Two Men in Car Ambushed and Riddled with Bullets

Two Men in Car Ambushed and Riddled with Bullets

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, two men driving in a car were ambushed and riddled with bullets. Driver died on the spot, the passenger experienced a bit of agony before release. The passenger was a Military Policeman, which is suspected to have been the reason for the attack.

According to witnesses, the black Volkswagen Polo was forced into a stop by two vehicles. Four men armed with rifles got off the vehicles, and opened fire at the couple inside the Polo. The killers then fled.

According to corporate data from Brazil, more than 60 policemen were killed in Rio state this year.

They say when the government fears its people, you have democracy, but when the people fear their government, you have tyranny. Adding a bit of fear of the people into the life of government’s enforcers seems to be the key to democracy. Certainly, allowing them to run amok and kill at will with impunity cannot be the way to go.

Props to Best Gore member @brunoousado for the video:

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      1. Ok, that made me giggle, Romeo and Julio.

        On a side note, and fair warning, if I’m ever in the position to be in mortal danger, i.e.-dying, just a note. Don’t stand around taking fucking video of me while I’m still alive and not offer a single word of care or encouragement! Even after seeing it for years on BG, I still don’t get the absolute lack of humanity of those passing by that just film people that are still alive enough to fucking look you in the eye and can’t muster a simple, ‘hold on’, ‘helps on the way’, or ‘you’re not alone’. I will haunt the fuck out of anyone who acted that way while filming my demise.

        Ok, rant over. Sorry, just had to get that out. Merry Christmas, everyone! Lol

  1. No offense to our BG family (if you own an iPhone). Why the fuck are most of the iPhone users fucking dumb? When they know their fucking phones cannot shoot a damn video in landscape mode, why then? In my opinion, it should “NOT” be called Apple iPhone, but “Lemon iPhone”.

  2. Those shots to the leg can be worse than a Charlie horse. I remember, as a child, being punched in the leg by my big brother and let me tell you, getting hit in that part of the leg hurts like hell.

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  3. It’s already boxing day in Australia but yesterday at the family Christmas do (in 35 degree heat and 95% humidity a.k.a. a bitch of a day) I found out my cousin Amanda has been living in Rio in Brazil since March as an Olympics Official getting the joint ready for some big sports carnival next year! She is from Sydney Town – so she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and obviously not a member of BG.

    So hope you all had a much better Christmas than these two unfortunate souls in the above video, which was probably filmed just around the corner from my cousins beach front duplex in Rio…..

    1. If possible @Dutchy, your cousin could do with a friendly word of advice about the perils of being in that place. Something along the lines of ” get the fuck out a there while you can “. Or at least tell her to leave the purse behind and take all of that jewelry off.

      Must be difficult for you ozzies to sell the old Santa trick to the kids in all that heat, you know, Rudolf and Blitzen pulling a sleigh and what not !!.
      Do your Christmas cards have snow on them ?! 😉

      1. Hey ewe

        Merry new year and all that to you my friend.

        No snow on our Christmas cards mate, they usually have Santa sitting under the shade, you know, leaning against a gum tree in a white singlet ( his big red heavy coat tossed aside) with sweat beads on his forehead and his reindeer are bone riddled carcasses half melted into the red dirt in the background……he he he

        There are the occasional ‘traditional’ Christmas cards of course with snow and enchanted little villages with with Santa in the sky but our traditional Christmas’s are very different so you don’t see them too often……

    1. … the ghost of a man who was offered no comforting words or a simple gesture for him to understand that we the sick fucjunderstand the fear he must be experiencing, especially while the ‘sick masses ‘ video has last moments as a cool moment for his mum and dad –

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