Turkish Soldier Killed in Ambush by PKK in Sirnak Province

Turkish Soldier Killed in Ambush by PKK in Sirnak Province

Turkish Soldier Killed in Ambush by PKK in Sirnak Province

On June 16, 2018, Kurdish PKK launched an ambush on a pair of Turkish soldiers appearing to be mine-sweeping, killing one. The close combat footage video shows the other soldier take off and possibly get away.

The incident, according to the Kurdish media wing GerilaTV, took place in the Sirnak province.

Props to Best Gore member @a-sick-mind for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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61 thoughts on “Turkish Soldier Killed in Ambush by PKK in Sirnak Province”

  1. I’m no expert in warfare or have any experience at all but that shit was fucking gay. Are you trying to tell me those 2 shitheads never saw the enemies chilling on that hill? Unbelievable.

    1. You’re fucking gay. That’s good stuff, props to @asickmind .

      Looks like he got a head shot on the downed man, good gore.

      Was that an M249 SAW? The machine gun on bipod. Looks like good ol usa killing tools.

      Hail Satan

          1. It’s called an ambush for a reason. These soldiers were clearing land mines at the time they were ambushed. And yes, good ol USA, again, training, arming and funding these rats! Turkey is a united nation and no-one is going to divide and claim land for themselves.
            RIP sons of Turkey…

    2. 2018 and they are still shooting with iron sights..something had to trickle down to them from good ole USA …shit see what that soldier was shooting that you just kill..he may some optics..doubt it..he may have hit something besides that soldier laying down tryin to take cover.

  2. This are hell of fighters, they are very good,(not that they have other options).
    I have nothing against turkish people, but kurds have the right to live in peace in where they are…

  3. Is this one fake too, @alois?

    Seems like the same PKK production company. Honestly, I have my doubts it’s faked. Anyone else in their position would have added more than a split-second of CGI gore if that was the case, but maybe I’m wrong. Either way, lame.

  4. Dirty bastard Kurds kill even -dirtier bastard Turks!
    Pity some of us know that Kurds considered themselves Turks until recently and were quite happy to join in on the headchopping and child bum-raping conducted by Turks on Christians just last century. Oh.. and many Kurds are in ISIS as is a key leader.

    1. that’s not true… their language is an indo-european language related to Persian not Turkish. their culture and genes are also related to Persians and caucasus people. not turks.

      thing is “turks” of turkey aren’t even “turks”. a lot of turks from turkey are in fact Armenians, Kurds, Persians, greeks etc. that have been turkified. the “real” turks are the turks in Central Asia and they look asian (like Chinese) not are not of a caucasian race.turkish language is also related to mongoloid languages. even the current president of turkey from what I have read is of Georgian heritage and has likely converted to islam long time ago. most Kurds are also not religious and lot of them are communists.

      1. Brother where did i say Kurds are Turks? I have always said Kurds are genetic cousins of the Persians. I am sure i have mentioned it many times here.

        Erdogan is actually of Pontic Greek origin and his family were actually islamicised by force in the last major wave just before 1900. His ancestor at the time is well known as being an Anti Turk guerilla and Greek patriot. Pity his descendants are hard-core fucked up Sunni headchopping Janissaries.i have heard the rumour of him being originally ajarian or Georgian as you say but more recent material now proves my assertion beyound doubt. They found baptismal records of this ancestor etc.

        It is true that many Kurds are progressive yet most recently in Turkey,they still voted for Erdogan who is from one of the hardcore Muslim Fundamentalist parties. They could have easily voted for the Kurdish more moderate party;they did not.
        Yes many are Communist. The ones that the US are allied to in Syria are Communist but the US never mentions that. When Uncle Sam was bumchums with the Turk it never failed to mention that the Ypg Kurds were Commie” terrorists”. It seems Uncle Sam’s Ypgfriends of the day have now lost their terrorist spots.Not that their Communism bothers me. Uncle Sam loves Communists. Its biggest trade partner is Commie ;China.Peshmerga Kurds on iraq border are spineless traitors and bootlicks of erdoganistan.

        As for the rest i agree with you. True Turks are Mongols and have no place in Europe ,never did ,never will. Persians as indo- europeans or Aryans have more right to being European than the Turks ever did.

        Thank you for also mentioning these things. I am sometimes sick of being one of the few who know or are willing to mention them. These details are very important in world affairs as you know.


  5. This video doesn’t make any sense. Why would a pair of mine sweeps put themselves in such a vulnerable situation in a combat area. That makes no kind of sense. Is the Turkish army that stupid? I don’t think so. Another thing ISIS means Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. It is Jewish in origin, just like Al Quada actually means the toilet in Arabic. This entire video is staged. You can tell when you see them shooting at nothing and you don’t see any ammunition leaving the weapons.

        1. From what I can recall, some US military soldiers of some sort were with a small group of local fighters in Nigeria. They were overtaken by “the enemy”, and they were all killed. The video was in first person view, captured by one of the American’s helmet cams. The video was at lest seven minutes long. The US soldiers (I only remember seeing two of them) and their comrades were out numbered. They tried hiding behind some vehicles, but it was no use. The soldier with the helmet cam eventually gets shot in the head, and falls to the ground. If I am remembering correctly, blood starts to flow from his head as you witness it first person. It was pretty crazy. The people who killed him found the helmet cam, and they were the ones who released it. A member of another site posted it, but I think that the administrators asked them to take it down. If I manage to find it, I will definitely let you know.

  6. Kurds are the most disgusting race ever. I live with them in Istanbul and they are just plain animals, throwing their shit out of their window then let their children play in this shit. They never learn!

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