Two Gunmen Inspired by Columbine Massacre Kill Eight Plus Selves in Suzano, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Masked Brazilian Mass Killer After Shooting Himself

Two Gunmen Inspired by Columbine Massacre Kill Eight Plus Selves in Suzano, Sao Paulo, Brazil

On March 13, 2019, two shooters carried out a massacre in a Escola Estadual Raul Brasil high school in Suzano, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Allegedly inspired by the Columbine massacre, the shooters killed eight people and then offed yourself, bringing the death count to 10 as of this post.

The police identified the shooters as 17 year old Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, and 25 year old Luiz Henrique de Castro. They were both alumni of the college. Among the killed are five students and two female employees. The owner of a nearby car shop, who was Guilherme’s uncle, was also killed.

The killers arrived in a rented white car, parked in front of the school gate and entered through the open front door. They were armed with revolvers, explosives, molotovs, hatchets, and a bow.

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190 thoughts on “Two Gunmen Inspired by Columbine Massacre Kill Eight Plus Selves in Suzano, Sao Paulo, Brazil”

    1. And I would be glad to find myself in one of such situations right now, even though I’m long past school age. The only thing I wish is not to be the first victim, because then you have no chances. But after you start to suspect that’s something is going on and hear/see the commotion, you can take measures to avoid getting killed or even finding ways to counter-attack/ambush the attackers.

      You may call me couch Rambo, or naive retard, but I think in close environments like school you can, for example, ambush him by the doorway, or if you’re on a 1st/2nd floor – escape through the window and leave the perimeter safely. I guess I just hate those screaming panicking masses of people, scrambling around like roaches, tripping over each other, instead of calmly collecting themselves and take action. This is pathetic. Especially I hate womans who think that crouching, covering their head, and screaming at the top of their lungs, is a viable survival strategy. It might be during in neanderthal times, but nowadays those are the ones who die first.

        1. I am feeling special because I’m above all this, and you shouldn’t try to convince me otherwise until I can actually assert my behavior in real life extreme situation. So far the most scary shit I’ve done is skydiving (doing it regularly, actually), and it’s pretty tame in terms of emotions, I need something stronger.

          1. Que resposta idiota. Se de fato fosse dominado por vaginas talvez não estivéssemos em situação tão calamitosa na qual o país se estabelece hoje, até porque fica difícil reproduzir o DNA de “alphas” com uma infinidade de homens fracos por aí e esse índice não é exclusividade do Brasil. Inclusive quem golpeou e realmente parou um dos assassinos foi uma menina de 16 anos lutadora de jiu-jitsu.

      1. Well, you would need some training and strong nerves in that kind of situations. Just like japanese, they calmly follow instructions previously learnt in earthquake drills while in other countries people lose their minds and run like lunatics.

      1. Not much has changed here, @svarg26 is still trying to act like an internet tough guy, even though we all know his fat fucking pig of a wife wears the pants in the family. It’s ok to be angry, svargypoo she’s just a fag hag anyway.

      1. maybe. but that’s not always the case. Also using slurs doesn’t make you look cool or edgy. Grow up tough guy, because i guarantee you don’t talk like that to people’s face. This whole site is full of morons like you. lol

      1. @NECRO
        The fun in that (killing just yourselves) is that your dead selves become the centre of attention and nobody hates and disses you that much. They just pity you.
        Whereas if you kill other people as well, the focus is on innocent victims (as it should be) not on you. You’re will just some sad piss-ant nobody respects because they couldn’t figure out life, and took it out on other people. 🙂

          1. see that’s what you don’t get, people like you think everyone else thinks like you, i couldn’t care less about dying. it’s something to look forward to for me, so keep laughing yr ass off , me dying and you laughing won’t make a jot of difference to anything in this world. one thing though, you are learning to laugh at someone else’s death. kind of ironic for someone who had so much sympathy for dead people. you’re getting there

        1. Yep. Someone gets constantly badgered or treated unfairly by society, filling him with despair, anger and misery and when that person finally retaliates with all that built up anger, society says he’s a fucking monster… gimme a fuckin break.

          1. being bullied isn’t an excuse to kill people you moron. Plenty of people are bullied and don’t shoot up schools. These fuckers are pussys. Nothing more. Pathetic.

  1. I Would Never Kill Undeserving Others Who Are Going About Their Day, They Are All Just as Oppressed as I Am -I Would Go Directly to The Source of Everyone’s Problems, I Would Go After Everyone Who is in Control & on TV; The People Who Corruptly Use Police to Make Everyone Poor.
    People Always Gun Eachother Down, But, They Never Gun-Down The Ones Who Get Them All to Gun Eachother Down.

    1. I agree. And if you can’t get close to them, at least gun down some of the people close to them, or some of their guard. No good honest man would go work for a crook.

      But if you take time to plan and get the right equipment, you can take down some really powerful people. Sniper rifle… roof… choose the right moment…

      Oh right, I’m getting lost in my Rambo fantasies again.

    2. Here in the states, it’s congress who makes you oppressed. The Potus, has nothing to do with foreign or domestic policy. The Potus, is simply a puppet on a string, controlled by the Deep State that wants war and unlimited power over your lives. The media, is simply a tool that controls your mind. They convince you to buy their products to make you happy. (Simply because your life is too fucked up not to.)

      In addition, if the media can convince the masses, that it’s the other person’s fault for making your lives miserable, then they have won. Ask yourself, has the corporate media ever challenged ANY elected official, as to why social unrest is at an all time high? They only focus on the symptoms, and NOT the cause.

      I don’t consume too much in my life. The powers that be, are much too big to bring down. However, disconnecting from the lying media, along with abstaining from buying their products, is one way to vote your conscience. The majority of people who vote for these clowns, have credit card balances out of control, which leaves them more oppressed and inhumane than ever before.

      It’s a freak show kids! As the late George Carlin has stated.

          1. great advice and thanks. yes people use knives and acid but my reply was regarding mass shootings. there’s a reason you don’t hear of mass knifings. i think chemical attacks are the way forward, some sort of gas that just spreads through an entire city. i have a chemistry set which i’m experimenting with

          2. @carly69

            Weapons of mass murder are not good. If you’re going to kill, do it individually, making sure you only kill trash. There are good people out there, they’re rare but they exist. Not everyone deserves to die.

    1. That town was a tranquil place. Im from Brazil and here you have different things happening at the same time in different regions. Where I live its a calm place as well. The flip flops gore that you are talking about, its far away in the north east of the country.

  2. Cant believe 20 years later there are more columbiner fags than ever before. AND ITS SPREADING TO OTHER COUNTRIES. Eric and Dylan really accomplished what they set out to do though (achieve fame, immortality, and inspire others). The media gave them that victory. Fucking jews who run the media like chaos obviously.

    1. Not at all. Im from brazil and here its not the chaos you are talking about. Its a big country. Different things happening in different cities. Some towns are dangerous, yes, but not all of them. Its the same thing if I said that all americans fucks their sisters and cousins because of texas and arizona one’s.

  3. i always wonder how it’s possible that these kids come out with such a pathetically low kill count. i mean, dude, YOU HAVE HATCHETS, USE THEM! especially when school shootings first took off. there is no excuse for not being able to rack up a nice number. if you’re going to go on a massacre, go on a fucking massacre. ten people, i mean eight, really, because i refuse to count the suicides, is sad. not that i’m justifying school shootings or anything, just saying. don’t bring cool hatchets into the mix if you’re not going to put them to use, morons. also, my god, please someone shut those screaming assholes up. jesus h. 🙁

  4. … Total fukn losers!… They had knives, guns and explosives and only managed to kill 8 people including themselves?.. I think, they couldn’t count past 5 and figured if they shot more than 5 people and themselves then uuuuuwwwweeee! They’ve managed killed ALOT of people… Psh..!

  5. They’re upset because Whites have invaded their country and are taking all the jobs and destroying the culture of the natives.

    J/K but that’s what is happening in America with the importation of scumbags from shit holes. We need a fucking war.

      1. @John Still 100000x better than Brazil, Mexico, Africa, China and the UK.

        In our war, there will be survivors (as always) and they are called Patriots.

        I hope everyone over in those countries keeps beheading each other and getting cucked by islamic cocksuckers.

        1. Your countries infrastructure gets a grading of D that’s shot your population is as dumb as a second coat of paint you’re totally uncultured and bred to be sheep. There’s a van at the gates of the field the rest of the herd are heading that way so off you pop and follow the crowd

  6. Why the fuck do Stupid Cunty-Cunts Scream Like That???? What Da-Fuck Does That Do For Them??? I Fucking Hate Nothing More Than Stupid Bitches Going Full Retard Like That, When They High Pitch Scream Like Fucking Idiots. 🙁

    It Ruins The Whole Video, as i have to turn the volume way down not to wake-up my Wife, and the fucking Neighbors Also. Dumb Fucking Sheeple Cunts. 1 Starts, and it’s like a contest for the rest of the Herd of Young Cows.
    What Is It The Female Version of Who’s Got The Biggest Cock Contest, And The Female’s Best Way at busting Our Facking ear drums.

      1. @JadedCunt

        Yea,,, you’re so right B G Brother cause thinking back now, i can remember on a few occasions in theaters,,, Shopping Malls,, and the like, hearing them scream, & when they’d Scream,,, HOLY-OL-FUCK, They could clear a room in mere seconds. Cause they really are, And Have Always Been More, or Less Very Loud People to begin with. So yea,,, what you say does make a lot of sense. So Stay-Da-FAck Away from those Black screamers! 😉

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