Two Cops Killed While Responding to Armed Robbery in Puerto Rico

Two Cops Killed While Responding to Armed Robbery in Puerto Rico

Sergeant Billy Colón-Crespo and Sergeant Ramón Ramirez-Castro were responding to an armed robbery at a bakery in Puerto Rico but things went from bad to worse and resulted in both officers getting shot and killed.

The cops detained two robbers but failed to keep a keen eye on both and as one was being frisked, the other one opened fire, striking both officers. The shooter then took one of the cop’s .357 caliber duty weapon and finished them both off with coup de grace shots. The suspects then fled the scene with an accomplice who waited for them in a getaway car.

The entire incident was captured on business’ CCTV camera the footage of which helped the cops to capture and arrest each suspect. What a mess:

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55 thoughts on “Two Cops Killed While Responding to Armed Robbery in Puerto Rico”

    1. Why is this video wrongly identified on here and you tube let me explain WTF happened the two guys enter bakery /snack bar one sneaks in the back the cops/pigs see suspicious activity from a guy sitting in a car who beebs the horn the guy in the back was looking for anything valuable but when he try’s to sneak back out that’s when the pig asks “do you work here hay ladies is this kid employed here?” the startled staff say no then they ask the other gangsta is he with you the gangsta replys helll no i am a law abiding citizen why ask because i have a tattoo the cops turn back to the kid and start questioning him that’s when chico pulls the gun out and says why you dumb fuck you could not mind your own business now i will not spare bang bang

    1. Thats exactly the first thing that came to my mind a bakery???? And these werent no rookie cops either they were both sergeants that got gunned down. They shouldve known better to be alert when detaining suspects.

  1. Why does it look like the cops just came in at the wrong time before the robbery even started, I believe they were caught off guard and that’s why they got killed, they were unaware that they had interrupted a robbery in progress

    1. Off guard or not, the officers should have been more aware of their surroundings. Those thugs didn’t look like respectable members of the community and how easy it is to conceal a weapon under those circus tent shirts.
      I’d say 50% cops fault for getting into this mess.
      At least if they won’t put handcuffs on them, keep an eye on each one of them, it’s not that hard since there were two thugs and two cops.

    2. Exactly. I`m from PR, and this actually happened approx 8-10 years ago. What happened was the police arrived to the bakery not knowing what was going on. They noticed the cashier nervous and they got suspicious. The shooters name is “Landy” got life in prision. He was the whole time with the gun under his armpit (hidden under the shirt). The sad things is for those who speak spanish, you can hear the police on the floor sayin “porfavor no me mates” Translated as “Please dont kill me”, but still “Landy” shoot him twice after leaving the scene. very sad indeed.

      I have a friend that is a cop now, and he told me that this video is currently use by the Police to teach them exactly what not to do when arriving or intervene with a suspect. These cop acted with total neglect and thats why they died. Very unfortunate.

      1. You are exactly right! The operated with neglect, unfortunately. As a police officer myself, I could see how this would be a great training tool for all law enforcement officers. I just don’t understand WHY they didn’t check the other suspect for weapons…I don’t get it. Very sad set of circumstances…and it looks like the officer that noticed the gun first sort of froze…My weapon would have already been out the second I saw him moving toward my partner and I. I hate when these things happen. RIP to both officers.

  2. He’s a Good shot.

    Whats the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the world “Puerto Ricans”, Some may first think of a tan waiter or waitress working at a sunny beach resort handing you a martini with an umbrella in it.
    I’m I the only one whos first reaction was of thugs, thieve, gang members, and drug dealers?

    1. I had an encounter with a Puerto Rican working in the red light district in Amsterdam back when I was a youth so for that reason I think of ho’s, yo (sorry for the wigger speak, I’ve just gone through two weeks of intensive viewing of the entire series of Breaking Bad), she was big, black and her ass was huge but man, that pussy was deliciously pink.

  3. Ha! The fatter lady behind the counter looks like Roseanne Barr!! And that was the longest drawn out shit ever!! I mean he stood there for the longest time! Where was he hiding his gun, because when he wiped his face with his shirt I kinda thought the one cop woulda seen that shit.

  4. It was hard to tell from that long video that there was a robbery going on. It looked like they were loitering and acting suspicious like they were up to no good. The cops came in and just hung around. Then before you know it, the shit hits the fan. Cops losing their lives over a goofy bakery robbery is insane.

  5. That was the weirdest robbery bullshit ever! Who comes in to rob the place and hangs around, gettin to know the ladies and shit. Get in get out WTF! They must have wanted really fresh doughnuts. “Give me the money and a apple fritter bitch!”

  6. Too late now for them, but PRPD could use some training on how to handle armed robbery calls. In the USA everyone one have been on the ground including the bakery ladies. Well at least those two maggots are off the street now. These ladies are going to need some extensive therapy, and every time they look at the racks of donuts all they will see is dozens of silent screams.

  7. Im from PR i lived in US and i will never go back maybe to visit, im from San Juan and area metro the worst part of PR San Juan the capital alone can have 500 murders in a year.In the Caribbean Islands Jamaica and PR are the bloodiest do some research.PR is a small island you have to flee the island if you get into some serious trouble in the streets unless you are a wanna be Tony Montana, I knew a dude here in the US telling me he fled PR cause people were looking for him to kill em.PR is a beautiful place just dont get involve with drugs and try not be in the wrong places just go to the beaches enjoy the weather and eat puerto rican food if you going to visit ..

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