Two Heads and One Dismembered Body Found in a Floating Suitcase

Two Heads and One Dismembered Body Found in a Floating Suitcase

Two heads and one dismembered body were found inside a leather suitcase spotted floating in the waters of Rio Negro, Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil. The victims were identified as Frank Oliveira da Silva nicknamed Frankezinho do 40 and Antônio Carlos da Costa Uchoa nicknamed Tonga. The former was a drug trafficker, the latter a robber. Both were fugitives from justice.

It would appear that both were tortured before being executed with a gunshot to the head. Expressions on their faces are pretty creepy. Skin slippage from the body when it’s being loaded into the coffin is pure win. By the sound of it, the two were pure shits so I guess it serves them well. Good riddance.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Yes, this is by far Juicy’s best exposed pic. and it shows her beautiful smile. Alas, her profile pic is probably going to chance in: …3….2…1…- @Juce, please hon, keep this one a little longer, it really shows your beautiful personality.

      1. Sorry it’s been a bad week for you. Glad you are still with us. Stick around as long as you can, it hurts way too much losing people who are important to my everyday life. Just lost my Husband to a heart attack. I know it was simple and fast compared to what you are living with, but boy does it cut you off at the knees. 36 years of loving Him makes every day since very painful. Now all I have left is my Family here in the Kingdom of Gore. You Guy’s rock.

        Sorry, was just having a pity party. Don’t feel obligated to attend. But if you feel like comin’ over i’ll be home. 🙁

  1. When I go for a swim at the beach I often cringe when I am brushed by a Jellyfish or other sea dwelling creatures but I expect my reaction would be one of absolute horror if I were to be brushed by a sea dwelling Da Silva.

    I assume the shallow water Da Silva is a common sight over there, I expect the local fishermen report some of the largest catches around.

    1. I remember when I was a kid, I feared closing my eyes when taking a shower because I thought that evil-lazer-shooting sharks would eat me.

      On a side note, I cannot imagine what’s like to sniff the putric smell of a decomposing Da Silva.

  2. that pic with the dudes head and legs is fuckin werid, i cant put it in words what he looks like. if i was in brazil and seen a suitcase floating id be right there like yeah this shits full of drugs im gunna b allset….now i know that wouldnt b the case but id still open it and take some pics for all us sick fucks om BG

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