Two Kill Taxi Driver in Guatemala, Burning Karma Split Fair

Two Kill Taxi Driver in Guatemala, Karma Split Fair with Burning

In Guatemala, two guys accused of killing a taxi driver are set to fire for the crime. The motorbike on fire belongs to the police, meaning they are present from the start of the video.

Often taxi drivers make justice with their own hands since they are very vulnerable to thieves but can congregate quite fast when shit hits the fan.

Both men receive punishment fairly equal to the cost of taxi driver’s life. Equally splitting the burning penalty in half spares them a ride home in a hearse. The man in red keeps an eagle eye on the men and enforces their burning karma.

This is in Guatemala, and yes it was two sicarios that hours later shooted a taxi driver, then the people burned them in some kind of mob, called “linchamiento” in Guatemala, i lived there for around 13 years and i can tell you its common stuff to get rid of the garbage like them.

The good news is that the two burning pieces of trash died the day after the incident

Thanks @tabletacleta1/Mr.Mario for additional information!

Props to Best Gore member @masterplan for translation of the video:

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76 thoughts on “Two Kill Taxi Driver in Guatemala, Burning Karma Split Fair”

    1. I gotta take my hat off to the South Americans.
      They don’t Fuck about when it comes to vigilant justice.

      Now let’s dance folks!
      First track from the DJ…

      feel free to add your own tracks

    1. I know, it truly was a thing of beauty. Or how red top guy drags that guy across the tarmac, and his burned flesh leaves a skid on the road. This was great. I love watching people truly suffer for their crimes, fuck prisons, all you need is fire.

  1. i love it. totaly love it.
    the way the cops didnt try to stop anything.
    the way thoses peoples arent scared by some shitbags.
    the way they trow him in the fire like a potato bag.

    respect to theses peoples, we need more like them to get rid of the shit in the world.

    a bit dissapointed tho , as i expected some taxi driver to run over them multiples times.

    RIP to the motocycle :/

          1. No fuckin’ clue. Then again, I’m a lil distracted by the way you guys over there spell shit like demeanor n’ misdemeanor. Always gotta throw a u in there for the fuck of it, huh?

        1. make it 3 and we’ll call it a deal lol

          that squash-o-version video the other day was my effort improvising that failed… it’s all bitchute my man. if you can find a different video hosting site with full screen, i’ll try it out. sorry

          1. Bitchute? I don’t see their sign left above.
            I thought that those videos are posted on BG but if they are on bitchute they must have clicking that leads to their site through video you posted and embedded here, right..?

          2. @srbijabgd

            Well I remember when the box used to have the bitchute logo… Whenever that went away the full screen option did. Not sure why they did that. And that has nothing to do with Mark. ..also, there’s no HTML I know of that can add a full screen, unless you do. Thanks. And sorry

            Videos too high in megabytes don’t get uploaded to BG backup server.. that’s why bitchute is used and prochan once upon a time.

  2. we can only force these countries which are way beyond their carrying capacity by doing away with capitalism…for capitalism is kind to the poor…but the fascist and communist philosophies choose the far cheaper option of doing away with poverty by doing away with the poor. Killing off half the world’s population will ensure humanity of a utopian future. Doing nothing and allowing the rats to just multipily in a cage? It gives you this

  3. Every video of lynching that comes out of Guatemala have two things in common…
    One… it is because a taxi driver gets robbed/ killed and
    Two… the alleged perpetrators end up being burned alive in front of useless police.
    Guatemala should be renamed Guatepeor cause shit always goes from bad to worst.

  4. These cops obviously have no control over the situation they just continuously are shoo’ed away by the ones tossing these guys back on the fire.

    They might like their steaks well done

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