Two Men Interrogated by FARC While Third Is Getting Dismembered

Two Men Interrogated by FARC While Third Is Getting Dismembered

Two Men Interrogated by FARC While Third Is Getting Dismembered

According to the backinfo I got, the two men in the video are being interrogated by FARC, which would suggests the video is from Colombia. FARC are “Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia“, or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Unless another group from a different country also goes by FARC.

While the two still live guys are being interrogated, a third is shown as a heap of flesh and bones, still being actively dismembered. Can’t imagine it was that pleasant for the two watching their buddy get chopped up, knowing similar fate likely awaits you too.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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66 thoughts on “Two Men Interrogated by FARC While Third Is Getting Dismembered”

          1. These are socialist communist bastards that want to eat a country with their own ignorance, as same as venezuelans, they act most like muslin same kind of brutality, they just want to kill, kidnap, they only want to extort, and try to live like a parasite from a country. (from a colombian who knows the problem).

    1. And knowing you will be at the end of that blade. These people had no idea their life would end like that. They where little kids once playing, dreaming. They grew up had sex, worked a job somewhere. Then one day they mess with the wrong people or wrong place wrong time and ended up not only dying a brutal death but one filmed for the world to see.

  1. FARCs could use some lessons in knolling. Couldn’t tell what was what on chopped-up guy.
    “A+” for making two live guys loosen their sphincters in anticipation of grizzly death, but “D-” on presentation of dead guy’s parts. Meat cutters needed to lay body parts out neatly so a complete inventory could be made and cooks could choose their proper cuts for grilling.

  2. This is the same FARC bitching about the Paramilitaries chainsawing their people on river banks, then they show the world why they get chainsawed. And bulldozed. And thrown from helicopters. Bunch of sore loser, cokehead bitches who can barely get up to function without a line haha.

  3. Wtf… At 1:03 if you look close you will see my cat Dasiy lurking in the back ground …

    She was sent to that Shit-Hole to do some Recon work for Agent P.

    You know that effinnn Platypus… Well needless to say she is there for the Heap of Grub about to be served .. To think everyone was wondering why her protective fight sac Hangs so low….here is ur answer!!!!

  4. I can confirm this is Colombian because of the accent and for what the cameraman is saying they’re doing this in response to a video the interrogated camp presumably posted. He said something along the lines of “the same thing you did in your video we’re going to do to them, you basically forced us to do this”

  5. Not a lot to translate, but the cameraman got straight to the point. Basically he said

    “This is what, this is going to be a reproduction/remake of a video that you guys made with one of ours. Don’t blame anybody but yourselves for what’s about to happen to you.”

    Interestingly enough, it appears the FARC has rivals?? I thought the only people they fought was the Colombian government/soldiers.
    Also side-note, the Colombian-Spanish accent sounds pleasant. To me, at least.

  6. When I see videos like this I try to make myself feel better by assuming the victims are just as brutal as their killers and on any other day the victim/killer roles could so easily been reversed. It’s so great to see this is sometimes true and karma does make aN awesome cameo appearance and gives it as good as the the others dish out…….

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