Two Liwa Fatemiyoun Fighters Die After Stepping on IED in Palmyra Desert

Two Liwa Fatemiyoun Fighters Die After Stepping on IED in Palmyra Desert

Two Liwa Fatemiyoun Fighters Die After Stepping on IED in Palmyra Desert

Liwa Fatemiyoun is an armed force of Shia fighters from Afghanistan who assist the people of Syria in protecting and freeing their country from Israel affiliated terrorist groups like ISIS, Jabat al-Nusra or Al-Qaeda.

While marching through the desert near the historical city of Palmyra, two Liwa Fatemiyoun fighters died from an explosion caused by an IED. It’s pretty dashing to bury an IED in the middle of such an inhospitable place in hope that if someone walks through that large and open space, they would step just on the spot where the IED is buried. Apparently that type of thinking does produce fruits.

Props to Best Gore member @a-sick-mind for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. I recently read an article written by UK citizen of Kurdish descent who personally traveled back there for over a year & became a sniper in a small group of fighters his squad even had two females , him and two older males based in a village n.syria ? He was fighting in this same area and described a very similar SITU as in this video.
            Those ISIS fkrs were defending a small hilltop with a few buildings, & his squad was sent in to kill them, & the only good vantage point was another hill 1,000m away, so they snuck up there at night , knowing full well ISIS would have placed an IED there and yes it was set off remotely as soon as one of the squad got close to the top,

          2. I think it’s a shame that a man like soros can have more money than most countries. Once you have more money than a country you’re more pwerful than said country. he funded isis and now they’re all in europe waiting to be armed. They will then kill all of us europeans. we have no guns. we’d have been better off going to fight them in syria or irag. now we’re just sitting ducks but most of us are still happy to go to work oblivious of what’s coming

          3. Well they did @carly69. They were just not strong enough. There is no dishonour in that.

            The problem is the sheeple believe what they are told and swallowed it all hook, line and sinker.On how these guys were ..oh so bad ..and the boy-raping,organ-selling ,white-slaving Sauds ,Bosnian/Kosovo Moslems and Zios were oh soo good!

            You know.. five min of news and half -hour of sports and get a moveon!!

          4. Andrew will learn soon enough. he probably thinks that whole isis in the middle east thing was just some sort of spontaneous coincidence. Some people just don’t see the lorry coming till it’s on them. Just join the dots andrew. Crikey, i’m no brain surgeon but even the dimmest of us can learn something with hindsight.

          5. @hopingfornemesis

            It’s not that I don’t believe. It’s that I’m not gonna belief or disbelief anything until I have solid proof. And solid proof means seeing/hearing with my own eyes and ears. Believing what other’s tell you, however credible their source is – this is the most prominent staple of sheeple. It’s ok to lean towards one point of view or the other, but 100% believe should ONLY be achieved after personal witnessing, and even that’s not 100% accurate because there’s such thing as hallucinations, and brain tend to fuck with you in general.

            And honestly, I don’t care much about this ISIS situation. I live in Russia, for fucks sake. Wish I had your problems. I would gladly go live in UK even under the risk of being butt-raped to death by the bearded ISIS dude, then live in vodka-land under this fuck-tard mr. Pyuuutin.

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      2. @JenniJ13 Why not promote the fighters from repression? You would rather promote watching ISIS suppression? Why not show both sides? Those men were there to help, not destroy.

        If a man, I bet you wear a Shemagh and screamed “Allahu Akbar!” when you watched these men being blown to bits.

        There is a common sense rule here at BG. If you don’t like what you see, then evade your eyes. Shut your pie-hole and move on to the next video.

        1. Most certainly true steph,
          But I doubt jj13 will heed your advice ?
          Most youngsters refuse to shut their “pie holes”*
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          Well said and cheers to u for the honest try though!!

    1. In syria you can own a bible and display christmas trees.
      Can you do that in Saudi Arabia?? Fuck no, they’d throw you in jail.
      I’d expect this from an American tho, we want to send sand niggers in to bomb everything

  1. Unless it was a setup to be used as propaganda. I’m thinking the two out in front were prisoners made to walk up on that shit and get blown up. Then they can act like they were their “brothers in arms. Praise be to allah.” They can play the dramatic music and cry about the big bad evil enemies blowing them up while they were out for a peaceful stroll. You could tell by how they were walking they knew that shit was up there lol. To be honest, I could care less. A dead Arab is a good Arab. Suni, Shiite, tomato, tomaaato. Burn in Hell goat fuckers,

    1. Good point and I agree…

      It’s pretty much a given, that LF infinitely knows that area, much better than our CIA funded ISIS does.

      And as HK has already stated, one doesn’t plant I.E.D’s, with the intention that no one steps on them. (known trail) In addition, the terrain is wide open and clear. Free, from any kind of distraction, that would ruin ISIS’s Hollywood Grade propaganda film.

      I think LF is associated with the government of Iran as well. What a perfect time to produce a video, showing how these evil bastards are out to destroy the same group, that the United States claims they’re out to destroy as well.

      We all know, or should know, that Iran as well as Venezuala, is on the United State’s “Chopping Block.”

      …I’m still waiting for ISIS to attack Israel.

      (ain’t gonna happen, and for obvious reasons)

  2. i made a little scan… slow motion frame by frame (fucking hell)

    doesnt look like a presure IED or mine.
    the exposion start “behind” the 2 guy in front and at a meter or more of the third guy walking in center of the camera.
    its not a mortar shot or any others exterior shot.

    my guess is, its indeed an IED, but it was remote controled and activated at the moment for trying to make the more dead (aka the 2 guys in front + chance for the 2 other guys at each side of the cameraman)

    a pressure IED would have blow on the spot. this one was clearly controlled.
    also i guess this is a common “road” to travel througth thoses rocklands.

    1. An IED can also have a pressure plate / trigger, not directly on the explosive charge.
      The options are only limited by the imagination of the IED creator.
      Might just as well have been a hand grenade.

      If you are interested in in the deminers & the IED’s in Iraq and Syria, you should have a look @ the documentary:
      “The Deminer”

      I Will add a download link for the full film in my BG Profile 😉

      I recently watched it, and I was very much humbled by what the Kurdish Peshmerga “Crazy” Fakhir Berwari achieved during his lifetime. He lost count how many bombs and landmines he defused, but it was estimated to be in the thousands.

      His work wasn’t without mishap and near-misses though. Between 2003 and 2014, he survived seven targeted explosions, the most deadly of which resulted in the loss of his right leg in 2008. But it didn’t deter him. After some time spent away recuperating, he returned to Mosul in 2014 with a prosthetic leg and continued his work.

      Finally the year 2014 his luck ran out whilst clearing a house riddled with mines, Fakhir was killed. He had lived through many (7) close-calls before, but he didn’t survive this one. He was 39 and left behind a wife and eight children.

  3. There’s no such thing as Shia. It is Shite. When I was in Saudi Arabia with the National Guard, I even asked The Saudi’s about the Shia fighters. They laughed. They told me that there is either Shiite or Sunni, not Shia.

  4. A few more dead dune coons.

    Syria is quite the warfield, with 10,000 – 20,000 Jihadists still hiding out in the desert waiting for Uncle Sam to leave I can’t imagine the kind of hell that will pop up again.

    Can’t wait for the videos of course

    1. I burst out laughing. Tge yankers and tgeir servile Kurds have had tge remnants of Isis hoked uo in abplace one or two miles square and can’t kull them for over a month. Hahaha

      The latest i heard was tge Us wantsc40tons of gold back to resque tgem with choppers unofficially.

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  5. Too many good comments already made but I agree. Promo video ,fake or planned. No way you put ieds on terrain noone goes on.

    @jennij13 those guys are the good guys . You would not know it from your mainstream media though.

    Yes,Syria like Vietnam seems to be going to “Russia”. Lest the gungho Americans cry ,don’t worry ,you will be trading with them like you do with Vietnam in thirty to forty years once it is all forgotten and the Koch/Waltons want to make money again. Lol

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  8. Fucking Jew Cunts Do Not Give Zero fucks if little kids/Teenagers went out there with their buddies to smoke blunts or whatever! Like even a poor animal looking for food or water could be maimed or killed cause of these buried I.E.D.’s or Mines, as they are not discriminant, these fucking Bombs. 🙁

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