayu! Oh… zoggies…

    1. Try looking back about 4 months to a Turkish border interception of 4 trucks laden with material necessary for the production of chemical weapons.

      Then ask why would Bashar Hafez al-Assad need more chemical weapons, when he has a huge fricking stockpile of the things?

      I would put my money firmly on the multiple anti-Assad fractions who want to engineer a Western intervention, destroy the Syrian command and control and turn Syria into a fundamentalist society where they will continue to kill each other if their particular ‘faith’ isn’t quite right.

      Unfortunately, the West has been led down the garden path and it’s leader’s believe in the power of ‘surgical strikes’ etc. etc.

      Meanwhile Israel will take the opportunity to hit the Iranian nuclear facilities, something that they have been itching to do for some time, Hezbollah will retaliate against Israel and, in the meantime, Iran will take out all the slow moving oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, destroy the oilfields and refineries in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq, mine the Strait of Hormuz and Europe will go back to the Eighteenth Century in about two weeks.

      No fuel reserves, no food distribution, civil unrest and complete meltdown.

  6. More proof of how effective a well placed IED can be. Did the job quite nicely here. Instead of a high definition replay, a high def close up would have been nice. But good none the less. These vids are great for really seeing explosive power, and the havoc they impose on unsuspecting motorists. My only wonder is if the device is just high explosives, or a small nuclear detonation which has happened on a small percentage in the past.

  7. I’ve been going the YNC for daily gore… Fuck the Canadian government and police trying to suppress marks views and his honourable goal of sharing uncensored news… Yeah hes got his own opinions but … Opinions are like assholes everyone’s got one and they all stink… Glad to see new videos…

  8. They’ve really modernised their music, snackbar remix shite. Next they’ll be using electric carving knives to decapitate people. And then advertise them in infomercials. There’ll be a snackbarist standing there with a few hostages in the studio goin ” are you sick and tired of hacking through infidels necks? Is your wrist aching like Allah’s heart when he glimpses a bit of woman’s side-boob as she sits in the front seat of a car educating herself in a revealing blouse? Well thank allah, we have the answer! With its high power, it glides through non-believer’s necks, and it’s low noise output means you can still hear them gargle as they die. So ring now and get yourself this ramadans must-have; a Mr Muhammad mean and mighty machete alternative!” Sorry for my ramblings, I’ve been prescribed some tremendous painkillers

  9. Are any of these videos downloadable? I’ll need some copies for a project that I am doing. I usually use the realplayer downloader to get copies of videos but I am having some trouble downloading videos uploaded using JW player. Would be good if one of the admins got in contact with me.

  10. Thank god best gore is back! I was so sad I even had a moment where I logged onto Facebook ! That was a very sad time may fellow best gore members forgive me for succumbing to such a low deprived state of mind !

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