Two Men Standing by Fence, One Pulls Out Gun and Shoots Other in Head Point Blank

Two Men Standing by Fence, One Pulls Out Gun and Shoots Other in Head Point Blank

Two Men Standing by Fence, One Pulls Out Gun and Shoots Other in Head Point Blank

In this video, two men are shown standing by a fence, when one pulls out a handgun and shoots the other from behind point blank in the back of his head.

The thing is – according to the backinfo I got, the incident is related to the news report of a killing of 36 year old Angelo D. Pullum in Rogers Park on the North Side of Chicago. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in finding a reliable link between the video and the report.

I also don’t know how I feel about the convenient, ground level footage focused directly on the action without any surprise twitch when the shooting occurs. This doesn’t mean it didn’t happen in Chicago, I just don’t know what to make of the footage. The shot guy seems to drop like he was indeed shot, but these days country leaders can lie without batting an eye day in and day out, so one can never be sure when a skilled actor is encountered.

What do you guyes think? Real of fugazi? Chicago or not?

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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39 thoughts on “Two Men Standing by Fence, One Pulls Out Gun and Shoots Other in Head Point Blank”

    1. This is 100% Chicago it’s a gang beef one guy was making a penny more than the other and the “friend ” killed him Chicago is hands down the most violent place in America so the person recording it didn’t flinch cause it’s like hearing a car horn down the street it’s nothing

    2. Bloods and crips .. The good old days… Guy in red knows he’s Fucked as he turns around and says Bloods rule. Meanwhile the crip goes no! Smith and Wesson wins.. Okay I admit it’s kinda lame but oh well..

  1. Why aren’t they looting , raping, pillaging, and burning the shithole down? Hypocrite racist fuck thugs know it’s all about THE NARRATIVE. So, is the coon in the red hat gonna get his funeral on TV, too?

      1. They do own businesses, they are the places where all the niggs hang out and sell dope in front of. The owners of these businesses can’t say or do shit because they will get marked, then vandalized then burnt to the ground. You don’t know shit man. I lived it for 40 years till I got my ass out of that shit hole and got me a few acres in the mountains of TN.

  2. These are 2 actors in Chicago perpetuating the myth of black on black crime to boost statistics. Unlike what the media wants to show, Chicago is a beautiful city of community and non-violence.

  3. So why can I hear the noise in the background but the gunshot is dead silent there’s obviously no suppressor perhaps it was a 22 loaded with quiet ammo but I doubt it at that range you’d still hear a pop probs fake

  4. Yeah the news article has to do with this video. I even looked up the address on the article and found the exact same fence door theyre standing in front of with 4 rings.
    The address was 1442 W Lunt Ave chicago IL

  5. i think it is real, as we know gangs sometimes make wanna be gang members take out one of the other guys, so maybe the video was proof or a trophy of sorts.

    the way the guy folded up and hit the gate looks pretty real as that would hurt and you would instinctively brace yourself at least a little bit and that didn’t happen.

  6. When cops do it, its murder, when two nig nags do it, its “shoot”

    Bestgore isnt best when we got a scared of police nigger lover author in here. Whats up antifa fagmo? Got pulled over once?

  7. If that is not real the dude gets all 10’s from the judges for landing that I just got shot point blank in the back of the head fall. Not even John Wicks victims die that convincingly.

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