Two Cops Killed Trying to Defuse a Bomb in Cairo, Egypt

Two Cops Killed Trying to Defuse a Bomb in Cairo, Egypt

Two Egyptian cops were killed after a bomb exploded in their faces. The bomb was placed near the Presidential Palace in Cairo. The cops were reportedly trying to defuse the bomb when it suddenly detonated.

From the video it appears as though there was only one police officer working on the explosives. He was wearing no body or head armor. Then a pair of men walked up to him and one of them distracted him by striking a conversation. That’s when the bomb exploded. Nothing like distracting a man who’s trying to diffuse a bomb. I guess the distractor didn’t get a chance to learn his lesson cause he was killed too.

The bombs – three of them – were reportedly placed near Egyptian government targets by a newly emerged Islamist militant group Ajnad Misr (Soldiers of Egypt). The group declared its intention to attack government targets, but decided to remove the bombs for fear that civilians would be harmed too. Their intent apparently failed as was revealed in a statement released by Ajnad Misr on June 27, 2014. The statement described where the bombs were planted and warned the public to be cautious around these areas. Ajnad Misr said they tried to remove the bombs themselves but were unable to do it for unspecified reasons.

Props to Best Gore member ColombianBastard for the videos. First video captures the moment of explosion:

Second video filmed witnesses and medics handling the victims and loading them into ambulances:

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    1. 2 things , if someone is diffusing a bomb and I need to talk to him , I’d be shouting at the top of my voice from half a mile away , not stooping over him like a smart-arse.
      The fuck was he thinking ? ‘Tell you what Semut , shame about Switzerland losing to Argentina in the last minute wasn’t it’?BANG!!! Idiot . On a lighter note how fucking funny is that guy walking away rubbing his leg ? As if he’s gonna get the slightest bit of attention , ‘ No leave his torso there , forget his intestines for a minute that man rubbing his leg needs urgent attention…the antiseptic spray is in my bag !’

          1. Correct Omega…Honey , there’s a strange noise coming from the basement , I think we have an intruder…forget the gun , and the baseball bat , be a sport and hand me that torch . Idiots .

    1. agreed xkitty

      but in some way i have to give those cops 10/10 for balls

      can you imaging canadian/english/american cops even daring to take on this job? they would probably too busy looking for someones dog or cow to shoot dead?

  1. It looked like the fat cop shielded most of the blast from taking out at least a couple of other guys. I wonder what was so important that he couldn’t wait a minute to ask. I’m guessing it probably had something to do with lunch.

    1. I just had a look at Cairo on Google maps and it’s looks like a scary place just from a satellite image. When you get closer down you just see all these perfectly aligned streets with wall to wall buildings, no colour, no parks, no trees, no sporting fields, nilch, zip, nothing.
      If you let your eyes go a bit squinty you would swear you were looking at an ants nest…..

  2. People are such nosy fuckers. When I am photographing insects, I have to get less than 2 inch’s away. If I am at the park, someone will walk right up behind me and ask “What are you taking pictures of”. It is moments like that when I wish I could explode.

      1. Very true, and when we are focused we are easier to sneak up on. I was working on a damselfly and I noticed another flash going off and turned around to see two little Asian ladies, that were like, “Rook, a nature guy”.

  3. Who can be so dumb to stand there and have a chat with a guy who’s trying to disarm a bomb?
    In the second video you can see a remote controlled robot, I wonder why they didn’t use it…

    1. Never seen a bomb “diffused” quite like this. A photographer right up there in addition to every Tom, Dick, and fatass Harry. Of course the news I read said there were 3 bombs, one diffused safely, 2 detonated while cops attempted to diffuse them, killing 2 higher level cops, others injured. And they did seem like rather small bombs. The US Boston Marathon pressure cooker bombs “killed” more and injured more, guess the US govt didn’t help out with these ones. lol

  4. Rodge: Hey, Riggs, let’s just go upstairs, have a cappacino and wait for the bomb squad.

    Riggs: The bomb squad never gets here on time, okay? Anyway, it’s 8 minutes and 31 seconds–Rodge, please. I think I’ll cut the blue wire…

    Rodge: WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, How can you be so sure??

    Riggs: Oh, it’s just a hunch.. Remember that bomb under your toilet? Red wire; Blue wire–SAME THING!!

  5. My dad spent a couple of years duffusing bombs. He never mentioned it because he didn’t want to upset the te women or the children. when he was sick and i knew he was dying i asked him about stuff. As an adult he told me things. There was guy who was an arsehole who never did it properly. They kept telling him but didin’t listen. He blew himself up one day. My dad said no one felt bad, but from his inference I think they we’re all glad. He was a danger to everyone around him. Luckily when he blew himself up he didn’t injure anyone around him, so i think they were all relieved to see him go, even after they had to pick his bits and put them into bags.

    1. Cowardly indeed mate . We had that shit over here for donkeys years. The IRA did give warnings most of the time , but they had everyone treading on egg shells for years .
      Not a nice feeling at all .

      1. Wow…just fucking Wow. I’m almost speechless. These guys (and i mean everyone in frame) deserves this years Darwin awards.

        No cordon !! WTF?

        Yes @ewe the IRA gave warnings a lot of the time, but many times they were’nt accurate. First rule is, clear the area and cordon it off. Then stay the fuck back and wait for EOD (Felix). Only the bomb tech (A.T.O) gets near the thing, usually sending in the robot first.

        A couple of techniques used were to try and disrupt the device by either firing a shotgun cartridge or high pressure water jet from the robot. Or the A.T.O would approach the device in full armour and attach a line to it, then retreat to a safe distance and pull the damn thing.

        I was scared for those guys taking the lone walk.

        The more i watch this clip, the more disbelief i am in !

    2. So true, they are so indisrimante. Absolute fucking disgrace. The Us didn’t sign a world petition for banning land mines. Althugh they haven’t used them since the ban they have a huge stockpile of them.

  6. The distracting dude seems to have survived, so theres a chance he will learn his lesson.

    They had no protection, and there were so many people arround the working guy, just asking to be blown to pieces… what a fucking bunch of masochists… πŸ˜†

  7. Only in Cairo they let the public just waltz right up to the bomb tech. I mean, W T F why isn’t there a quarter mile fenced off area surrounding the bomb to keep the public away? Where are the officials telling public to stay away? Where is the robot/drone that diffuses the bomb? If this were in Australia, this is how it’s done, everyone would survive.

  8. LOL How dumb can you get!! They should be trained by German bomb experts, they do this about once a week & shit never happens!! There are still ton’s of bombs in the ground from World War 2

        1. I’m not saying it never happens, but do you know how many bomb’s they defuse in a year? without something happening. The dude that blew himself up had a hangover, just a bad day at work. πŸ˜‰

          1. Yea, in the Uk we still find UXB’s. countries like ours in times of peace send out proffesionals. People that aren’t going to fuck with protacols. Sometimes thats not always the case, so you can end up with some dangerous arsehole working on your team.

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