Turkish Policeman Shoots and Kills Man in Cold Blood

Turkish Policeman Shoots and Kills Man in Cold Blood

In the wake of mass protests throughout Turkey, Best Gore member some1orno1 sent me a video which shows why Turkish people are fed up with their government and the government’s enforcers – the police.

The video is from the town of İzmir / Karabağlar. A civil vehicle collided with a patrolling police car and the policeman learned that the driver didn’t have a license. While driver’s brother and his friends tried to negotiate a little leniency with the officer, arguing that the boy is starting his mandatory military service in a few days, asking the officer to look the other way this once, things got tense.

All of a sudden one of the officers pulled out his service weapon and shot a guy approaching him with a chair. The man was shot in the lower body and in the chest and died moments later.

Things might have gone ugly because of the man’s macho act, but to shoot him dead in cold blood right in the middle of the street – that seems a little excessive and certainly not in line with the level of threat he was broadcasting. Apparently, the guy in orange shorts was shot too.

During the shooting, you can see another officer brandishing his pepper spray. He looks kind of confused. But it’s the killer who seems rather unconcerned with having just murdered a man in cold blood. He was just kind of like… yeah, whatever. I’m a cop. Anyone else wants some?

Watermelons at 1:17 look amazing. I definitely root for protesting Turks. Government and their enforcers that are a threat to citizens instead of being there for them and serving them are not good government and enforcers.

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84 thoughts on “Turkish Policeman Shoots and Kills Man in Cold Blood”

    1. Everyone should support the protestors, they are secularists not like the syrian rebels, the us government only wants to support theocracies to keep these countries from progressing. It’s a good strategy to maintain global dominance but its horrible for everyone who lives there and creates a lot of enemies.

          1. Possible he took one to the gut or got grazed. But it didnt seem that apparent to me from the start. Either way if that was me you’d be calling me brown shorts

          2. From what i heard in news and i see in this video orange shorts took a shot to each of his legs. And he is not praying, he is just a little(!) shocked to see a close friend of him shot dead infront of his eyes…

  1. Yeah. When the cops start shooting, I’m gone. I’m not standing around with the crowd, to see what happens next. Those cops were lucky none of the citizens were armed, wouldn’t have been just civilians down.

      1. If I may interject here…@Mike you are certainly not correct about your assertion of @It was me. Our lady @It was me is one of the more civilized and respectful folks here. You may have her confused with @Its not me..

          1. FD, forgive me for not being able to properly respond earlier. For having my back and so much more, I can’t tell you how much I admire and respect you. But I’d like to come over tonight and show you 😉

  2. I lol’d when the guy who filmed this zoomed in on the watermelons.
    The policeman who shot the man just stood there like nothing important happened, it seemed like he didn’t care at all.
    To be completely honest, I have a thing for men wearing a uniform lol :(.

      1. I think the guy just had a short attention span. He was like “Oh that’s terrible, why did he shoo… Oh, hey! Watermelons… mmmm” I like the way the cop got the fuck outta Dodge after he’d watched him go down.

    1. So you’d let some idiot slam you in the head with a chair! Fuck that I applaud this officer for defending himself there’s no reason for police to have to stand there and be assaulted with no meaningful recourse

      1. Police is just another gang for me, and we havent seen the whole situation. But a bullet in the guts for a chair? Thats a disproportionate reaction. Well trained, decent cops can deal with it without gunning someone down, but it seems they are always somewhere else.

          1. They were carrying pepper spray, that would have sufficed and I say that from experience, a good blast of that shit in the face and he’d have soon dropped the chair. Who knows, the cop might have been genuinely frightened of the chair or he might have just been having a shit day, whatever the reason he should be facing charges.

      2. are you serious right now? an officer of the law should not gun down the people they have sworn to protect!! he could have done anything better than use lethal force… pepper spray, a punch to the chin, a night stick to the leg, shit!

        This really upsets me. that civilian with the chair didn’t deserve to die. yeah he shouldn’t have been aggressive and yes he probably deserved to be maced, but not shot. I wanna kick that officer in the dick, repeatedly.

        1. On this site i have defended good cops and been openly critical of bad ones. Having been a military cop, I have at least a little insight into the law enforcement mindset. Here’s one thing I guarantee you, all cops want to come home every night. Don’t come at them with a chair or with any other aggressive posture and or weapon. Cops are not trained to shoot to maim or wound…that kind of handgun accuracy in a tense situation is the stuff of Hollywood. Cops and soldiers are trained to shoot center mass. As for non-lethals like tazer guns amd pepper spray – not really into these as a way to respond. Bottom line is your actions have consequences.

          1. Agreed, but at some point it just bloodthirst
            and gang mentality, and the future doesnt look so bright with the dilution of Posse Comitatus and the purchase of 1.4 billion rounds by the DHS.

      3. Have you ever wondered why the other policeman pull out a pepper spray?
        Yeah they carry them both… People might not be aggresive enough to shoot back at police but every act of violence is another drop in the glass which seem to be leaking recently.

  3. hmm.. looked as if he was bluffing with that chair, SUX to go out like that, btw the guy who got shot in the balls was asking for it… who dafuq wears orange shorts?? that’s a crime, so the cop is not really guilty there…

    1. Some people hate orange, some hate pink, some hate blue… that goes on. What is your favourit colour? Maybe its the colour a triggerhappy ashole hates that you might encounter very soon. How would you like that?

  4. Wow. Just wow. Look how he acts after he just shot a man. He doesn’t look scared, not at all bothered. He just walks calmly around as if he is the biggest man there.

    This “policeman” has obvious mental issues. If he is gonna say he felt threaten it did not look like it all. It look like it was a big ego boost for him. Scary people like that can end up in the police and be allowed to handle guns. Fuck this shit.

    1. Fucking pigs! That’s tax dollars going to good use. They train at shooting rage on a daily basis , tax payers expense off course . When times comes , they shoot him dead? Shoot his fucking leg I’d you feel threaten. Seems like these days anything can be a threat. Come ate with a bannana, I feel threaten lol. Dodge chargers, mercedez van, horses and even crotch rockets , Seriously? I ducking hate pigs, especially the happy trigger ones.

      1. I have asked the same question..why do the police always shoot to kill..? There are plenty of case’s where the cops unload on someone when they could have simply shot them in the leg or the arm. When there are multiple cops those motherfuckers will empty their clip on grandmom with a wooden spoon in hand..

        1. please see my reply above. As a cop, hell as a person, when you find yourself under attack you just empty your magazine at center mass. Anyone who says they could camly sight in ad shoot the bad guy in the leg or arm while being charged at or shot at is basing their Rambo/Lone Ranger abilities on Call of Duty.

          1. There is a reason why they are called police… They are trained in anger management as well as gun and crowd controll… Atleast that is what suppose to be, that is what being a police suppose to require.
            Are you telling me that every one wearing blues and carrying a gun should play the judge, jury and the executioner? Because thats what is happening today. What Isee in the video is not Judge fucking Dread, it is a monkey in uniform with a gun in his hand. Let alone managing his anger, i doubt he can manage his ass after taking a shit.

        2. You find this video awkward? You would be surprised to read the frequency of policemen shooting people in the back of their head accidentally upon tripping a curb stone while chasing them(if you knew Turkish and care to read the shity news).

    1. Turkish people want to join the EU, as ”Turkey” you should be reffering to the Turkish govermetn which does any thing to keep us away from EU, which also governs the Turkish police…
      Do you think these shit would happen if we had the laws of EU in our system?

      1. They are not gypsies eiter. They dont ride camels to work, not all of them have their first sexual experience with donkies and they dont burry themselves in sand hills… Leave him be i dont think he even knows which end is his ass and whic is his head.

        1. “not all of them have their first sexual experience with donkies” – this made me chuckle. A guy from where I lived as a kid was caught on cctv standing on a milk crate shagging a cow, each to their own I guess.

    1. No dont ever respond to a cop, dont ever hit back when they hit you!
      So that they can grow their balls large enough to do what ever they want, when ever they want to whom ever they want.

      Fucking sheep -.-

  5. There is no defense for these cops, just look at the UK, unarmed police disarm a crazy guy with a machete using riot shields and dustbins, and recently armed police maimed two guys that charged them with gun and a meat cleaver (close range), both survived.

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