Two Men Shot Dead by Assailants in a Restaurant in Callao, Peru

Two Men Shot Dead by Assailants in a Restaurant in Callao, Peru

CCTV cameras in Chifa del Callao, Peru captured fatal shooting in which two young assailants fatally shot two men sitting behind a dining table waiting for their meals. 25 year old Harold Cuestas Grijalva and 31 year old Israel Chávez Apéstegui both died at the scene. Random young bystander was also shot but his wounds were not fatal. Each assailant fired 12 shots.

The hit didn’t look very professional as the assailants left a whole lot of fingerprints in the restaurant and one failed to wear a face mask. Police figure that the assassination was an act of reckoning, possibly to set scored between rivals. The hitmen fled the scene on a motorcycle.

Last time we had a video from the port city of Callao in Peru, it involved a traffic accident victim with crushed head.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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22 thoughts on “Two Men Shot Dead by Assailants in a Restaurant in Callao, Peru”

  1. Of course I’m no hit man, but really? Its gotta be like that huh? Messy and unpredictable with loads of innocent witnesses. I mean, they were smart enough to get around the use of the video cameras by simply ignoring them, but such cunning can only go so far. What happens when the policia figure out who had a beef with these guys and comes round to say hello, eh? And surely the other patrons will be inclined to participate in any subsequent action, so…yeah, not impressive.

  2. crazy shit man. the dude in the flannel shirt reminds me of my buddy joe, so it makes it all the funnier.
    But pretty ballsy man. YOu got to have some real brass to run in and gun down 2 people. You know whats with the shooting rivals? Im sure there are enough drug users that all can share. These guys here don’t take me for the big time pushers or gang busters. So unless you got an airplane and cocaine factory out in the sticks, killing the competition is pointless.

  3. Its normal to see some members getting suprised and considering theirselves “genius” about clues left, if the “job” is given by the boss or commandante, who fucks the camera or finger prints its another world, they are already proud of finalizing the task & honored among their community, who cares about the rest, they already have their hosts in prison.

    1. sicarios, just means hitmen. She explains how it happens, sounds like she wants the blind to imagine the killing, she never explains why or anything about an investigation. She did say that only 1 of the men targeted did survive and she showed a picture

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