Two Men on Motorcycle Murdered in Caruaru

Two Men  on Motorcycle Murdered in Caruaru

On Friday night, September, 5th, 2015 in the Murder Capital of the World (Caruaru), two men on a motorcycle (no way), were ambushed by another duo on a motorcycle. Well, I don’t think I need to tell you what happened next…motorcycles are Death’s preferred method of travel in this region of the world and she really makes a killing (pun intended).

The shooting took place on JosΓ© Barboza Lima street in the IndianΓ³polis neighbourhood of Caruaru, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The rider of the motorcycle, identified as OtacΓ­lio Dantas da Silva, age 33, was pronounced dead on the scene. His unidentified companion was still alive and rushed to hospital, but soon succumbed to his injuries. He was unable to give any description of the assailants or any information regarding what happened.

Two military police officers happened to be on patrol in the area at the time of the shooting and identified two “white” males fleeing the scene. The gave chase but the murderous pair abandoned their bike and disappeared into a wooded area. They have not yet been found or identified.

The men were the first and second murders of September for Caruaru. 144 so far for the year 2015. Damn.

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    1. And it’s a Honda, at least it’s a Jap bike, not some unidentifiable Chinese crap. The Japanese do not generally make rubbish bikes or cars. Not that I’ve ever owned a Toyota or any other Japanese motors, but if it was cheap enough and I was looking….

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        1. @blucon, I drive a Ford at the moment. Many Aussies drive brand new (under 5 yrs) cars, we never went through the last recession that affected much of the world, so you see lots of brand new cars on the road. I also live in a town with high growth, there is a lot of wealth so even the poorest of people have a decent car.
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  1. Me & ma chum
    We Never biked slow
    Robbed & fleeced
    but we always ran outa dough

    ?them Mother fuckers caught us in the wood
    Screwed us down and Knocked us good
    Police officers on patrol were pretty rude
    It did no good oh how it should
    And now the news is all over the town
    Stuck in Indianapolis
    Hope they catch the murderous clowns
    Oh it felt so bad being Dantas da Silva
    Couldn?t go west, couldn?t go east
    da Silvas are cared for the least
    forever in Indianapolis
    With everything looking deceased
    Bare bodied by my bike
    I am a corpse and
    And us the Da Silvas nobody likes now
    Don?t know how I felt sleepy then on the road wow
    I was just about couple o? hours from my home ciao
    Is this Hell or Indianapolis

    Bestgore feels great writing our obituaries somehow

  2. WTF. A tandem in bike killed BY another tandem in bike? There’s some weird shit there (just like that ItsCyclical and HighlyEducated guy talking to himself.! But, hey, it’s Brazil. I should probably be used to it by now but…nope.

    There’s always something new to look forward to on Caruaru everyday.

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