Two Men Gunned Down in Acapulco for Cheering for Wrong Football Team

Two Men Gunned Down in Acapulco for Cheering for Wrong Football Team

Acapulco – the world’s execution central. It takes far less to take a bullet to the head than cheering for a wrong football team there. But whom do you cheer for, then? One way or another, somebody’s not gonna like what you do and shoot you.

Two men were executed with six bullets from .45 caliber handguns while watching a football game in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. Players of both teams escaped when the shooting began and did not return on the pitch. They must already know what Acapulco is all about.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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62 thoughts on “Two Men Gunned Down in Acapulco for Cheering for Wrong Football Team”

      1. @CityGirl
        Its just a media induced stereotype that some nations have to have a certain trait. Team sports are there to distract the public from real problems, panem et circenses, bread and games. Its also a surrogate for war and a vent for aggression. Plus it stimulates the competitive behaviour of the society.
        This scheme applies also to other team sports. But that doesnt mean, that you cant have fun in sports in the first place.

        Aber egal, Fussball ist eh totaler mist. 😉

  1. In the past year I have found a new love of sports. I love American Grid Iron football, and baseball, too. In discovering my love for my teams, I have also discovered my intense hatred for other teams, and their fans. I hate the Saints. Fuck ’em, and all of their Who Dat bullshit. In baseball, I hate the Yankees. So much so that I bought a Boston Red Sox cap just to give a big Fuck You to any Yankees fan that I happen to come across out in public. (I’m an A’s fan.)

    However! Despite how much I would like to silence these fans of other teams, I would never off them. I love the hate they give me. They make sports fun for me. I feel for these guys in the pics. I wish their killers felt the same as me sports-wise, if that’s why they got murdered. I don’t know what else to say other than Go All Of My Teams!!! 😀

  2. haha check out Acapulco on the googles. After the wikipedia left tits summation every link is for tourism and travelling. Who’s up for vacation? I’ll go with anyone with a vagina. Gots me some high standards like that.

  3. ” Offside Ref”. Those were probably the best 6 shots of the match ! It brings a whole new meaning to the Commentary phrase “He went down in the area like he’d been shot” . “I never fucking touched him Ref”.

  4. so is this what would happen if we got the anarchy many of you hope for? people would just start murdering each other just because there would be no law? would that really happen? is the fear of prison really the only thing keeping us from committing murder? i wonder.
    I’ve been off my meds now for over a month and a half and i have to say many of my hate-filled views are fading. my real emotions aren’t so numbed anymore. i actually am starting to feel somewhat human again. although i still desire to transcend humanity. and the fact that i overcame drug addiction, alcoholism, cigarette addiction and an anxiety/panic disorder all cold turkey and through sheer will power is testament to my mental evolution….no?

    1. Well at least are you a better human than me, regarding the fight against your addictions. I?m still smoking, taking sometimes shrooms and weed, and I?m still on my meds. 😛
      What do you mean by transcending the human condition? A pure state of mind without hate, anger, jealousy, greed, fear etc.? Or more radical : a pure state of logic?

      P.S. Regarding anarchy, hmm, I think we can only find out when it happens, how people will interact with eachother. My presumption would be, that predators will have a free hand as well as decent people, which will be the majority. We will have groups of people that will better fit together, than under the current circumstances. I dont believe that crime would skyrocket, because without a greedy system with the god of mammon the spirit of competition will make way for cooperation and with people who defend each other in clans, the scum will think twice to attack. The natural selection will almost completely take over the artificial umbrella of the past society, altough social behaviour on a free basis could surely still exist. The outcome depends on the given circumstances like an apocalyptic scenario or just slow demise of societies. The human species is a social one, and you cant just erase that fact by removing an abstract governance. For my part, I?d prefer a acracy, a status of none or minimal government, in which free people decide about their lives with all benefits and consequences.

      1. I believe that mankind has failed as a species. We forgot out true purpose is to be stewards of this world. Instead, we believe ourselves to be better than all other life. We take from the earth but replace very little. We destroy everything to accommodate our virus behaviour. We invade, destroy and reproduce at such rates, the world cant keep up with us. The world cannot support us, it is reacting to us. And beside the environment, look how we treat each other.
        We developed physical bodies to interact with this physical world, but we have become too focused on these physical bodies. Our next step in evolution must be evolution of the mind. To exist in mind. In a realm of pure intellect. Free of the constraints of our current condition(drug addiction, prostitution, war, money).
        To evolve as humans we must shed what makes us human currently. I wish I could explain better and I can’t really tell you how to do this as it seems to just be happening naturally in me as evidenced by my abnormally strong will power.
        Or maybe I’m just entertaining a delusion….look at Buddhism, their philosophy is r eally close to my own ideas of mental evolution. Not the religion part, but just the meditation/philosophy stuff. I experienced some similar things when I left by body.

        1. The disembodied existence in pure mind would be a double-edged sword. On one hand it?d be a huge leap towards freedom with incredible possibilities like deepspace travel in cybernetic vessels or real time communication up to a unification of minds in a global noosphere. With an uploaded mind without a biological brain, we could make copies of ourselves, to cheat death.
          On the other hand, with unrestricted access to our brains the doors would open for utter toughtcontrol, mindhacking, inducing of torture trough realistic and never ending nightmares etc.
          Even without the connection to others, no one knows how the physical brain would develop in synthetic body or how the pure mind in a computer would cope with the lack of biologicaly created emotions, on which our current cerebral function depends to maintain the learning process and our ethical behaviour.
          Some believe, that there is a higher dimension, to which we could transcend away from any physical existence.
          We just cannot perceive this sphere with our few senses.
          However, if such a thing exists, then to get there, we would have to pace the developmental stages mentioned above first anyway.
          Its a funny thing with your statement about entertaining of a delusion, because you?d then hallucinate within a dream (or nightmare).
          Did you had an accident, as you left your body?

          1. no accident, no drug overdose. I went to sleep sober and perfectly normal. I then, at some point early in the morning, found myself observing my body lying in bed. I seemed to be at about standing height from the foot of my bed. I looked to be either in a really deep sleep or dead. there were no sensations of any kind. there were no thoughts or emotions of any kind. there was no sense of “I” or “me” I was simply pure awareness. conscious energy. there seemed to be a dark blue tint to everything. it seems I realized what had happened because I was suddenly pulled or pushed back into my body through the eyes at a great rate of speed and awoke at that instant in the exact position I saw myself lying in during liberation.
            it only happened once and I was understandably disturbed by the experience and lived for some time with some anxiousness about such an event occurring again.
            now, however, I see it as truth. you see, beings who are free of all thoughts and emotions would have no interest in controlling others. without the id and ego, good and evil would cease to exist, as would greed and jealousy and fear and love. we would simply exist as pure beings, free of this diseased condition of violence and wanting.
            the id and ego and personality are all constructs of the physical brain. everything that makes you YOU is a construction. there is only pure aware energy. that moves from life to life from being to being.
            when I die, Obliterator’s body dies. but not the energy which powered Obliterator. it moves on. energy cannot be created or destroyed it simply changes. and the energy that powered this body will go on to power someone or something else. as long as we cling to this false sense of self, of identity, we can’t move forward. we have to stop being human to evolve as humans(weird, I know). we must free ourselves of all emotions and attachments, they are the reason we murder and steal and cling to things and other people. emotions are the cause of all of the awful things we have done…so they must be erased for us to evolve.

          2. Although disturbing, it seems like a beautiful experience. I know, feelings were not involved, I mean that in an aesthetic manner. I get the point about stripping ourselves from the evil ego, but I?m still struggling to imagine a state of pure awareness. We are gathering experience in this, and maybe other worlds, do they keep to exist in a purified way? Well, for some it?d be better to not take theirs with them, but it could also be that in this condition they or it?d manage the nighmares more objectively. How is this “being” perceiving itself?
            No fucking way for me to discover it, without leaving my prison here.
            Over and out? 😉

    2. Im not sure you can become panick and anxiety disorders,i had them really bad when i was younger,19,20 etc.And then i changed my life a little bit,even moved back to my home country and felt much better.However im 29 now and i been feeling the same way lately,so either living in the Us is the cause of my anxiety or else it doesnt really ever go away,eventually comes back throughout your life.

      1. Home sweat home. I wonder how the people in Portugal treat eachother although it is a competitive capitalistic system in which isolation prevails like here in Germany. Moving to the US could be a real shock for sensitive minds, maybe because of the more harsh social atmoshere there or it could be just simply the disconnection from the warmth of the natural habitat. 😉

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