Turkish Protester Mowed Down and Killed by Police Panzer in Ankara

Turkish Protester Mowed Down and Killed by Police Panzer in Ankara

20 year old Turkish activist named Mehmet Ayvalitas was killed in Ankara when police panzer drove into protesters on the fourth day of anti government demonstrations opposing growing Islamic influence. Mehmet Ayvalitas became the first confirmed death related to the 2013 protests.

Meanwhile, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan referred to the protesters as “extremist elements” and has blamed Twitter for the unrest, calling it a “menace to society“. Isn’t it funny that for over 2 years, Erdogan the Zionist puppet has been calling for Syrian president Bashar al Assad to step down because a bunch of bought troublemakers demanded his demise, only to finds himself in that very position, but refusing to take his own advice and quit?

How would you feel, Mr. Erdogan if surrounding countries set up training camps for extremists, armed them with weaponry, lots of ammo and top of the line logistics and then started to smuggle them into Turkey to fight your police as the “Free Turkish Army”? How about some of your own medicine, Erdogan? How about you practise what you preach and quit? How about David Cameron and Barack Hussein Obama call for arming of the opposition in Turkey that demands the regime change and is being oppressed and massacred while being truly “unarmed”?

Props to Best Gore member Benutzername for the photo and video. It shows both angles of the mow down:


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34 thoughts on “Turkish Protester Mowed Down and Killed by Police Panzer in Ankara”

    1. TURKEY is a secular state with none of that shit… They are also not speaking Arabic because they are not Arabs. Totally a different race with a different point of view about Islamic religion.

  1. That is fucking messed up. One can argue they did not see him but that does not change the fact this is getting out of hand. Horrible way to go but hopefully that will inspire the turkish people even more and they make something out of this protest because I am yet to hear of a protest that actually achieved something that was worth the effort and in this case the lives.

  2. @Mark maybe i was a little unclear when i sent the picture and video (sorry, my english isn’t the best). However, as far as I could figure out the image is not related to the Video. I sent two submissions: the first one had just a picure that was shot at the moment the guy was beeing ran over by a black car with tinted windows. Short time later the picture you posted above was published so I made a second submission + the video I also found. When you look close in the video, you can see that the man gets pushed to the side by the railings he was crouching at, it sure hurt him but he was able to get out to the side and even limped off.
    This is the other picture I was speaking about:

    PS: thanks for sharing my submissions 🙂

  3. What goes around for polititions…..comes back to roost for polititions,lets see him fix this one,got to feel for the comon people living there,they only want what many of us take for granted.
    Our govt has now out-lawed protest….peaceful or otherwise at sea,for “our own safety” ,another freedom allowed by democracy taken away.

    1. Why not going total?
      Pack your shit, we’re goin’ away. And we won’t leave much of a trace. Nothing left. Maybe a little Styrofoam. The planet will be here, and we’ll be gone. Another failed mutation; another closed-end biological mistake.

      1. you’re right about that, sir. this world would not suffer without us here. everything would gradually return to a pure natural state. and maybe eventually give rise to a better lifeform more suited to shepherd this planet properly…we are too selfish as a species, we overbreed and destroy everything. we truly behave like a fucking virus….we are the fleshy virus’. we used to be one with the earth. now we strive to separate ourselves from it because we decided we are better than all other life.
        we are not what we were supposed to be. we were supposed to be something better than what we’ve become. we must evolve our minds to try and rise above this stagnant human condition we’ve become bogged down in. we must become more than human.

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