Two Alleged La Barredora Sicarios Executed with Shots to Head by Rival Cartel

Two Alleged La Barredora Sicarios Executed with Shots to Head by Rival Cartel

Two Alleged La Barredora Sicarios Executed with Shots to Head by Rival Cartel

Imagine if Mexicans ran out of cardboard……

Two men, alleged sicarios for the La Barredora Cartel, got executed by a rival cartel with shots to their heads. Even though their lives were untimely ended, considering the savagery many people are subjected to in Mexico before getting killed, these fellas got it quite easy. Kyle sends greetings to his homeboys.

The execution reportedly took place in the municipality of Caborca ​​in the state of Sonora, Mexico. The narcomesaje left next to the bodies reads:

This will happen to all of you in the 24/7 of Caborca, Yuka, Carroña, Tigra, let mommies come here, you know who’s in charge and your leaders Cara de Cochi and Abel, tell them to be asses. Yours sincerely, La Mera Berga.

The sicario who shoots the men says before discharging his weapon: “This is going to happen to all those who come to Caborca“.

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100 thoughts on “Two Alleged La Barredora Sicarios Executed with Shots to Head by Rival Cartel”

      1. the one kid on the left looked 15 16 yrs old..shame …the other dope deserved one in the dome for wearing that fake armani top…arman meets would think trading standards would not be so stringent in old cartel land..that top is missing a i.

    1. En mi opinión el que no se deja ver la cara es porque la cabeza es igual que la de un cerdo.

      In my opinion the one who doesn’t let his face be seen is because the head is just like a pig.

  1. What a waste of life!!
    These guys could have provided us with a face peel or a flaming Ghost Rider style head burn….This is a genuine travesty of Mexican cinematography
    The Hit mans performance was lackluster at best. And that lousy pea shooter of a gun….Couldn’t he at least shot them right up their old bean holes for some entertainment?And no brains to be seen anywhere. And as usual the pepper popping cholo who was filming took zero pride in his work.
    At least give us a closeup of the wounds before panning over to the pathetic looking sign. These two hit men cholos just put Caborca on the map for lamest place to get mudered.
    I give this film 2 Burritos out of 5 Burritos.

          1. @e-volve777
            G26 is a 9mm, not .380.
            Reason they use .380’s (9x17mm/9mm Kurz) in Mexico is because “military” calibers such as 9x19mm are illegal for citizen use. Kind of the same reason why 9x21mm is popular in Italy, but guns are chambered in 9x19mm for the U.S. market.
            Not that the cartels normally give a fuck though.
            I could use 4 burritos right about now.

          2. @hopingfornemesis
            The government doesn’t care about 9×19 in Mexico or Italy, that’s just how government works, they ban things to justify their jobs. Government only grows and gets more and more stupid and full of shit over time until it overtakes the entire economy. 9×17 (.380 Auto) performance is not the same as 9x19mm (9mm NATO), but 9x21mm basically operates at the same pressure, it just uses a 2mm longer case to get around the stupid Italian government laws against allowing citizens to use military calibers like 9x19mm NATO. The older you get, the more you realize how incredibly stupid the world is. And learn not to trust authority as though your life depends on it. Because it does.

      1. True that…But…I’m a violent ex con with a manslaughter conviction so my tolerance to wanton disregard for human life is somewhat disproportionate to normal nuts who use this site.
        Ps I’m now violence free and just live vicariously through the Cholo beaner sicarios.

    1. Too bad we can’t off all beaners this quickly. They would cease to be a problem anymore.

      Only problem would be exhaustion of pulling the trigger so many times. We’d need a lot of extra executioners to keep it rolling til all the beaners are gone.

  2. at least they didnt have there face burnt off, are the mexican cartels mellowing????? i want to see more mexican women playing more of a part, passing the petrol loading the guns then giving a sexy wink to the camera, just to add some light relief

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  4. Bit of a fun fact for anyone wondering: Most of these big tough guy cartel killas, and just members of these cartels in general are made up of people that haven’t completed school; farmers, rural people, etc. It’s why they always have spelling mistakes in their narco-messages. For example, the note has the word “Benir” (“come”) spelled wrong. It’s “Venir,” with a “V.” Same with “Berga” (“Dick”). It’s “Verga,” with a “V,” not a “B.”

    Or hey, maybe it’s a gang thing, and they’re replacing all the V’s with B’s, like the U.S. Bloods and Crips do it. lol

      1. Hitler was a pawn by the american jews, they used his so called campaign against the European jews, as validation for creating their zionist holy land that you now call Isreal.

        With out the Holo-planned-cost, there would be no precedent for the jews to create a nation. Dont you see, even Hitler was himself a pawn of the Chosen People. By dispersing the lower ranked Jew, from their foothold in Europe, he helped create Isreal.

        The Overlord Jews had no issues sacrificing some of their people, for the greater purpose of global conquest. It was all to plan.

        No Holocaust = No Israel

          1. Easier said than done.
            The best destroyer of the jew in recent times, were the jew themselves, like I said. You and I are absolutely powerless against them at this point.

    1. I don’t think anyone’s surprised by the fact these cartels are laboured by uneducated and poor idiots. When was the last time you heard of a dentist giving up his practice to become a sicario killer………

    1. He doesn’t look older than 16. Poor kid looked calm but he must have been freaking out, his pants are damp from where he pissed himself and i wouldn’t be surprised if he was dumping a load in them when they pulled out the gun.

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