Two Girls Stabbed in Neck and Face by Rival Gang in Brazil

Two Girls Stabbed in Neck and Face by Rival Gang in Brazil

Two Girls Stabbed in Neck and Face by Rival Gang in Brazil

I hear the killers mention PCC a lot – Primeiro Comando da Capital is Brazil’s largest drug gang, and the prime rival of Comando Vermelho.

The video shows a man stabbing two girls in their necks and faces. There is hardly any reaction from the girls, and even when he stabs the first one multiple times in the eyeballs, she barely flinches. I think they were already dead.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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        1. Every brasileiro vid is like

          A voce a puta voce no non ooo aaaaak voce gata mooorta uuuuu

          I’d rather listen to the most hardcore fanatical Jihadist screaming at the top of their lungs beheading some poor basterd or running some bunny hopping prisoner over with a rusted obsolete Soviet tank.

          1. Thanks Necro. This is what they waste the first comment on? Fucking pussies would be worried about the audio because they have to wear headphones so mommy can’t hear. Illiterate, underage, retarded or someone stealing Wi-Fi from the far side of a border of the country that speaks English and wipes their ass with toilet paper. It hurts my soul to only see a few people posting comments that have more than 2.5 brain cells to rub together. If you recharge would just pay attention you would understand that this is what happens and a flip flop country when your cousin/sister/aunt/mom/Nice can’t decide would kind of romantic dinner she wants. Necro is the exception, and the rest of you are fucking window licking pickle smooching dink bopping derpsters. Go fuck your mom… she’ll be home soon. My pocket change isn’t going to cover her trip to McDonald’s to feed your tard farm. MAGA… moms anal gets angry

    1. It is weird that she’s wearing a Mickey Mouse tshirt. The second vic, that is..definitely some cartel shit right least they filmed it so their families will at least know that they died , instead of wondering why they just disappeared…only to actually see what they went through. pure hell.

      1. to be honest,in my opinion it’s the people that hide away from reality and the truth of what’s really going on and trying to pretend the world is one big happy rollercoaster with rainbows and unicorns. those are the mental and sick people.

          1. Brooo that is a waste of turds, I stick my fingers up my rectum and manually put the tender chunks of stool out and savor the aroma of fresh feces before placing each chunk into a small zip lock baggy where I squish it and play with it as if it were silly puddy that is what true pooh connoisseurs do with their shit otherwise you’re just wasting your crap man. Thanks

        1. A friend of mine is a physcologist, she volunteered at a prison, children’s home for unstable youth, mental hospitals before getting her credentials so she knows what’s up. But she once said how those messed up people like us Goreans tend to be the ones who are more likely to help in a disaster while those unicorn people you mentioned would most likely freak out, start recording or just walk by as someone gets killed right in front of them. Ironic isn’t it? Just look at the Vegas incident on here of that dude recording the already dead people. He goes around asking if everyone’s alright, advices to cover up body parts etc and at the end of the video pretty much says how one should be careful, I wouldn’t expect that from a unicorn minded idiot who’d probably get mentally fuked by looking at pieces of human meat scattered about on the road.

        2. The people that hide away from reality?

          Seriously ?

          If it wasn’t for sites like this people wouldn’t even no the sad reality of the world we live in.

          People living there life full of happiness is no fucking problem.

          People full of hatred,killing people, that’s a big fucking problem.

          If you can’t see that. Then you literally should of been an ape.

      2. Yeah, we’re all fucked in the head over here. You show this to the normal person and they’d cry. It feels good to be numb to this sort of shit but also not at the same time. I can’t help but enjoy the women getting her eye stabbed out.

          1. Nobody? I know some old folks and kids who’d be pretty shook up by it.
            If you get out of your mom’s basement, you might meet some people. Then you’d have to change that statement.

          2. @Bear semen Are you fucking retarded or just living under a rock? Everyone in the world is a snowflake. You show this to the normal person and they’d be sick. I mean there is a reaction to bestgore on youtube which will give you an idea.

      3. that’s because you might suffer from a mental illness called sociopathy, people with this mental decease will make comments like that(comparing and act of killing kids to a soccer match)that’s because if you have this decease you lack of something called morals, ethics and good judgment, your brain will not register empathy(the ability to understand and share the feelings of another) so people for you become plain objects like for you is the same braking a chair leg as braking a person leg or any animal leg, while for a normal person is a huge ethical, moral and empathy difference, normal people will feel not too sorry about braking a chair or a table leg and very concern if its a person or animal while for you is like “the same thing”, the huge problem with this kind of people with thid mental illness is that they will kill or do harm to society with no remorse or feeling guilty because they will usually say: a voice told me to do it, or god told me to do (whatever act of braking a law is or was)

    2. They were both moving at the start they were both alive but drugged the second ones eyes were moving even at the end , fucking black animal cunt I hate these savages , dirty fucking black cunts the lot of em

    3. I feel so bad that on 0:15 she says: I don’t wanna die by stabbing… she probably suffered even more that the first one, by the adrenaline of watching the other one die and knowing she was next. And she didn’t even die instantly, they’ve left her there to die by choking on her own blood struggling to breathe. Fucked up even for FDN.

      1. Agreed! They both were alive while the lowlife scum was performing his best of the bravest acts.

        However, the following is the information that I have found. Hope you won’t mind me sharing with y’all.

        According to a police source, the victims were reportedly abducted by suspects in a neighborhood located in the area of ​​the 25th Interactive Community Company (Cicom) and taken to a thicket in the housing area, where they were stabbed in cold blood.

        In the video, the assassins wield several stab wounds in the neck and face of both victims, who were apparently doped but alive before being killed cruelly.

        For what we are investigating a suspect who was taken to the police station to testify, they [victims] possibly had a love affair with the murderers, the family member of one of the victims was the one who denounced the suspect, the police source said.

        The body s of the victims have not yet been located by police, who are searching the region on the basis of information released by the suspect, who is being held at a police unit for further clarification of the crime.

        Police also investigate a third disappearance that may also have links with the deaths. Preliminary information indicates that a young man, friend of the two disappeared, was also executed by soldiers of the FDN, but his body has not yet been found. The names of the victims were not disclosed by the police.

        1. >they [victims] possibly had a love affair with the murderers
          >a young man, friend of the two disappeared, was also executed by soldiers of the FDN

          If this is true, they probably are just two whores and got what was coming to them

          1. @jonnieboy
            Imagine the situation – they get into relationship with a much older gang member, because, like many stupid girls, they are attracted to ‘bad boy’ type. They fuck, suck his dick, but one day they meet a normal boy of their age and decide they better finish the game with the gang and pursue a normal relationship. But the gang didn’t like that and the rest is on that video.

            Well, in that situation I’d say it’s well deserved. Not because fucking with strangers is bad. But because only trash is attracted to trash, know what I mean?

          1. Hi. They are definitely Brazilian… According to recent info… There were three murders that took place… The two girls, and the boyfriend, to one of them. The two girls were killed because they belonged to a rival gang – The Primeiro Commando da Capitau (PCC). It wasn’t just that the girls were from a rival gang… they were also giving away the names, identities, of the killers’ FDN (Familia Do Norte) gang members. The boyfriend, to one of them, was not filmed, because according to the killer, he begged not to be filmed. The guy was killed just because he happened to be with the girls, at the time they were abducted.

            *** It’s somewhat sad that the second killed girl, says “I don’t want to die stabbed”.

      1. Had to be question. And, the worst part is they were alive, just soo loaded they lost reality..I hope. If I saw my friend getting his eye stabbed out, I’d be screaming like a school girl. Fuck that guy has some serious issues with them gals.

      2. That’s what I was thinking.. they seem heavily sedated. They may have been given some opiates or they may be borderline passed out drunk or maybe they were poisoned with some sort of chemical which they forced them to breath in like what Casey Anthony used on her daughter.

  1. Animals like that should be shot on sight !! Hell I would shoot the Motherfucker ! I lived in Puerto Rico for a few years and I always wanted to drop down to Brazil . Glad that never happened . What a shithole .

      1. Almost 80 % of all videos are from Brazil. Im NEVER going to Brazil! I wanted to do work for the poor people and children and animals. But no thanks. Not in Brazil.

    1. This Halloween, there’s no mask needed..
      There is only Flip Flops and a semi-sharp knife:
      “STABBY STAB DASILVA! The Brazilian Butcher”
      October 31st. Rated R.
      No children under 17 admitted without getting stabbed in the face first.

    1. @johnwayne,
      Walt hated the globalist Jews. He knew all about their fucking evilness. That’s why to this day they smear his good name at every chance the msm can. Him and Henry Ford too. Those cats were ahead of the game in that department.

  2. dude. how old are these girls? the one is wearing a mickey mouse shirt. this is just sad. 🙁

    10 points for the untethered rage unleashed by the stabber though. he probably really hates women. i wonder why? does he have a baby dick like the african kiddie diddler from the other day? or was his mamma a straight up ice cold cunt?

    always curious where that kinda anger comes from.

    rip ladies.

    1. I think that’s normal there.. if you don’t have a job you have to sell drugs and kill people before you get killed yourself.. the world is not so peaceful like everybody thinks.. here in Holland everything is alright. But always there are people who hating their life and this and that. Why ? Do you wanna go to Brazil in stead of Holland? Just go. They’ll be running back like a dog to a bone.

    1. No need to waste a good nuclear warhead on that shithole. They’re doing a fine job killing themselves off while we watch. With a nuclear attack we won’t get a good camera angle on the carnage.

      RIP girls that’s some evil shit you experienced. I wonder what you did in your lives to end up in that situation.

  3. I hate brazil. I cant believe people in that country are that cold to stab to death to little girls. Pretty soon this will be happening in America, because the liberals and democrats think this is a “beautiful culture that will enrich our nation”.

      1. God created the option of evil because just like baking a cake you must know all of the ingredients that go into the recipe first.. and what amount to add.

        God created everything, including evil as an option. That’s not love.

    1. If you own firearms and can’t get to the range every day, it’s recommended to to ‘dry fire’ practice.. just unload your weapons and practice drawing and stance and focusing on an object and trigger control, etc.
      I practice using my optics on my AK variant at home almost daily. Then I go to the range and it’s like second nature.

    1. American is the official demons. Not talked about. Just death and silent. No memory, just vanished. Anything in between, stays in saitans lounge. The videos that are displayed are little rooms from the red hallway.

  4. Those poor girls were not already dead as you can clearly see the first girls belly go up and down as she is still breathing when the goof is killing the second young girl. I Think That They Were Both Drugged, and possibly even raped before suffering such horrific deaths. Truly Disturbing. R.I.P Little Angels 🙁

      1. But they both looked like they were 12 Years old, or even less brother. It was probably done as a statement and were the other gang members kids,,,,, or,,, it could have been done to a cop that busted them,,, his kids,,, or something similar, like A Judge, or other, i think! 🙁

          1. At least let them live until they have experienced a failed marriage, years of working a shitty job, raising multiple kids on their own and maybe a drug addiction. Then at least they will have experienced life enough to want out of it anyways.

        1. They looked older than 12. I bet they were late teens early 20’s. And yea. They have to have been on a fatal dose of heroin. They look completely anesthetized through the “cutlery procedure”. They didn’t bat an eye… and then they lost it.

          1. @Emilio Hackett
            I Know man, as they looked very young. 🙁 And,,, i was thinking the exact same thing myself Emilio. I Was asking myself over, and over,, Da-Fuck is up with those kids Man???

            But that was only until i saw the young long-haired kid drooling big-time, as he was next to be beheaded. And on top of that the fact that he was his super calm, while drooling all over the floor/ground below him led me to believe that their is in fact much more to this story i’m sure! and his drooling that’s when i saw/noticed his eyes mam.

            Those Eyes Of His,,, They Were, & Are 100% Not Normal Not Whatsoever. As they did not look like eyes that had just awoken,,, that were overly tired,,, that were stresses to the max. They Just Looked Like He Was Incredibly H his eyes,,, well they were simply gone man, as if he was flying B G Brother.

            Now that they now know that they were most-likely high on Heroin/Opium just imagine what those kids have gone through before the beheading? I Would not doubt that they have made a couple of porn video’s with them, and will make multiple thousands selling them to The American-Kiddie-Porn-Loving-Filthy/Elite-Jews. 🙁 🙁 🙁

            Those Were Good Observations,,,, and Very Very well said my:)

          2. Thanks man. It’s a sad world we live in but it’s still interesting trying to figure out the back stories of these crimes. These girls were someone’s children. It’s worthwhile to try to see the humanity in everyone.

          1. “The only thing that really worried me was the ether. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge.
            – Hunter S.

  5. How swell would it be to launch a chemical castration campaign in Brazil. You’re a pedo? Chem castration. You’re a gang faggot? Chem castration. Do you wear flipflops as everyday wear? Chem castration. Skin darker than a paper bag? Chem castration unless you can score above 110 points in a valid IQ test.

    We really need to bring down the subhuman population if we want to survive as a species. Fucking trogs.

  6. Blood doesn’t splatter when someone is dead, as it’s not being pumped around the body, so it settles..
    The second girl was definitely still alive, although barely conscious, she was moving slightly & you could hear her breathing.

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