Two Killed in Gang Shooting at Gas Station in Washington Park, Chicago

Two Killed in Gang Shooting at Gas Station in Washington Park, Chicago

Two Killed in Gang Shooting at Gas Station in Washington Park, Chicago

Two men died, and two were wounded when a gunmen fired more than a dozen shots at four people at a gas station convenience store in Washington Park, Chicago, Illinois. The four men were in the vestibule to the store which is locked at night for security reasons. They had nowhere to escape. The shooting is reported to have been gang related.

The man used as a bullet piñata was shot several times and pronounced dead at the scene. Man with pants pulled down waist, 24, was hit in the torso and legs, later pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital. Old man going by the name, Bill, lives with non threatening injuries and 25-year-old, who was first to find sanctuary lives with leg wound.

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          3. @PsychoAsianDood I don’t fail to realize anything. What, some random and rare White boys on SSRI’s (many staged events as well – ie; Sandy Hoax) shooting up a school and that’s supposed to make some sort of impact on racial imbalances? It’s hardly a fraction of a percentage point when compared with the you know who N words.

            Remember the Virginia Tech shooter? Not White.
            Also, Whites are the majority in this country, there’s bound to be a few bad apples.. but look at the MINORITY percentages and the crime statistics to go along with them. You’d be a bloody idiot to ignore those facts.

          4. All of the best countries in the world: Japan, Australia, Sweden, Norway, etc have little to no minorities. It’s just a fact that minorities cause crime and turn a country to shit.

          1. @DashX Well that sucks. I use Windows 10 which is working nicely for me after adjusting many many settings… but my other PC has Windows 7 on it which is also pretty nice still.

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        You should learn the nomenclature for firearms before attempting to mimic the leftist media. They will only leave you sounding stupid.
        Handguns serve a purpose… a vital role in defense especially in crime ridden areas and rural areas where it really can be a matter of seconds for you to respond to a threat to you (or your loved one’s) life, and (in the latter regions) 45mins before 911 respondents arrive even when you tell the operator you are holding someone at gun point.

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          4. @Templeton Peck He murdered Rebecca Spencer who was the mother of my childhood friend Steven (R.I.P.). I grew up in Rhode Island and Steven and I were friends in the late 80’s/early 1990’s.

      1. The problem in black communities is BLACKS KILLING BLACKS!! Black lives matter bitch about some rapist that was lynched by whites 100 fucking years ago while this kind of thing happens on the daily. Not to mention all the lynchings that happen in their homeland on a regular basis. The videos are right here.

        1. I’d like to know the name of that “rapist” who was “lynched by whites 100 fucking years ago”… And I wonder if whites had recognized rape as a serious crime at that time… Makes me wonder what their true motive for the lynching was. Take me on

          1. Jesse Washington. He raped and murdered Lucy Fryer after an argument about her mules in 1916…
            You better believe whites took that shit seriously at the time…
            Their true motive came about when Jesse himself ( clothes covered in blood), admitted to the crimes.

          2. WiKi: “Jesse Washington was a black teenage farmhand who was lynched by whites in what became a well-known example of racially motivated lynching” @carnage-2

            He was convicted without concrete evidence or proof of crime. He was dragged out of the county court by observers and lynched in front of Waco’s city hall. Over 10,000 spectators, including city officials and police, gathered to watch the attack. There was a celebratory atmosphere among whites at the spectacle murder, and many children attended during their lunch hour. Members of the mob castrated Washington, cut off his fingers, and hung him over a bonfire. He was repeatedly lowered and raised over the fire for about two hours. After the fire was extinguished, his charred torso was dragged through the town and parts of his body were sold as souvenirs. A professional photographer took pictures as the event unfolded, providing rare imagery of a lynching in progress. The pictures were printed and sold as postcards in Waco.

            There were many more like him and everyone knows this was not about any crime. It was racially motivated. Whites were raping back then and laughing about it. No one lynched them.

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            [Comment by Clifton A. Emahiser: Since Philip Jones has brought up the topic of “cachexia” disease, it would be well to define it: “Definition of Cachexia:
            “cachexia hypophysiopri´va the train of symptoms resulting from total deprivation of pituitary function, including loss of sexual function, bradycardia, hypothermia, and coma.
            “malarial cachexia the physical signs resulting from antecedent attacks of severe malaria, including anemia, sallow skin, yellow sclera, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, and, in children, retardation of growth and puberty.
            “pituitary cachexia see ‘panhypopituitarism’:
            “panhypopituitarism … generalized due to absence or damage of the pituitary gland, which, in its complete form, leads to absence of gonadal function and insufficiency of thyroid and adrenal function. When cachexia is a prominent feature, it is called Simmond’s disease or pituitary cachexia.”]
            [Comment by Clifton A. Emahiser: I fully agree with Philip Jones when he describes the negros’ malformed “bent knees”, the negros’ malformed “heads thrown back”, the negros’ malformed “legs bowed out”, the negros’ malformed “flat feet”, the negros’ malformed “hips thrown upward” and the negros’ malformed “abdomens brought parallel with the earth”. I also agree with him concerning the malformed negros’ tendency to develop “cachexia” disease. What I don’t understand is: Why does Philip Jones continue to blame Yahweh for creating such malformed, disease-prone negro beings in the first place? And then make the assertion that Yahweh said those malformed, disease-prone negros were “good”?]
            [Comment by Clifton A. Emahiser: We really should address this matter of “ash-cakes”, as no known flesh in the categories of man, animal, bird or marine creature can eat and digest “dust” by the handfuls! Living creatures can digest nothing larger than an “angstrom”, a unit of length equal to one tenth of a “millimicron”. A “millimicron” is a unit of length equal to one thousandth of a micron; or one billionth of a “meter”. A “micron”, also called “micrometer”, is the millionth part of a meter! A snake may swallow a certain amount of dirt with its meal, but the dirt will pass through its digestive system unabsorbed

          4. @goritian, next time read the whole wiki…

            On May 9, Sheriff Fleming took Washington to Hill County to prevent vigilante action. The Hill County sheriff, Fred Long, questioned Washington with Fleming. Washington eventually told them he had killed Fryer following an argument about her mules, and described the murder weapon and its location. Long brought Washington to Dallas, Texas, while Fleming returned to Robinson. Fleming soon reported that he found a bloody hammer where Washington had indicated. In Dallas, Washington dictated and signed a statement that described the rape and murder of Fryer; the confession was published the next day in Waco newspapers. Newspapers sensationalized the murder, describing Fryer’s attempts to resist Washington’s attack. But the doctor who had examined her body concluded that she was killed before she resisted any assault. A lynch mob assembled in Waco that night to search the local jail, but dispersed after failing to find Washington. A local paper praised their effort. That night, a small private funeral and burial were held for Lucy Fryer.

          5. @genetics
            And your point is… ?
            A. Black people are not human beings?
            B. Black people are not compatible with the all-cracka theory you pasted?

            Or should I rather ask Philip Jones himself?

          6. @carnage-2
            At that time, the peak of racism especially in deep south confederate states, with all investigators, prosecutors and judges being white, tell me an instance of one accused black man who was found NOT guilty? innocence before the law is difficult for black people to achieve these days let alone back then. It must have been a far-fetched fantasy.

            We really need to stop being fake about info like this and be honest with ourselves for once. Getting a black man to confess to a crime he did not commit could have been easier back then than it is now

    3. These are the most amazing people that do so much for society. They are compassionate, safe, whole hearted, do no crime, and will be there for you in a moments notice. As you can see in this video, NFL players, keep taking a knee for your brethren!

      1. If you all fukrs really feel that way, the you should definitely be mad at our fukn white ancestors for being so much fukn lazier than the niggrs, that they HAD to kidnap them to build OUR society and thus leaving us “infected” with them… As someone wise once said..

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        1. Nah, I believe blacks had a chance to build their culture right, right before they were given out as political prey right after the civil rights movement.

          Lee, after the civil war, claimed that it wasn’t in the best intentions of blacks to vote just yet, and it stands to reason: if all you’ve known your entire life was the plantation and your fellow slaves, chances are very good that once outside you’re going to be easy pickings for rapacious politicians trying to boost their careers. And that happened in the middle of the 20th century, with many blacks slowly devolving into niggery as they abandoned their christianity and embraced mudslam, fought tooth and nail against being “whitefied”(having a normal name that doesn’t always end in an “-qua” or “-ron”, pr celebrating REAL Christmas, fuck kwanza), and were told that the sole cause of their entire torment was evil whitey. And there goes almost a century of reconstruction down the drain in a few years. And here we are today, fighting the evilness of neghrew culture.

          Happens every time in mehico, and the young, happy bean children of the corn eat up socialism and leftist bullshit like there’s no tomorrow.

    4. Aww Niggers have given back so much to the first world, they just keep giving : guns , violence, stabbing,riots,drugs, rape, welfare, gangs, rap. Thank you so much black bastards. The worst thing America did was set them free.

    5. Nope, not all of America, just niggaz in “The Chi” killing each other by the dozens week in and week out. And all this in the gun control capital of America! Niggaz kill more of each other than whitey could ever even dream of!

      1. @Gropella When you’ve seen one dead nigger, you’ve seen them all. They all die the same. Did you see the video of the niggers in Africa shooting the other nigger tribal members with babies attached to their backs? The moms and the babies get the 7.62x39mm rounds to their bodies and it’s awesome!

        I love watching genocide of the Blacks at the hands of other Blacks. It’s true imperialism!

          1. I forgot a line…
            I didn’t even remember that movie had this song in it…I saw it when it first came out, then never again. I’ll have to check it out again. Tarantino has some great tunes in his flicks.

          2. I was thinking the exact same thing.
            I have read every post on this thread.
            This is some good entertainment.
            Btw… excellent Nancy Sinatra reference.

            “Bang bang, he shot me down
            Bang bang, I hit the ground
            Bang bang, that awful sound
            Bang bang, my baby shot me down”

        1. And with all that genocide and killings, they still multiply faster than you. What does that teach you?
          I’m no scientist but my takeaway would be: Crackas are outdated and your likes will be extinct in the next few decades… Let’s see how it goes 🙂

          1. Actually wrong nigger lover, Shitskins only make up 13 percent of the American population. Trust me when I say that America in all her greatness will not be around long enough to sustain freeloaders like the niggers. Blacks are an impulse creature and do little to save for rainy days, they are their own worst enemy and will die off faster than they can breed, nature has a funny way of dealing with the parasite races and we witness this all through history. I agree with you that if America stayed strong and gave freebies for the next 100 years we would have something to worry about, that won’t be the case my little nigger bitch, keep watching and you’ll see soon enough. BTW- do you know what the “Culling” is? It’s evident you don’t or you wouldn’t be making these irrational statements , you back niggers like they are some force to be reckoned HA HA HA HA, HARDLY! I don’t worry about niggers because niggers will take care of niggers (and not in a good way). You see when White folk face hard times we bond together and become a force to be feared. Just look at history Nig Nogger, Shitskins are the LEAST of my worries you silly asshat. CHECK MATE

          2. And once whites are gone this entire planet will be reduced to total poverty, no productivity, violence and despair. Who will be left to work to provide the Welfare and other programs for all of the niggers who refuse to evolve? Society will be reduced to tribal nigger warfare but the thing is, the NAGA will soon follow whitey into extinction because the Spics multiply far faster than niggers and they are more violent and more industrious. Once whitey goes, society will completely devolve and then Spics will either wipe out or enslave the niggers. Right now niggers have it better than they ever have and better than they ever will heading into the future.

            Whitey dies off and what will be left won’t be a planet of the apes but a planet of the shitskins and that will be the end of civilized society. The only upside at that point of being white is that we won’t be around to have to live in the world of swirling shit to come!!

            Muslimes, niggers and Spics will all be slaughtering each other for supremacy but none of them will truly win because they will all be stuck in a cesspool!

        1. @jadedcunt and svenati… I’d like to know where the fuk do you two live?… Is it a pure white utopia where ALL whites get along?… Holy shit!.. I have never, ever heard of such a place, I’ve lived in mostly all white communities for the most part of my life, and I hafta to say… You guys are talkin alot of bullshit, and I mean bull-shit!… ALL RACES EXPLOIT THEIR OWN!… It’s just easier on the conscience to exploit another..

          1. The Hamptons?… rich, lucky fucks. I’d be stalking Taylor Swift, if I were you guys… Gahdamn, those legs.. if I ever had the chance to sleep with her in her bed, I’d sleep opposite to her, facing the end of the bed and cuddle and caress them long lanky thangs all night long.

          2. The only thing I can say for you is that darkness can not comprehend the light little fella, where I live we watch our neighborhood, if we see suspicious activity at another neighbors house we immediately confront it and find out WTF! We communicate like adults and keep each other posted as to what’s been going on around our neighborhood, LASTLY- we respect each other’s space and property and we realize that familiarity breeds contempt and we are mature enough to know how to back off and give one another his/her space (something niggers CANNOT AND WILL NOT DO)……. so you see little fella we are not really full of shit, it’s idiots like you who just need to grow the fuck up and be a mature man , show some respect and responsibility to your neighbor and ! You are evidentially one confused little fuck who doesn’t know how to play well with others. Kick rocks idiot, your opinion has no value here

          3. .. Hmmm.. So lemme get something straight, before we start hurling insults at one another.. Are you sayin that ALL black people are “niggers”?… Or Are you sayin that there’s “niggers” amongst black people..?

          4. @Sphincterpiston…Are you shitting me? The vast majority of all white communities are far far safer places to live. Yeah, there’s white on white crime but in white communities and neighborhoods we can walk the streets or sit in our parks and sit on our porches and be far far safer than nigs in any nig nog hoods!

            Yeah, whites commit crimes against each other and exploit each other but not anywhere near like how niggers do! You show me even one white neighborhood where there are shootings every single fucking day and rapes and robberies are rampant. You won’t be able to.

        1. Niggers are a parasite race kiddo, wake up and start looking around you . Do you ever see a nigger making a video on YouTube showing how to build something ? Create something ? Fix something? Absolute NOT! they are full of hatred and destruction for each other AND the White man, the very race who set them free! While niggers are still under slavery in other parts of the world under rule of the Arab and JOOO races the nigger chooses to despise the only race who’ve ever stood up to free them from their slave roots! Wake up and educate yourself kid……. BTW- send me 3 links from YT of a nigger with a positive/informative video for all to watch and learn and I will personally pay pal you some cash money

          1. You know I always wondered why they haven’t invented something technological and why they’re 6x more likely to end in jail than whites as far as I know the first humans came from Africa but there has never been any significant development other than Northern Africa which is Caucasian.

          2. @Śvèńåtį I agree and there are some people around here who would say “You are a coward if you don’t go up to a Black person and tell them to their face how you feel about them.” Which is a stupid thing. I can think whatever I want without having to “go up to anyone” and provoke them with my angry words. They say you are a coward if you have an opinion and it’s written on the internet without saying it in person. I call it wise to not go talking to people who don’t like you.

  1. According to libtards this is diversity and it enriches us.

    Not sure how though.

    I also like how they hid behind and used their fellow snake headed nigdusa as a human shield without a second thought but they always expect and demand that whitey gives a fuck about them when they don‘t even give a fuck about each other.

    My favourite part though is the sign on the door that says “thanks for fueling good!”.

    Yep. Dead niggers in white man’s land is always good. Thanks for fueling it.

          1. you need a licence for a shotgun to shoot clay pigeons as a sport other than that theres no way to legally own a gun…

            even then u need it locked up in a secure cabinet with regular police checks..

            shit is gay here, all because were bad people and would go crazy if we all had gunzzz…

          1. That’s very true. I meant that people who simply “don’t like guns”.
            They’re simple minded and won’t find a solution with that sort of mindset.

            I too fear the nigger with the gun, however I will absolutely do my best to kill them first.
            If I die, I die. It wasn’t the gun’s fault and never will be.

            Bullets are fired from a gun, when a trigger is pulled, BY A HUMAN (or nigger).

  2. It’s called “Chi-raq” for a reason. I fucking HATE what gang members do to communities. It would be nice if there were to be a genuine crack down on these idiots. They have no place in our society. And just imagine how the honest, hard working folk who live in these tiny war zones must feel. Always living in fear. Wondering when they too will be shot for no reason. Can’t blame the government or cops for this shit. They made a choice to do evil, and be a scourge or a plague in their own communities. And it probably will never end.

    1. It’s difficult to crack down gang members because being a gang member doesn’t necessarily mean that they harm or shoot other people. Anyways I fucking hate gangs and the dumber you are the more likely you will join a gang so I think education is one of the keys to prevent gang affiliation but since american students are getting more retarded i think gang problems will worsen.

    2. What’s up @ipconfig
      It’s good to see you pop in from time to time.

      “Can’t blame the government or cops for this shit.”
      I agree to a point, but, relying on individuals making good decisions is not panning out. What alternative solutions do you have?
      Personally, I blame the Mayor of ChiCongo and the Gov of IL as much as I blame the gangsters. It’s not as if these politicians decided to run for public office only to realize later that there’s a huge crime problem. They knew this going in and have allowed it to escalate to what we see now.
      I have no solutions to offer, but, I would encourage the media to stop covering all the shootings and murders as extensively as they are. These numb nuts see the numbers on the news and look at it like a scoreboard. Everyone trying to be the LeBron of drive-bys and what have you.
      Also, no states governor should be scared to assemble their Nat’l Guard to stamp out shit like this. Unfortunately, in this day and age, that would be career suicide. Some irrelevant asshole liberal Senator in CA might/will say something completely retarded about you on twitter or maybe the beloved Chicago Bears might kneel extra hard during the anthem. Politicians are huge pussys.
      Also, it doesn’t help that using police to enforce laws and reduce crime is now equated to fascism and white supremacy.
      But yeah, you’re right about the scourge and that it will never stop. Especially if the solutions are left in the hands of the community itself.
      I suppose we just let them kill each other while embracing their culture from a safe distance.

  3. Black people, guns, gangs & Murica – all very unusual ingredients in murder, isn’t it?
    Those black lives matter protesters made me believe that it is white people who are responsible for all this murder and mayhem in the urban decay of present day shithole US of Shit…….

        1. …What you have to understand Dutchy is that ALL these so-called movements are basically formed to generate money and a political platform for some jackass/jackasses to launch off from and spend the money on crack and use their political power to bed hookers fer free… S’all..

  4. Which victim was your favourite & why?

    I especially enjoyed watching the black dude closest to the bin squirm & coward up. It was also exciting to see him use his friend as a human shield while the gunmen are standing there all powerful & mighty haha.

    Now you just lay there and die like a good nigger lol.

    1. My favourite victim was the gunman.

      As for why, well. Had it not been for an oppressive, racist white society and the past slavery of his people he would never have turned to crime in the first place.

      Once he did though he became even more of a victim because despite trying to turn his life around on numerous occasions he ended up falling in with the wrong crowd due to the lack of youth centres and the lack of positive black role models to look up to and aspire to.

      Society failed him big time and that is why he is my favourite victim.

      As for the other niggers………they are victims too. Victims of the NRA.

      1. Just like Chris rock says
        “You don’t need no gun control, you know what you need? We need some bullet control. Men, we need to control the bullets, that’s right. I think all bullets should cost five thousand dollars… five thousand dollars per bullet… You know why? Cause if a bullet cost five thousand dollars niggers cant afford it.
        Yeah! Every time somebody get shot we’d say, ‘Damn, he must have done something … Shit, he’s got fifty thousand dollars worth of bullets in his ass.”

    2. My favorite victim was the gas station. It’s going to take a lot of rancid soda to clean all that codeine and cannabis-laced blood, maybe even bring some zyklon-b for the lice.

      But at least it’s a happy ending, at least for the gas station, since that’s the first negro execution it hosts. Ganesh has finally bestowed it his blessing.

        1. Ah, I see you read that $5000 per round leftist bullshit, eh? I also had a chuckle at it, thinking of all the crazy shit that’s going to create, like nigras lifting ammo boxes and having the National Guard show up because, when you steal half a million worth of bullets with a simple box pf a 100 .45 bullets, that’s how you respond. Meanwhile, backwoods folks are going to boom in the ammunition and homemade guns blackmarket.

          Seriously, these people think that laws are magical and cannot be broken at all, yet with the same breath they scream at how many people die “cuz of them scary fully semiauto, clip enhanced AR-15’s”, despite murdering your fellow man being illegal and frowned upon since forever…or at least in civilized ancient societies.

  5. The black dude with the backwards cap died which is a good thing. He was making the place look untidy by just being there. These niggers seriously need to clean their act up. Not these actual niggers because 50% of them are dead but niggers in general.

  6. Concrete infested with jungle monkeys.”Concrete jungle” is an appropriate epithet.

    Retaliation is the only recourse in all divisions of gang like warfare there is no other alternative.
    Signing your name in blood on the dotted line for just more recruits in a long list of limp corpses but now you going have to hone your killer instincts and show how you twerk that thang as those faggot rappers suggest. Combine drugs and whores into the mix and you got yourself a life reducing concoction.

    Should of stuck to rapping or basketball as that is the only way out of your bullet riddled hell.

    1. Heh, I felt a bit bad about that Lil Pump lookalike, how he was shaking his legs up and down like a scared cockroach.

      But who knows how many people he fucked up just as well, and if he was as mercifully quick as his gunman. So, emphaty gone.

    1. That’s because they did a really good thing by shooting them. They felt, probably for the very first time in their life, what it feels to do good for society, to be productive.

      For a moment they felt white, and acted accordingly.

  7. That one that survived only did because he is a coward who hid behind his buddy like a piece of shit, seriously watch it again the one dude straight held the guy by the shirt and used him as a shield( the guy that took like ten chest wounds point blank nearly), I like how the dips say shit like ride or die and for life when your going to use your own homeboys as a damn shield, this guy either better change and make something of his life that was spared only because he used his friend as a bullet catcher, or he should be blasted on.

    1. The true colors of nigger hood rats. Every coward for them self. They could of worked as a unit and barricaded the door. Oh, well. More dead demonic niggers in constant paranoia. Makes me more jolly. Squirming around like worms ready to be put on a hook and used as bait. Fishers of men.

  8. Oh boi, this is some next level hilarity:

    The fucking door to the gas station. You saw dat one, the one that those nigras took the bother opening to shoot these washed out Nickelodeon starlets? It was bullet proof. Fucking. Bullet. Proof

    These shooters knew that. And they were more than glad that, instead of manning up and barricading the door against them, these faggots much rather crawled on the floor, following the instinct of an old ass man that couldn’t fight anyway, and then tried to use each other as a shield.

    Their salvation basically consisted in having more testosterone in their bodies to fight back, as the door was the best fucking shield available, anyways . But they were robbed of it by Big Soy and their army of effeminate tranny scientists.

  9. Bunch of fatherless, single mom parented, fallen state losers.

    I’m positive everybody noticed the coward shielding himself with his ‘friend’ – wow. So tough until the bullets start flying.

    What the perpetrator should have done was slip a frag grenade into that small space. They were trapped like lab rats.

  10. This is a result of faggotry and feminism.

    A direct product of those things.

    If reading that causes any feeling of negativity, hatred, or emotion – it’s entirely the readers own fault for allowing satatn to dictate reactions to thoughts inside head(s).

    I mention this purely out of love for the wicked.

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