Turkish Protester Ethem Sarısülük Shot in the Head by Police in Ankara

Turkish Protester Ethem Sarısülük Shot in the Head by Police in Ankara

27 year old Ethem Sarısülük was shot in the head by a policeman during a protest in the commercial district of Kızılay in Ankara, Turkey. In the video, a policeman in riot gear is seen kicking a protester in the head but because he was alone and a large group of protesters was getting close, he pulled out his weapon and fired three shots into the air. As the shots were being fired, Ethem Sarısülük collapsed with a fatal head wound to the ground.

It is not very clear from the video whether one of the shots fired by the riot cop hit Ethem Sarısülük in the head, or whether an off camera cop fired into the crowd to help the overpowered cop with an escape.

Some sources claim Ethem Sarısülük is the fifth victim of the repression remote controlled by Prime Minister Erdogan, others say he’s alive in Numune Hospital, but brain dead. The secretary general of Human Rights Foundation (IHV) Metin Bakkalcı confirmed that Ethem Sarisülük was dead. Hurriyet Daily News also confirmed that Ethem Sarisülük was dead, although according to them, he’s the third victim since protests started, not fifth. The other two victims are Abdullah Cömert, a 22 year old youth branch member of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) – killed in Antakya on June 3, 2013 and 20 year old Mehmet Ayvalıtaş who was hit and killed by a driver in Ümraniye on June 2, 2013.

Video showing the moment of Ethem Sarısülük’s death is below:

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  1. As the old saying goes… what goes up must come down. Where do you think those bullets that people shoot in the air all the time go?

    I read a story that a young boy was walking with his younger sister, holding her by the hand, when she suddenly collapsed. Apparently she was killed by one of those bullets that gunsnackbarists shoot in the air.

    1. something similar happened in the Philadelphia area new years eve….actually I believe there were two incidents. do idiots think these bullets just go out into space? irresponsible gun behavior. no mercy for their idiocy.

      1. Guns are just evil period!
        Protesters remind me of kids throwing a fit to get what they want..Do we shoot guns in the air to scare them? I say let them protest as long as they are not hurting anyone.there are other ways to deal with that stuff, besides bringing out the guns..Mainly if you can’t shoot right and run like a pussy after.You can tell that job was not for him!

        1. protesting is idiotic and they will almost always result in violence. a person is smart, but people are dumb, violent animals. they hold up traffic, they harass passerby on the streets they deface property and cause civil unrest. look at this shit and tell me they are solving anything. and yeah, that pigs a bitch :/

          1. You’re right! I had more to say about protesting. I do agree with you. I just didn’t feel like taking more time outta my day to bitch about why I don’t like it..
            Have a great day 🙂

          2. You two are obviously apathetic yanks who allow their government to trample over them and allow a bunch of jews to use all their tax money to fight illegal wars that benefit jews. Americans are the idiots not the protesters.

        2. The he’ll ars you talking about! The protesters were violent so he was reacting with force. He was defending himself and accidentally killed the guy. Guns are not evil. These crazy murderers out there are. I own multiple firearms and I love them. You can tell weapons are not for you!

          1. The guy killed was wearing working gloves, as can be seen in the picture. Peaceful protestors generally don’t wear those. Pricks throwing stones, destroying stuff and spreading chaos on the other hand do.

            Looks like he had it coming.

    2. @sun ray ahahaha is that what you really think? You think a spent round somehow maintains the velocity it held as it left the gun? Sure it wouldn’t feel good. But it would simply feel about the same as a small hailstone hitting you.
      maybe I’m completely fucking stupid. But I feel as though you couldn’t die from that. Anyone else have insight into this? Any physics majors?

      1. new years eve in philly a man fired his gun into the air to celebrate, when it came down struck and killed a little girl. now full grown adult? I don’t know. but the bullet hit this little girl with still enough force to kill her.

      2. Not a physics major but a bullet doin about 1600 fps
        going up will be doin maybe
        300 or 400 coming down. That hailstone still has enough velocity to make it through ones thick skull, regardless how hard it is.

    3. When the bullet is fired upwards it is driven by the explosion inside the shell casing, much larger force than the gravity acting on it when it goes down. Don’t forget the air drag which limits its velocity (terminal velocity).
      Most handgun bullets weigh 16-22g, unlikely able to penetrate the skull even when dropped from high sky.

  2. I like how the cop runs off like the faggot pig he is right after protester hits the ground.
    I’ve also read there’s been already 6 of them pigs in Turkey who committed suicide under the pressure of social outcry and/or too many hours of ‘service’ under very tough conditions…

  3. Bad situation. The protests don’t look like there dying down, if anything turning more violent. I heard on the lame stream news that Prime Minister Erdogan was supposed to meet with a group of the protesters. I’m sure this will be resolved quickly, no one reported.

  4. Hi everyone, I been a on looker for quite sometime now and finally decided to join the bestgore family.

    the cop seem happy to have shot someone. Running to tell his friend, look guys I killed one =).

  5. Fuck the dirty turkish rats
    Trowing rocks and bottlles like the bosses they are
    But when the handcufs are one they raise there shoulders and say it was not me who was throing stuff at the police

    When shots are bying fired in the air its not posible to get injured by them when they come down. There is not enough weight to penetrate the skin

        1. My bet is you did not go read the link I gave you.

          If you believe in Mythbusters you can believe in fairies too… as it has been numerously demonstrated here, Mythbusters are not always right… ask Mark.

  6. CelticKikeKiller
    on June 12, 2013 at 3:24 pm said:
    You two are obviously apathetic yanks who allow their government to trample over them and allow a bunch of jews to use all their tax money to fight illegal wars that benefit jews. Americans are the idiots not the protesters.

    1. My reply to your comment is you don’t know me to say that doll..That word you two? I am an individual k? So reply to me or him as one! Thank you very much 🙂
      Now you have a good day doll….

          1. @ali, women here will get the respect of others if they act accordingly and use their avatars for what they are meant for…as a means of identification.
            That being said…let’s see those tities!,,

  7. Here some Quotes from Mr. Another Nice S.O.B. Erdogan:

    – We did not commit a crime, therefore we do not need to apologise. – On the Armenian genocide.

    – If this is about holding meetings, if this is a social movement, where they gather 20, I will get up and gather 200,000 people. Where they gather 100,000, I will bring together one million from my part. – On the protests.

    – This is a protest organized by extremist elements.

    So why stop Mr.Sultan, if you have some nice anti riot weapons to test out on your people like Sound- and Microwavecannons or you could just calm your cattle down through HAARPs EM-waves. What a nice time for dictators!

    1. Speaking of HAARP, i wonder if it has already been used for human control purposes. Since people seem to be going more mad globally , can it be that EM-waves play a part in this?
      Pls. correct me if this seems a stupid question.

      1. Beside the innate human attribute of “madness”, yes it could?ve been already used, an the perfidious fact about it, is the diguising effect. A conspiracy theory, lol. Its possible trough accordingly modulated EM-waves which oscillate with the endogenous EM-fields to induce all kinds of emotional states and behaviour or even the perception of of a illness as well as real ones.
        Mr.Thompson, its never stupid to ask questions. 😉

  8. Anyone wonder how the cop came to be so far in front of his cop mates? I mean, the guy is way in front of them just doing his own shit and kicking some dude in the face.

    He was provoked into shooting by those inconsiderate protesters who just wouldn’t leave him alone a few minutes longer just to stomp that one guy a little bit more.

  9. Is it me or did anyone else think the cop got shot first? If you watch close you hear a gun shot and see the cop twitch like someone just tickled him in his love handle area. Immediately after that he fires off three rounds. Let me know if anyone sees this or if I’m just retarded. Too bad it wasn’t a moon cricket that took the bullet…

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