Two Men Shot Each Other to Death in Rajasthan, India

Two Men Shot Each Other to Death in Rajasthan, India

In Sangaria city of Hanumangarh district in northern Rajasthan, India, two men apparently shot each other to death.

Judging by the looks of the surroundings, this mutual double murder took place in an office. You can see a large pool of blood and also some bullets lying on the ground.

Camera guy had to pan from left to right because he couldn’t figure out how to fit both corpses into the view. Whereas it didn’t occur to him to hold the camera horizontally, I presume he was an Iphone owner.

Props to Best Gore member @hindustan for the video:

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42 thoughts on “Two Men Shot Each Other to Death in Rajasthan, India”

  1. These are just outtakes from a Clorox commercial in India. Will those pants ever be white again? I think an old Chinese woman pops in talking about some ancient Chinese secret. ???

  2. those aren’t “bullets lying on the ground” they’re hulls or shell casings, not bullets. Bullets are the projectiles that come out the barrel of a rifle or pistol, the bullet is the part that flies through the air. The casings or hulls are the part that holds the powder that sends the bullet out of the barrel.

    1. Yeah you are right. But these Indians use such weak guns that the bullets might bounce off. Use a 44 mag, dammit. Get the job done. Then the other guy won’t get a chance to say, “ouch, that hurts” and shoot back.

      1. We don’t have gun culture in our country. Ownership of guns are very rare by civilians. Primarily because you need a licence to own a gun which require you to provide a valid reason for having a gun. Even if you cite protection to life for a reason, you need to prove to the licencing authority that you indeed have a threat to your life.

        As far as the ‘weak guns’ are concerned, they are mostly local made illegal guns hence the shitty quality. No matter what others think, our police does a great job in controlling the flow and use of firearms. Hence we have a low crime rate as compared to US and many other countries and also you don’t hear school children shooting their classmates in India.

      1. I don’t think he does know, I’ve seen him mix up shotgun & rifle a time or two also. No big deal though, it’s not important really, I just would assume someone thats posted probably hundreds of shooting incidents would know the difference by now.

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