Turkish Military Base Raided, Carried Out by PKK Forces

Turkish Military Base Raided, Carried Out by PKK Forces

Turkish military base raided. There’s an image of 1 soldier being killed. The other soldiers had escaped. The action was carried out by PKK forces. Please post the video.

Here’s a rough Google translation:

From Capemeni and Rayagisti Re

On 24 June at around 10:30 pm the guerrillas have been on many sides
In Turkey, a Turkish army has been set up by the Graniye Granya
It is God’s avenues.
On the other hand, 7 Turkish soldiers were killed
You have been captured by a MPT-76 device.
Whenever a helicopter was there, helicopters have been hired by you.
Our guerrillas have been able to take over this calculation,
Enjoying your kitchen base.

May 25, 2019
Information Center and HPG Capacity

Props to Best Gore member @awesta for the video:

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      1. are you attacking me or that mohamed dude
        but yeah i agree he is prob from iraq or some terrorists shit hole like that
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    1. PKK are a Kurdish militia. Turkish government has been suppressing the Kurdish people for a while so there are many militias that fight back against turkey. PKK also fights isis.

      1. Yes it fought ISIS and many also fought with and nursed ISIS. Their initial leader in 2011 -who was bought by the US and Nato -was a Kurd living in asylum in Norway. Ha! Just proves how many sleeper cells of ragheads we have in Europe these days !
        Just like the bomber family of the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester was from an sleepercell of ragheads protected and housed by the Brit gov in england! Disgraceful. And the Boston Bombers, given asylum and housed by stupid Uncle Sam and their CIA boss Uncle.

        See my below comment on my thoughts re these Kurds.

  1. that translation tho…

    the president who would multiples nuke all the middle east country will be considered as GOD for eternity as all human kind will never thank him enougth.

    fuck this bullshit, sinze i am born i have never seen a single fucking day in middle east without war.

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  2. watching video…

    wow dat guy get a new rifle ! incredible !

    no.. in fact its shit.. dat rifle is shit. i dont get the point of this video lol. propaganda ? for shopping new rifle ? wtf

      1. @Jose Antonio
        You The Man my Good B G Bro.
        Where is that MPT-76 Made Brother??In The U.S, or Is It Israeli-Made ??

        And Thanks Tony, as i always appreciate getting some help, and Feedback/Reply when i ask.
        I Just Find that It is very respectful thing ta do. 🙂

        1. Hi TheDre.
          The MPT-76 is a pure Turkish product from MKEK, which is a kinda state owned manufacture, same as we used to have in France in St-Étienne (5.56 Famas, Mas 49-56, 9mm Pamas hg… ) and Chatellerault (Lebel, Chassepot, 9mm Mac 50 hg…).

          Glad to see you’ve recovered from your recent surgery.
          Old carcasses like ours are pretty much corrosion/zio-resistant; thanks to old malts, Islays, Black Russians (or whatever is a real pleasure for the palate) for their propensity to preserve quality “meats”with a solid sense of humour.

          Be well, comrade.

          1. @Jose Antonio

            Man, you are full of awesome info concerning assault rifles and the like,,, too Cool Bro! 🙂
            As for Old Carcasses Immune To The Vast Amount Of Zio Garbage, that is constantly thrown our way! Bwa,ha,ha! 🙂 I Love-It Man, as you are also full of wit, my good B G Brother. I Am healing well, and much better, and quicker than expected, thanks for your kindness. 🙂

  3. I thought I had replied to this b4.
    Not sure but Are the PKK not Allies of the west?
    If so, why the hostility towards each other, is it Kurdish against Turkish?

    هل حزب العمال الكردستاني ليس حلفاء للغرب؟
    إذا كان الأمر كذلك ، فلماذا العداء لبعضهما البعض ، الكردي ضد التركي؟

    1. It is certain” Free” Kurds against Turkey ,yes. These Kurd dogs in Syria were called terrorists until the Syrian War. Then the Us and its terrorist vassals including my gov started loving these kurds.,as they could use them as inhouse troublemakers :a job they have been good at for centuries. Most Kurds in Turkey love Turkey as they always did :they were called Mountain Turks. There are also Kurds who fought against Turkey (in Iraq) . But Erdogan in Turkey bought them out with oil money so they are now his lapdogs.

      I supported these Kurds inSyria until they became Lackeys of the Us and vassals. Now they are just invaders and ungrateful refugees who want loot and free shit! Fuck off cunts!

      Allies mean shit! Turkey and Greece are both in Nato but are mortal enemies as are France and Germany. The only diff is France and Germany have not yet gone to war since joining Nato and the American Empire. Wont be long though.

      1. I sense you hold alot of hostility towards the western alliance.
        I by no means support proxy wars, or anything thereof.
        I do revolt against oppression and indignity to humanity, thus why I am here @ BG
        I enjoy the views from each side and try to base my views on educated

      2. I sense you hold a bit of hostility towards the western alliance?
        No ?
        I by no means support proxy wars, or anything thereof.
        I revolt against oppression, lust for power and indignity to humanity, thus why I am here @ BG.
        It allows me to see things as they really are, I enjoy the transparency, and views from each side and I base my views on moral and ethnic reasoning.
        I wish we could all join together one day and cut away the strings of the puppet masters..
        We have so much to gain, and nothing to lose!
        We could take away the gun we have at our head by the powers that be… MF`ers
        This world needs to start over,and not let there be monopoly’s, but a free shared universal trading system.
        It will work.

        this is orig post of above, i must have hit finished inadvertantly or some kaka.
        Pleased to meet you as well.

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