Two Brazilian Friends Executed on Their Way to the Bar

Two Brazilian Friends Executed on Their Way to the Bar

On the night of October 4th, 2015, in a rural area of Frei Miguelinho, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, were on their way to a bar, traveling by motorcycle when they seemingly disappeared. Upon investigation later that night, police found the two men on the side of the road and initially reported that they had been killed in an accident. However, subsequent investigation by the Civil Police showed the men to be the victims of homicide.

The two men, identified as José Neto de Lima, age 18, and his friend; Patrick Edvanilson of Sobral, age 19, had both been executed with close range shots to the head. Investigation showed that the bike had pulled onto the side of the road and then the men were approached and murdered. It’s unclear whether the men were forced onto the side of the road or if it was just bad timing. Nothing was stolen.

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          1. @LF
            I’m betting the murder occurred precisely because of the awful jeans and shorts these 2 butt-buddies were wearing.

            Then again, dead bodies…check. Scooter…check. Questionable fashion choices…double check. This just looks like your typical, run-of-the-mill Brazilan Friday night. I am however somewhat shocked and disappointed at their lack of “DaSilvaness”. Maybe next time! 🙂

          2. Haha you’re right @DOS, it seems that type of outfit is pretty common there. I wonder if they think that’s what rich people in other countries wear? I’m just not a fan. I hope you’re doing well and work isn’t too bad for you 🙂

          3. @LF
            I’m doing good but still working my ass off. Sleep, work, eat, repeat. How about yourself?

            Also these guys are pushing the envelope in the metro catagory. I’d lean more towards the “ambiguously gay duo” side. 🙂

          4. @DOS

            Work has been pretty crazy for me too. We’re currently without a supervisor and short staffed and more doctors are wanting to work with us but hopefully it’ll get better. It’s probably still not as bad as what you’re dealing with.

            Hahaha! I miss those skits! It is really pushing it though. Maybe they were actually gay…it’s really hard for me to tell with foreign people sometimes.

          5. @LF
            I’d actually consider what your dealing with at work quite shitty as well. I have a degree in computer sciences and haven’t been able to find work in that field since I was laid off after staff reductions. Now I’m currently pouring concrete and let me tell you, it sucks dick…on a Boozer dick type of level. I’m hoping to get back into IT soon… We kind of have something in common; I was an Application specialist for digital medical records (EPIC & Allscripts) at a hospital before I was laid off. I’ll have to say, some doctors were ok to work with but I found most of them to be assholes.

          6. So you definitely understand the type of shit that happens in the hospitals lol. That really sucks you got laid off. I’ve poured concrete a few times (tiny at home projects) and I hated that shit so I can’t imagine doing it full time. I hope things work out for you and you can get back to what you enjoy. It’s the same way where I’m at…I will say a lot of the doctors I work with I do like but there are a few who can be complete assholes. However, I always make sure to keep good relationships with all of them because you never know where you’ll end up in the future and I don’t want to burn any bridges. I also force the asshole doctors to be nice to me and somehow it works haha!

          7. @LF
            Just tell the asshole doctors if they won’t be nice, you know some crazy, sick fuckers on BG who can get quite creative when it comes to death…that should get you some good references 😉 Hopefully shit will settle down for you too. It’s hard to appreciate the scenery in life when we can’t ever slow down….

            Then again, as BG has shown us, I guess there will be plenty of time to rest when we’re dead :p

          8. Hahaha that’d probably do the trick. I’ve found that I can kill them with kindness and eventually they just give in and become very pleasant, it’s like chiseling away at a cold heart until I get to the center.

            I agree when things get this crazy it’s hard to take a step back and just enjoy life. I can say that ever since coming to this site I really try to take that time to appreciate everything I have and enjoy myself. I really hope you can return to the IT business soon. It seems like the job market would be pretty good for that area but you would know better than me.

          1. Thanks all! @BB no need for wrap I’ve already seen it a few times now so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise, besides why cover something so nice. @BG I’ve yet to come across such behemoths I wouldn’t know what to do with one anyway.

          1. A general in the Army was quoted as saying, “95% of all men masturbate, the other 5% are liars”.

          1. Lol, @am0ur, I’ve always been told I’m big but fucking 10 inches, I don’t know that my 5 ft 6 frame could provide enough blood to stay hard

          2. Lol @littlefoot a pussy that sweet may get eaten.
            @am0ur, yeah that’s about what I’m thinking.
            Btw on a side note, I’ve been visiting bestgore for years and have never felt the need for a profile picture, but now that I feel I should have one I can’t figure out how the fuck you set it.

          1. @Bg If I bust out laughing thinking about what you just said while viewing said *ahem* “Jewish nose” and get in trouble know that I’m going to blame you lol

  1. So the two guys on a motorcycle were the ones that got killed, and there were no da Silvas? If it wasn’t for the flip flops (and that one guy’s gay outfit in general), I wouldn’t think this was actually from Brazil XD

  2. “police found the two men on the side of the road and initially reported that they had been killed in an accident”

    In Brazil, being shot in the fucking head while traveling by road is statistically a road accident.
    Also, in Brazil drinking and snorting coke while doing your 3-4 day shift as a Pol?cia Militar is considered very good job performance.

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