Truck with Mexican Knights Templar Drug Cartel Gunmen Blown Up

Truck with Mexican Knights Templar Drug Cartel Gunmen Blown Up

I don’t know much about this video but it’s only a few weeks old. A group of gunmen affiliated with the Knights Templar Drug Cartel (los Caballeros Templarios) was exterminated and their truck blown up. I assume it was the Mexican army that killed them, although I don’t know that for sure.

The truck appears to be complete destroyed, as if it took a blast from an RPG or something even more powerful. A little bit of fire was still burning on the truck and on the dead person near it. The killed man must have had live ammo on him cause small explosion occurred a few times during the course of the video in his immediate vicinity. There appears to be at least one other dead men a few meters away from the truck.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Hahahaha

        I dare you. See how many you can down with those lovely ladies defecating all over the place in the back of your mind.

        I can’t help but giggle at the concept. It’s just so very very wrong.

    1. No that’s what it looks like when the people fight off the bitches that try to keep them as there 3 city’s are free from Templars and any Templar seen will have same fate ..they got there ass whoops by farmers .

  1. My favorite posts are always cartel related. I have two Mexican half brother so that may be why.

    That and I love the ultra-violence. What’s also a huge turn on is that Mexican marriages/relationships are very much old fashioned… Men make money and fuck women when they please… And women raise the children and care for the man even if he is an unfaithful bastard. I believe if men did as a man should… And women behaved like women used to for thousands of years, Marriage wouldn’t be such a joke today. Man provide food/necessities and women provide sex and caring for children/running the household/accounting.

    I know I probably sound like a caveman but I really think men have their place, their obligations and women have theirs… Society thrived this way for centuries… Now that everything is ass-backward marriage success is flailing off to die.

    Sorry to anyone I may have offended with these views but I do stand behind them.

    1. I started coming here for the narco related stuff too. I’m super fascinated by it. I have lots of Mexican family too, that may be why. Also, I live close enough (oklahoma), we actually see shit here. Wasn’t long ago that a zetas-owned horse ranch run by one of 40’s brothers was busted here. Crazy shit. Though, I think Mexico’s new media policy is actually doing what it was designed for because there hasn’t been much news out of Mexico lately, not even the narco blogs.

      1. @Cat_Butt @SkinTicket ^_^ it’s funny you know you both of you Bash on fords but that really isn’t true I have a 97 ford f150 and it runs like a beast every single car is going to fuck up eventually.. Ive seen plenty of new vehicles on the side on the road just last night I saw a brand new Audi on the side of the road with a blown engine xD and no I don’t repair my truck daily but I do the routine motor oil transmission inspection and check if it has enough water so the truck won’t overheat. o.o cars will fuck up it doesn’t matter if they are old as fuck or new if one doesn’t do the routine vehicle-motor inspection you will most likely fuck up the engine or end up in the side of the road with a flat tire or overheated the engine or worse blow up the engine o.o good luck owning a new fancy car the insurance is highly expensive and foreign car parts are expensive as fuck 😮 I’d rather stick to fords and chevrolets they are more reliable and because I usually haul heavy cargo they do the job right. ^_^ laziness and lack of routine vehicle-motor inspection is what leaves ones vehicle on the side of the road ..

  2. Truck with Mexican Knights Templar Drug Cartel Gunmen Blown Up…this story is true and it is happening in buena vista,la ruana ,tepec,coalcoman.this happen after the night Templar wanted to prove a point of why the people of these city’s needed protecting .the people where okay with this for years for fear of a attack with Corruption of law enforcement which worked for the Templars which gave them power to roam the streets as cops but still with the fees and with getting mistreaded but it was when the templars attacked a limon packing place which only had workers and the kids of the workers. adults where in there 50-75 older people with no intend to hurt them woman and husbands .kids 5-13 . mostly the same family that was working picking limons .all where unarmed only had there working tools .the workers of the lime farm where shot .burned .and they got some inside a warehouse and threw greanades inside there was kids in there.all this was in feb.2013 after that happen the people started fighting back and stoped paying the quotas which hurt the templars back because they lost the income of 3 city .the more land or money you had the higher the quotas where intill the point they had no way to pay because there income source had been taken the templars would kill them or take there daughters or threaten the whole family and buissness in the 3 citys.also evrytime the autodefensas attacked they where able to recover alot of ak47. grenade launchers.m15 .and other high caliber weapons and alot of ammo which started to give the people the upper hand against them.when the people started to fight back they had no more than 22. Rifles and shotguns which don’t have as much range as the guns that they where getting attacked by.also the people had no bullet proof vest . .so when the Templars seen that they where losing inside the three city’s they retreated and they closed the 3 main ways around into the pueblo which gave them the power to stop anyone in and coming out like the market venders .the wholesale trucks any gasoline pipes and sodas truck could not go into the city or there where the enemy too..also no taxi in and out and no kind of food .cloth.or anything of income was aloud in .any civilians from the 3 city who would get caught coming out or going in would get tortured and killed . The person burning there was a Templar there was more killed that day …also I just wanted to tell you what happen .it was not the military who killed Him the military was just say the military was not seen till the end of may when the autodefenas started killing anyone in the orginize crime who is charging quotas ..also there was alot of marches and protest in the USA California Los Angeles .and San Jose Mexican consul so that the goverment would prevent the slaughter but they where not seen intill the autodefensas had the Templars cornered outside the city limit..It was the same people of the pueblo (city) aka autodefensas which was made because the Templars are charging coutas which are like protection and tax fees for the Templars leaders so that they can be safe but lets just say they can’t protect you when they are taxing and raping and killing in the cities..but they started charging fees on the gallon of milk ,apples,limes ,avocados,sodas,gasoline ,tortillas down too a toothbrush .also they started taxing and taking lands ,homes ,animal ,cows daughters wife’s sons ,cars and life it’s self if you worked in the field wages are a bitch ass is and they where forced to pay 30 peso a day to live and I am not making this up all is 100% true because its my family that was going to get slaughtered on may 10 ,2013 Mother’s Day in Mexico .the Templars had threaten to kill all woman and kids if they did not start paying there quotas again but the family members of mine and alot more others family’s even the mayor and counsel where already tired of living like slaves that even they armed themselves and starting fighting back and again victory was on our side and the Templars threat was a bluff ..that picture I attached is how the main 3 ways where blocked by 50-100 sicarios aka hitman ..also they most off that people there where told they where going to be paid and well cared for well lets just say most where not paid in months most new recruits where inexperience shooters they had picked up a day before and had no experience on the land they where going to attack because they threw all there new solidiers to get killed which put fear in the Templars and gave more experience to the autodefensas of the city..also evry man they killed they tools there guns and ammo .vest , trucks and anything the last couple days of may with the pressure of mine and other family and high ranked officials inthe USA called over and over to the military To go an help the people but was ignored intill the end of may.also in the Spanish news in the USA it was passed over and over because they admired the people fighting for the 3 cities liberty for organize crime and because they also knew they where not lieing ..also military did come in intill the last 2 weeks and took out all the police force of the 3 city’s because they all worked for the organize crime.the military is now patrolling but the autodefensas are there by there side unarmed because they want to show them who is and is not from the city .and also to make sure that the military don’t flip.

  3. I’ve just finished reading the book that the BlogDelNarco people have released, it’s gives a pretty good insight to the power the Cartels wield, it also has a bunch of pictures to go with each tale of the atrocities committed by them.

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