Turkish Soldier Eats Rocket – PKK Attack

Turkish Soldier Eats Rocket - PKK Attack

April 24, 2019 PKK Attack
Sides rocket eater Turkish soldier. Attack 3 Turkish soldier kill him. PKK forces by done

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Here’s a rough Google translation of text at end of video:

Our love is in the midst of the darkest wave of lightning and the brightness of the day 24th day at night.

14.10 or in the occupation of a colonial military that is situated at the foot of the ancient part of the country, which is located in the southern part of the Kurdistan Region. Hezen has targeted us with the enemy’s enemy that the occupier of 5 invaders occupied you and was beaten up by the enemy. On the other hand, 3 military assaulters were killed and 3 soldiers were arrested.

25th November 2019
Information Center and the HPG Capacity

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109 thoughts on “Turkish Soldier Eats Rocket – PKK Attack”

      1. how would you know?

        these days we hear it all from guys whom served

        i saw better and I never served

        Dealer, chck out the long range .50 cal vid shots…..nut

    1. its a TOW missile. its very recognisable.

      as for the sound, TOW doesnt make huge noise once fired and travel faster than its sound.
      he could indeed hear it coming, but only on the last second. sound is similar to an plane flying (big one you can hear sometime flying up in sky)
      they are also very low chance to avoid it once fired as the trajectory is constantly corrected by the missile guidance system.

      and yeah, how are they suppose to live if they stay hidden all the time. its not like you get sniped everyday. 🙂

  1. The Kurds took out some a Turkish soldier? Good. The way the Turks treat them they deserve it! BTW, what kind of weapons was that? It seemed like guided rocket or just a lucky RPG shot?

  2. It’s too bad the KKK and the New York Mafia aren’t alowed to have RPG’s. They would do a lot of cleaning up of filthy illegal Hispanics, Negro Thugs, Gays and Liberals. …..Not to mention there would be a lot of cool videos for best gore.

  3. It was kinda entertaining to listen to the background score, in addition there was that orange ball of fire , that had put the soldiers in quagmire , in retaliation they could only yell ,”fire fire” shockingly but their end was dire .

  4. kinda sad in a way
    a sniper could have done that, but someone wasted a missile to send the guy to La=La heaven
    and his toothless skank hole 70 non-virgins

    just thinking about living for eternity with that skank is enough to make you want your soul to die

    the Turk zlombies need to be eradicated, so send more missiles until the self-genocidal cunts learn to use scopes

  5. Another shitholestan… you know why places like that will always be in the state of war? Because they populated by aggressive monkeys who cannot collaborate, they are too stupid to reach that stage of evolution.

    Convince me otherwise.

      1. Lol… No, I’m serious AssholeForBrains… There’s a video of a group of soldiers gettin hit with a TOW missile fired from a rooftop by some Jizzreali Torahrists and it blows them to kingdomcome… Like when your niggr boyfriend blows his kangdomcum on your face Daño… Have you seen it..?

        1. Have I seen TOW missile strikes? Yes. Hundreds on YouTube. Hilarious.
          Have I seen your video? No. I do not watch gay pornography.
          Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to clean my deli slicer before the vag juice hardens.

          1. Dana, yer a stand up guy,
            but vag juice?

            gunna barf 😉

            man, if it’s in the fridge it’s way past stale date

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  6. Another one of Barry Soetoro aka Obama’s “Moderate Mudslimes “taken out by a “more moderate Mudslime”aka Kurd formerly known as a “Mountain Turk”.

    Why does the Murican taxpayer have to spend so much money on public relations firms for changing around the names of the pet headchoppers?

    It wouldn’t be because they want to confuse us ,keep us in the dark and have no accountability for their pets’ actions would it? Hmm

    It is the religion of pieces isn-t it? Well pieces he was given.

    1. Nems you always put it to terms
      zlombies kilin’ zlombies
      it’s all good

      mounting Turdks, and after their kids grow pubes, the zloms throw the raped boys off the mountains
      or local apartments, kill them with stones.

      bullets are spensive, nothing on TV

      religion of peace – don’t tell anybody shhhhhhh – peace

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