Two Brothers – 10 and 14 Years Old Were Murdered in Panelas, Brazil

Two Brothers - 10 and 14 Years Old Were Murdered in Panelas, Brazil

I don’t know what’s sadder – the young age of the victims or the reason why they were murdered.

On the morning of Tuesday July 2, 2013 an awful double homicide took place in the city of Panelas, not far from Caruaru in Pernambuco, Brazil. The victims were two little brothers – 14 year old CΓ‘ssio Olavo da Silva nicknamed Perua and 10 year old Rosenaldo Olavo da Silva nicknamed Olho de Brecha. The former was executed with 3 headshots, the latter took two shots in the head and one in the neck. The two died in a brotherly embrace, close to each other.

According to police, the brothers were users of crack cocaine and marijuana and were involved in several thefts in and around the city. Agnaldo Olavo da Silva – father of the victims said he was aware of his children’s actions and expected this to happen because the boys had received death threats.

Just when you thought Brazil could not get any more messed up…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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94 thoughts on “Two Brothers – 10 and 14 Years Old Were Murdered in Panelas, Brazil”

    1. Damn, a 10 and a 14 year old using crack?! That’s messed up! I guess they couldn’t pay their dealer so they were eliminated? Brazil used to be a great vacation hot spot, just like Acapulco, no more vacations their either! This world has always been fucked up, now it’s so bad, bringing a child into this world is scary!

      1. Proximity proximity of Mexico and Brazil? I hope you’re not saying geographically, buddy.

        And @elcaetz, this situation belongs to the northeast of Brazil, basically.

        My state is one of the richest one and we have a pretty good life here.. but you know what happens? The money that we make here is distributed all over Brazil… The government on those poor areas is EXTREMELY corrupted and we are all paying their high wages while they don’t give education/health to their people.


        1. Always the same. How can we feel like a nation when the first thing a brazilian, after seeing such barbarity, justified it with “is not in my state.” Yes, it is not your state, but it is your country and for a foreigner it makes no difference.

          Do not believe him, this happens arround whole country and if you wanna stick your ass down here you must be aware of that.

          1. I’m pretty sure what he says cannot be far fetched. It is the same in the USA. Some states are safer than others.

            I’m curious which Brazilian state you hail from @Seco

          1. @Another Brazilian

            First of all, didn’t said “not in my state” – I said the reality: We live in a “federation” that doesn’t work properly! The high ammount of taxes that we pay is distributed all over the country and surely it’s not used properly! What’s wrong with I said? Don’t be stubborn.

            I live in Santa Catarina. If you think.. in a city there are dangerous neighbourhoods – so why can’t a country have dangerous states? The cities with the higher criminal rates are situated at the north/northeast of Brazil! Wonder where “Caruaru” is?

            Well, I’m tired of watching my country on this kind of website and read people saying bad things about it when we all know that it’s not that monstruosity everywhere! The media fucks up with everything. I want to be proud of my whole country not only my state (and I’m proud of being from here and I don’t see nothing bad about it specially when you don’t offend others because of it)

          2. @Seco

            if you search for “Santa Catarina” on Best Gore, you will see that I myself mentioned it several times that it’s a safe part of Brazil. We simply never see anything like what happens in Caruaru to ever happen in SC and those few posts that have content form there are things that could happen anywhere.

    1. You started chokin’ yer chicken at 10? God damn! What the fuck got you all hot and bothered at that age?! I didn’t start until I was lucky number 13. Maybe I’m a late bloomer…or choker…or whatever.

  1. are you fucking shitting me Mark, that you think its sad why they were killed….you, the hater of thieves that steal from hard working people because they are too lazy to work and earn their own way? Sympathy for thieves involved with drugs and shit?….. fuck that, these worthless pricks got exactly what they deserved, young or not, a thief is a thief, and a drug involved thief is even worse…..good fucking riddance to the fucking pricks.

  2. If the dad was so informed about what his boys were up to,then why in the hell didn’t he do everything (assuming he didn’t do anything) within his power to stop or at least curb their behavior??? At 10 years of age parents usually still have a great deal of influence over their children.

  3. G’day all, new to site and am stoked to be part of the BG family. Mark you do a great and honest job …….. Respect.

    The dad looks like a skinny Ron Jeramy, but sad for the kids what a shit hole place to live.

  4. I have a friend who is a rescue paramedic and one time she witnessed an undercover policemen apprehending a thirteen-year old boy who was caught smoking. The boy pleaded the police in the station (where he lives it’s like a community center with a community police) not to call his mom. The police said rules are rules, and when she came she was FURIOUS and just slapped him like crazy. The police had to intervene due to child abuse laws (really, for her anger she gets charged with that?) and she told the boy that he can never ever come home again. Considering the boy was really a juvenile delinquent with history of fighting and stealing.

    So in relation to the story, that’s maybe how the father felt. He might have done everything but the boys just wouldn’t listen. And yeah like they say where my friend lives, “a baby moth who doesn’t listen to his mother gets BURNED!”

  5. There has always been a great divide in Brazil between the 5% who have everything and the rest who have little or nothing. Dodgy Dilma’s boast of creating millions more middle class occupants hasn’t helped, but made it worse. Kids are mostly left to fend for themselves while their parents (although mostly only one) are scrapping around trying to find food for the table. On this basis they are influenced by what else is around them and here on their society level it is drugs and crime. Ultimately, as this can only get worse, Brazil and other countries will lose the financial capability to push millions through the courts and into jail. Hard as it seems, every piece of scum like this of whatever age is better off dispatched because there is no chance ever of reform, rehabilitation or any other form of recovery and the cost to try is unsustainable.

    1. a riqueza ? fruto da meritocracia ,n?o ? distribuida. o brasil ? desigual porque nele habitam pessoas com capacidades intelectuais e comportamentos desiguais. estas diferen?as raciais ,querendo voc? ou n?o, refletem na sociedade. independente da pobreza ,drogas ,estrutura familiar
      onde h? preto ,pardo ,mulato ,cafuzo,caboclo etc h? crimes,simples assim . estas condi??es sociais s?o o efeito e n?o causa do comportamento desta gente. esta gente ? assim porque est? em seus genes assim ser ;seja no Brasil,no Haiti , na Rep dominicana ,na Africa do sul ,nos guetos Americanos , em Paris o comportamento( desestrutura familiar,pobreza,viol?ncia ,drogas, filhos fora do casamento,abandono escolar,gravidez na adolesc?ncia) ? o mesmo.

      ent?o nos polpe de suas desculpas marxistas.


          Let me explain to you:

          I thought that you were the guy that made the first comment of this post:

          I don’t know why! I got confused! Maybe your picture is similar? Not really but my brain messed it up and I thought you were him.

          Didn’t mean to say something bad.. thought you were being sarcastic! I’m really sorry for saying that!

          So I will translate to you “go fuck yourself” to portuguese so you can say it to me: Vai se fuder! (sounds like “vice foodER”)

  6. Mark, your sympathy for these li’l punk bastards amuses me. I think you, of all people, should know by now just how fucked up the kids are in Brazil (or any Third World hellhole, for that matter)?Daniel Petry ring a bell?

    Crack cocaine, marijuana, theft (and who knows what else these li’l Brazilian shits partake in)?sure the father of the two boys utterly fails as a parent, but regardless of their age and na?vet?, a life of crime as a youth is almost always guaranteed to carry on into adulthood (fuckin’ Gypsy kids, for example), so the demise of these siblings only serves as beneficial to society.

  7. Brazilian Father of the year !! (And Tache owner of the year too). Seriously though , that’s fucked up to be in those kid’s situation at that age. Crack at the age of 10 ?? ….. They wouldn’t make it past their teens anyway. Sad.

    1. It is fucking sad bud. These kids grow up in total poverty with fields of cocaine and weed in their back-yards and all they see and hear is their peers & friends with money and shit. WTF does BRAZIL do about it ? FUCKKK-ALL. These kids should have re-habs, sports, & hope for a future but their parents probably work 18hrs a day for pennies & do not have the time for those poor kids so they wander the streets all day SAD, SAD, the Brazilian Government should be ashamed of themselves for not doing more, they are their future. FUCK-MAN.

  8. Bullshit.. Who lets there 10 year old smoke crack…I don’t care what poor ass country you are from. Where the hell were the parents when the kids were gunned down? What a coward to kill a 10 year old!

    1. Fuckin right they are cowards for killing kids , and ANYBODY on here who does not think that shooting or killing a 10 yr old kid is wrong . And the father probably works 18hrs a day for pennies and did the best he could.

  9. Im sorry.. But this is very sad πŸ™ a 10yr old and 14 yr old already robbing,stealing, selling drugs and smoking their profit!.! The fact that their dad knew what crimes his children were commiting plus their drug addiction and he didnt do a Damn thing about it!! Their blood is on his hands!!

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