Two Girls Dismembered in El Salvador

Murderers Didn't Bother Cutting Off Thighs - Wouldn't Happen in Mexico

Two Girls Dismembered in El Salvador

In apparent gang related violence in lawless El Salvador, two girls were dismembered and their body parts deposited in black garbage bags on a back country road. Even though no further info came with the pictures, I’d guess that the girls got themselves involved with a rival gang and got taken care of Mexico style. In gang run countries like El Salvador, it is more common to stumble across a murdered male than a female. Gang related violence against women does exist, but is not as common. These two may have gotten raped prior to being dismembered – who knows. Even though dismemberment often seems like too much hassle cause you have so many joints to cut through.

Gallery of pictures of two girls who got brutally dismembered by gang members in El Salvador is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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