Two Men Gunned Down, Brain on the Floor

Two Men Gunned Down, Brain on the Floor

Two Men Gunned Down, Brain on the Floor

…and flip flops on the floor too, of course.

I got no backinfo, so I can only go by the visuals. What I tend to see are two men gunned down inside a building with motorcycles parked there. At least one had brains blasted out of the skull. No idea what this is all about, though.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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61 thoughts on “Two Men Gunned Down, Brain on the Floor”

      1. Hmm.
        I think that that brain has always wanted to break free from that person’s skull.
        What bliss now!

        Brain was thinking “How do I split from this guy who uses me to make so many bad decisions year in/year out?”

        Brain now thinking: “Consider this a break for freedom. Tata, amigo!!”

        1. Mr Spock.
          How’s your ears.
          Thinking to write the certificate as follows;
          Cause of death for the body 1, was forced exit by and from an unhappily located brain who ejected itself tho being Bwazilian didn’t figure out what it was to move around in once minus no body.
          COD of brain it suffocated thru lack of oxygen.
          COD. Body 2. It was a copycat of 1, tho didn’t quite make the same ejection because spur of the Impulse moment because once again it was Bwazilian…!!
          Ok with you Spock, or..?

          1. @Mr JXK777,
            I’ve always been a pointy-eared bastard, lol.

            Yeah I’m with you on both C.o.Ds, pal. Go for it. It’s all logical to me. Screw everything else, ha!

          1. Maybe he has.
            He thinks I should loosen up because he’s fed up of taking all the risks whilst I just challenge his notions and not take any risks at all.

          2. Ah now Mr Spock.
            You say maybe, I’ll take that as a given.
            Be careful of the Earthlings and their methods of intoxication.
            Remember what happened last time..?
            Kirk is a Gobshite, you should mutiny transport him to Afrika with no return, no communicator
            and Fuck him,
            let him Rot.
            Then carry the Enterprise further into the void for Discovery of the missing crew members from the Challenger..!!!

          1. Aha, yes good point
            Had not thought of that.
            The Ketchup Kid
            and his gang of marauders know as: Sauce 1,
            Relish 2,
            and Taco 3.
            That’s all the information we have presently which was leaked by an unhappy rival who wishes only to be known as Tom Püree.
            Also because no eye witnesses have come forward.
            They probably had a vehicle waiting with an as yet unknown accomplice.
            Hum, the plot thickens.
            Or should I say
            the Ketchup Congeales…

  1. Trigger happy – feline to play?

    Seems like they are thief’s – Black clutch purse is seen close to the nearest splattered brain with a blood trail, maybe they robbed the wrong bitachh …

    Awfully young chaps, f waste of life!

    1. Yes another possibility.
      A Calamity Jane of
      Bwazilian fame.
      Which ever, we can assume
      it is a pro hit, for Bwazil at least.
      The clutch bag, hum.
      Could be a misnomer to deceive our detective skills..?
      Also that the reality is:
      They were a waste of life from conception..!

      Here’s a movie recommendation, if you haven’t seen it already called; “Bubblegum and Broken Fingers” about a group of Female assassins. Very good watch with lots of twists and turns. It will gain cult status in time.
      Also I’m not good with names, tho faces I never forget.
      Is that actually yourself in yet another picture change..?
      Because I know that I have seen the face before somewhere,
      just haven’t placed it yet.
      Have you been in videos or film..?
      Plus your fine breasts are they for real,
      or have they been artificially inseminated..?
      You don’t have to answer if you are shy…

      1. @jxk777
        Morning, Mmmm need an XLarge and warm to wake me((Coffee that is))..

        LOL, I love to play detective but ‘bubblegum and broken fingers’, sounds like some sort of underground porn Fetish, *fishing out a pink sticky Gum and ouch with with broken fingers *.

        As for having seen me or any of my images(they are all me I never used a fake pic in my life), But doubting we know each other but for sure my face and body is not and has never been on pay per clicks sites or some e.wanking site, I’m a fucking good girl not a world web whore or emo bitch looking for attention I just feel it’s normal to use a pic of myself to be myself …

        Your German it seems, but again not sure your too friendly to possible be a Herman…

        Mentioned you both feel I am Asian or you both decided this from my last pic that your unsure it’s me, But it was of me stood by a window next to a hanging real stuffed giraffe(Taxidermy) which is HOT but only if the wild animal is vintage and not murdered or tortured for art form, as I fucking hate animal abuse!!!

        Again, the only thing resembling Asian on me I guess would be the jet black long straight hair.??

        Still trying to get on the forum, for the need of some onion sites xoxo

          1. No my dear playmates ,you misunderstand me. The first pic ever put up by@missprovacateur was from the potato phone ; dominatrix- looking woman in the photo with the dead stuffed-giraffe in the background. The model looks Asian in that at such shit res.

            Obviously , the latter photo was of a Caucasian /Euro lady. I never meant the blue-eyed ,buxom white-skinned lady was Asian.

            Ok. This is not fun anymore so I will let it be. I will just wait for diff photos from missprovacateur if and when they cum .


          2. Nems.
            This is not cryptic.
            When you use only,
            JXK7 it is going to my other account which I cannot access (my fault). Forgotten details in another rig.
            But JXK7 is still the header for @ at email address which is in use, and valid.
            All you need is the provider. Com, ok so far..?
            The provider I’ll show you in the same way as I did before when I know that you are here live again as we did previously yes..?
            Simple so…

        1. Ah, presumptions und assumptions.
          No Miss Peanuts.
          I for not one moment did think you are of the Asian condition.
          Merely playing along with Nems.
          Quite obvious to a blind person that you are Fair Skinned and perhaps with Nordic infusion.
          I will add, tho not thinking you’d be short of complements that you are pretty, with oceanic eyes.
          You are definitely NOT my type, the reason I say this outright is because I don’t want you getting any ideas. Ok..?
          Let’s nip that in your Bud.
          Before we go any further.

          I’m spoken for, singularly by my wife, girlfriend, lover, Strumpet and Hoor. If any of them thought something was going on, well let me tell you, they’d pursue you until they could scratch your eyes out.
          Putting it mildly, like the decaffeinated version but seriously their all Hardcore.
          Oh, what type of Onions are you looking for..?

          1. @jxk777

            I couldn’t possible admit/deny the allegations of scandic blood but even the Irish/Scottish whom got raped by big fucking gorgeous vikings had no choice in the matter …

            Oooh yes you can give me some twisted playful name, I would like it and of coarse I understand your not flirting with me , but my German amounts to, “ schneller schneller und härter“… I travelled a lot but I remember visiting a Jew Camp in Germany and fuck me in the forests the birds refused to ruse..

            I’m happy you got a lover, a lust and a passion as mentioned am not here for BG cocks, I’m here for the reality and my addiction to desensitise my kindest heart…

            I dispise CP and AB .

            But I fucking love Cartel videos but wish for my Against will with white women x

      2. Hi hi.
        Provocative Personal Person. Ha.
        Morning yes for myself, just passed 09.00 amplitudes.
        Tho probably nearer 10. By the time I’ve finished this to send.
        Coffee Yuuek..! Can’t take it, the smell nauseous, vomit inducing, if I drink it, the caffeine messes my stomach up, giving migraine type pain, and I rush around like I’ve had a shot of amphetamine. Tho I’m ok with amphetamines haha..!
        Nope, nothing like fetish/porn etc. It’s low budget with a BIG budget.
        With players well chosen fittings the cast. The reason for mentioning was because you implied Female assassins. Going to find it in my collection and give it another watch.
        Miss Provocateur I was Provokin you, is all.
        But I’d know you now, should you be gliding along the street.
        Personally I’ve kept my face off the interweebs for security reasons, enough said.
        Ok this is the short version description of Moi. I’m a
        Fair Skinned Tribesman.
        Of Irish German blood.
        Also like yourself ingrish ist nicht mein 1st language.
        Coincidentally Herman’s are in the mix, tho not that spelling so.
        Good guess, nah you said that because it rhymes from the auld Herman the German thing.
        FYI future reference, I tend to joke alot, so take what I say, with a generous pinch of salt.
        When I’m serious you’ll see that for yourself.
        Oh, also I like renaming people haven’t quite decided upon yours yet, so if you want input then speak up.
        Because nothing derogatory just playful you might not like so.
        Have a good one. Miss Pea.

          1. Nems it is a good movie, not short of anything, the plot twists and turns like a Sidewinder on Acid.
            All the characters are fleshed out, leaving you in no doubt as to what its about but, not where it’s going to, one cannot predict that on first view.
            You’ll be surprised Dude.
            Another one in a similar vain with 3 female assassins, I’ll look up later but both are instant Cult genre.

            Have you seen (one of my all time favourite Australien movies). Called;
            “Bad Boy Bubby”
            If not TREAT Yourself to it. What a brilliant tale it is. Lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched it. Never fails to amuse…

          1. Ha.
            Miss Presentable.
            For diagnosis
            (I don’t except labels).
            I was diagnosed as a child. AssBurgers
            as I term it. ASD as it’s more commonly known these days. (Which is a gift, a Blessing).
            I’ve epilepsy carrying 5 types, from over 40.
            Plus 1, or 2 other maladies.?
            I’ve had several Neurosurgery from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.
            Nope, no problem concentrating, bordering on the obsessive.
            To the point of not sleeping for a week and not noticing it. So.
            Doesn’t seem I’ve a natural bio rhythm is all. My IQ for what it’s worth is off the scale, have achieved many academic accolades, with letters after my name. I am wired a little differently than most but, there again are not we all..?

        1. @jxk777
          Love it, and agree to a billion that people on the spectrum are way gifted and it’s the normal fuckers that can not understand the deeper level of the mind, they are blind to the inner world and darkness and lack the higher 6th sense and the best mathematical and musical minds and even hackers all have some gift be it in the spectrum.

          Also enchanting to have hit your skull, love how serial killers tend to have that happen and it sort of woke up the inner beast .. Grrrrr

          As from where I Hail, 20% ‘R’ the other 80% is into 2 of ‘S’ and ‘S ‘…

    2. Well Miss Provocateur
      It would be good for you, as a suggestion this is to have a better understanding of one’s own lineage, giving one a greater knowledge of where you as a sentient being hail from genetically. It gives more grounding for one’s Self.

      Not going into a history lesson right here now, for it would take up so much time and space but, it was more the English who were raped by the Norsemen/Vikings as said.
      Initially when they arrived in Ireland they encountered very few, as mostly they were seen coming so the people in general came inland into hiding. When fighting and skirmishes happened they were up against our fiercest warriors from the old Kingdoms who fought against those attacking with equal Vigour. Then became a period of interaction with some assimilation.
      Similar for the Scottish. Twas the English who suffered the most because of the size of the landmass, their (the Viking) conquest was for area.
      The Romans built Hadrian’s wall to keep the Scottish barbarians out of their territory not to fence them in or a demarcation of difference between England and Scotland.
      What I am saying is WE didn’t roll over and take it in the Ass from the vikings.

      Ha, Hard and Fast eh’ that’s how you like it..!
      Travelled quite extensively myself yes seen a fair amount of the Earth, and lived in Gran Europa for a decade before the invasion.
      No such thing as “jew camp’s” (unless you mean what the circumcised one’s have/are doing to Palestine..?).
      However there are the remaining Sites of Konzentrationslager (work/labour camp’s). For that is what they were.
      Arbeit macht frei.
      Means exactly what was happening within the camp’s
      in the 1930-40’s.
      I’ve been to almost all the camp’s and never experienced the myth of “No Birds Sing” the reason for that is simply because in certain areas there isn’t a large bird population, and the area doesn’t support them, because of habitats, not because of previous human usage. Even in Chernobyl the first things to return were the animals. Because the area supports them.

      Still working on a name, tho the one you chose is fitting as you wouldn’t have chosen it otherwise.

      Desensitise your mind, perhaps.
      Always keep your Heart FREE.
      er, not sure what you mean by CP and AB..?
      Would you mean: Child Pornographie und Animal Beastiality..?
      Nothing like that here Missy.
      This is BestGore…

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